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Benefits Of English Breakfast Tea

Unique Teapots Porcelain Glass And Infuser

English Breakfast Tea Taste Test! | British Teas Ranked Blind!

Im a little teapot short and stout, isnt it time to throw that old one out? The English Tea Store knows how much you like your tea, so why not get a new teapot to go with your order? We have a collection teapots and mugs from the United Kingdom, India and China. No matter what your style is, you are bound to find something you love. From Porcelain to Fine Bone China teapots, we got just what you need to get that perfect cup of tea brewing. We even offer glass, ceramic and infuser pots.

Our English Tea Store and Amsterdam brands offer a simple yet modern look at teapots while also being an economical choice. Available in multiple colors.

Teaz Cafe is the way if Stainless Steel is what you need.

Coastline Imports offer the classic teapot look with many wonderful floral designs made of porcelain and fine China looking like a teapot thats right out of Grandmas house.

Our Genuine Brown Betties will give you that authentic English tea drinking experience, imported right from the UK.

Whatever brings your fancy to the world of tea, let us bring to you some of the best tea pots to help you keep your lid and get a handle on your long day with a nice cup of tea.

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Ceylon Tea From Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka changed its name from Ceylon in 1972, after it stopped being a British colony. However, most people still call teas from Sri Lanka Ceylon teas, including people from Sri Lanka.

Ceylon teas are an important part of most English breakfast blends.

This south Asian country has tea gardens in mountainous regions as well as lower altitude terroirs. For the most part, Ceylon tea has low levels of astringency, but otherwise, the flavor profile varies significantly.

Low-lying regions produce Ceylon leaves with a strong, spicy flavor and burgundy-brown colored tea.

On the other hand, tea from higher regions is malty with notes of caramel and has a rich, nearly-black hue when brewed.

Ceylon teas are a fantastic choice for making your own iced tea, too.

May Reduce Bad Cholesterol:

Low-density lipoprotein and High-density lipoprotein are 2 types of lipoproteins that transport cholesterol throughout the body. LDL is considered a bad lipoprotein because it takes the cholesterol to the cells, whereas, HDL takes it away from the cells. When LDL increases in the body it causes waxy deposits in the arteries and veins called plaque, which increases the risk of heart failures and strokes. Some studies have found that Black teas can reduce the levels of bad cholesterols to some extent. A study done on random people with mild cholesterol levels found that consumption of Black teas regularly reduced the LDL levels up to 11%.

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Antioxidants For Heart Health

Green tea might get the most health buzz when it comes to antioxidants, but black teas like English breakfast tea boast plenty of antioxidants, too. While green tea is the best source of catechins, a type of antioxidants, English breakfast tea contains other antioxidants called theaflavins and thearubigins. Antioxidants are important for cardiovascular health, and drinking black tea is linked to a lower risk of cardiovascular disease, the Linus Pauling Institute reports.

May Help Improve Focus

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Black tea contains both caffeine and an amino acid l theanine. This amino acid may increase alpha activity in the brain. In one study that focused on the effects of black tea and cognitive performance, participants would consume cups of black tea or cups of water.

They were then given tests to show how well they did with attention, memory, mathematic calculations, and overall brain function. Those who consumed black tea performed much better than those that simply drank water.

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How To Brew English Breakfast Tea At Home

Heres the easiest way to brew your own English breakfast tea:

  • Use 2-3 grams of high-quality tea leaves for every 6 ounces
  • Bring water to a boil
  • Before it cools below 200 degrees Fahrenheit , add water to your tea leaves
  • Steep 3-5 minutes, then separate liquid and leaves

You can also experiment with more tea or a longer steeping time if you want stronger tea.

Many English people add milk, cream, honey, or sugar to their black tea.

While these ingredients are perfectly fine for the occasional treat, drinking black tea straight is a better choice most of the time.

Sweeteners arent great for your energy or dental health, and milk may inhibit the antioxidant effects of tea.

But if you want, you can add some unsweetened nut or plant milk and a healthy zero-calorie sweetener like organic stevia instead.

Want to make your own iced tea at home with English breakfast tea? Learn how to brew the perfect iced tea.

Maintains Blood Sugar Levels

Increased blood glucose levels are the primary cause of type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, renal disturbance, and obesity.

It has been observed that people who have a high intake of sweets or sugary substances face elevated blood glucose with an ineffective insulin response.

The health benefits of English breakfast tea continue to work for you in this regard.

The beverage has no sugar, which means additional secretion of insulin is not required.

Results of lab studies showed that insulin effectivity was increased many times after the consumption of black tea.

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Do You Put Milk In English Breakfast Tea

The breakfast tea blend was created for its rich flavor and copper color that takes milk well. You can drink it without milk, but most people drink it with milk and sometimes sugar.

English Breakfast Tea is a strong tea with a gentle dose of caffeine to perk you up in the morning. It pairs well with the hearty cooked breakfast foods typical of an English breakfast. Buying the right blend can make all the difference.

Improves Brain Function And Boosts Energy:

English Breakfast tea, Irish Breakfast #tea & how they came to be!

Caffeine is responsible for blocking the effects of adenosine and prevents drowsiness. Consuming caffeinated beverages allows the mind to stay awake for a longer time and its effect on the brain increases alertness and focus. Drinking the English Breakfast tea will help you reduce fatigue and lethargy and will give a healthy boost to your energy levels to work for long hours. However, a limit to the amount of caffeine intake is the way to go. Too much caffeine can cause jitters and shiver. But unless too sensitive to caffeine, 3 cups of English Breakfast will do you no harm at all.

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It Can Prevent Cancer

Drinking English breakfast tea might also keep cancer at bay. Researchers at Rutgers University identified a compound in black tea known as theaflavin-3′-monogallate, or TF-2, that caused colorectal cancer cells to destroy themselves without harming normal cells. In addition, they found that TF-2 suppressed Cox 2, a gene that is often associated with colon cancer.

What Brand Do You Go For

The world of tea is huge, and there are a lot of different brands out there.

But which English breakfast tea brand is the best?

Well, while this depends on your individual taste preferences and budget, there are certain things youre going to want to keep in mind.

For instance, the more popular English breakfast tea brands are likely to have higher quality, and more customer ratings if youre buying online.

Youll be ok with any brand really,, as long as you arent choosing one thats known to be cheap or discount

If youre not sure which one to go for, then our list of the best English tea brands will help you out. So, without further ado, here are our recommendations!

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Are Teapots And Kettles The Same

While fairly similar, teapots and kettles are not the same. A teapot is designed to merely steep tea, to where a kettle is designed to bring the water to a boil prior to steeping tea. Teapots are generally made of ceramics, porcelains, and some stainless-steel integration, but are not made to withstand the high temperatures that a fire or stoves give off in order to get your water to boil. Kettles on the other hand were made with intention of heating water up, much like a saucepan and can handle being put over a fire or on the stove in order to get your hot water.

May Lower Blood Sugar Levels

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Elevated blood sugar levels may increase your risk of health complications, such as type 2 diabetes, obesity, cardiovascular disease, kidney failure, and depression .

Consuming large amounts of sugar, particularly from sweetened beverages, has been shown to increase blood sugar values and the risk of type 2 diabetes .

When you consume sugar, the pancreas secretes a hormone called insulin. Insulin allows the sugar to enter cells, including muscle and liver cells, to be stored as energy, or glycogen. When the body need to use energy, a different hormone, glucagon, is released to help the body break down glycogen to release energy. If you consume more sugar than your body has space to store a glycogen, then the excess sugar gets stored as fat.

Research suggests drinking black tea may help lower your blood sugar following a meal or snack, also known as postprandial glucose.

One small, well-designed study looked at the effect of drinking black tea on blood sugar levels following consumption of a high-sugar beverage.

Twenty-four people, both with and without pre-diabetes, consumed a high-sugar beverage along with either a low- or high-dose of black tea or a placebo. Those who drank the low- or high-dose of black tea had significantly lower postprandial blood sugar compared to those who drank a placebo .

Other studies suggest black tea may help enhance the use of insulin in the body.

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Is Earl Grey And English Breakfast Tea The Same

No. Earl Grey tea is a blend of black teas flavored with bergamot citrus oil.

Earl Grey is a blended, flavored black tea. The exact blend of black tea used and the choice and amount of bergamot oil will significantly affect its flavor. This is why the craft of the tea blender is so important.

A classic Earl Grey is a black tea blend of Darjeeling, Assam, and Ceylon tea. Bergamot oil and bergamot peel give this blend its fragrant characteristic.

Places To Find The Best English Breakfast Tea

English breakfast beverage is a tea blend brewed by the use of a variety of different black teas. The best teas are hand-chosen by professional tea tasters and tea masters. And their role is to extract a unique mixture of bold, rich flavors that is smooth and provides a refreshing aftertaste.

What makes the English breakfast beverage different from each other is where the leaves were sourced. The techniques used to harvest the leaves and the regional climate can affect the flavors. Most of the black teas used for English breakfast drinks are manufactured in four regions: China, Kenya, Sri Lanka, and India. Let’s go over them.

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Our Pick Of Best English Breakfast Tea Brands

We will go into more detail below, but if you want us to cut to the chase, here they are.

As an Amazon Associate, I earn a small amount from qualifying purchases.

Even if youre not a tea person, you would have heard of Twinings.

They are one of the biggest tea brands in the world, and their English breakfast tea lives up to their name.

Coming with a hefty 100 tea bags, this box of Twinings English breakfast tea is great for any time of the day, and has a rich and full-bodied taste that doesnt veer too far into the bitter territory.

You cant do much better for your next cup of tea.

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English Breakfast Tea Is Moderately Sustainable

English Breakfast Tea

Overall, is english breakfast tea eco friendly? Is english breakfast tea sustainable?

English breakfast tea production is moderately sustainable due to its high water consumption. There is no known significant damage to air, water, land, soil, forests, etc. as long as pesticides have not been used. Be sure to buy non GMO/organic, as toxic, chemical pesticides contaminate air, water, soil, etc. when using regenerative practices.

A 2018 Oxford University study which is the most comprehensive analysis to date of the damage farming does to the planet found that avoiding meat and dairy is the single biggest way to reduce your impact on Earth as animal farming provides just 18% of calories but takes up 83% of our farmland.

Consuming animal products and byproducts is not environmentally friendly and is one of the worst things for the Earth. Not only is meat production wasteful, it causes enormous amounts of pollution. The industry is one of the biggest causes of climate change.

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Reduced Chance Of Stroke

Strokes are scary to contemplate, and many people wish to do something to prevent this risk as they age. Strokes can vary in severity and can lead to long-lasting damage to your health as well as short-term problems that will require time off work and healing. Strokes can change your life from active and fulfilling life to one full of health difficulties that might persist for years.

If you want to support your overall health and work to prevent a stroke from taking away your ability to enjoy your life on a daily basis, a cup of English Breakfast Tea can provide you with the chance to do just that.

English Breakfast Tea And Heart Health

A fresh cup of English breakfast tea might also help maintain good heart health. The flavonoids present in the drink are known to reduce LDL cholesterol. Such a reduction means that the heart can pump blood through the body without straining too much, allowing you to perform physical tasks with lower stress levels.

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The History Of English Breakfast Tea

England has enjoyed black teas like English breakfast tea for over 360 years.

Surprisingly, coffee came to England before tea. And when Portuguese and Dutch traders began bringing Chinese tea to England in the 17th century, coffee houses were the first to carry it there.

As time went on, black tea went from being an upper-class indulgence to a widespread favorite among British people.

However, the first recorded mention of English breakfast tea didnt occur until 1843, and it was actually in the United States.

And the first mention of breakfast tea in what is now the U.K. wasnt until 1880 in Scotland. Then in 1892, Queen Victoria tried breakfast tea from Balmoral Castle in Aberdeenshire, Scotland and decided to bring a supply home to London.

Thats when the term English breakfast tea became widespread, and its stuck ever since.

However, along with modern English breakfast tea, there are also Scottish breakfast tea and Irish breakfast tea, not to mention variations from blend to blend.

Helpful To Get Rid Of Low

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Two lipoproteins are found in the body low-density lipoprotein and high-density lipoprotein.

The former is also called bad cholesterol as it transports the cholesterol to all body cells.

The latter one, good cholesterol, transports the bad cholesterol from cells to the liver for their removal.

Excessive amounts of LDL cholesterol may gather in blood vessels, narrowing them causing coronary heart disease.

It was found through a study that drinking 5 cups of this tea per day will reduce LDL cholesterol levels to 11%.

The tea is also associated with increasing HDL, thus reducing the risk of stroke, heart attacks, and other chronic and acute cardiovascular diseases.

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What Is English Breakfast Tea Now

English Breakfast tea is the foundation of daily delight and a long, happy life.

It is the play of robust, rich, full-bodied flavour notes designed in a thousand different ways with just a few that hit the right note.

It plays with Assam, Ceylon, Congou, Keemun from India, Sri Lanka, China and Kenya in variations to excite even the sharpest of minds and leads to paths of health and generosity.

The 5 Best English Breakfast Teas You Should Try Right Now

English breakfast tea. The name doesnt leave much mystery, does it? Indeed, its a type of black tea designed to complement a full English breakfast.

This classic style of tea is popular with tea lovers worldwide. Whether you prefer an invigorating morning cuppa or an indulgent Southern-style sweet iced tea, youve probably enjoyed English breakfast tea.But how much do you really know about it?

Were spilling all the tea here including the best English breakfast teas, their history, how breakfast black tea is made, health benefits, and how to brew a perfect cup of tea at home.

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Changes To Trade Lead To A Change In Recipe

In 1856, the second opium war leads to a trade embargo with China. Very quickly, Chinese tea, including the key “Congou” blend used in Davies’ English Breakfast blend, disappears from the market. With demand still high, English and American markets are quickly flooded with teas from India and English Breakfast tea soon becomes a blend of Assam and Ceylon teas.

The new blend proves even more popular and has now become a staple in homes all over the world today, both in loose leaf tea and tea bags.

English Breakfast Tea Is Very Healthy

True Taste of English Breakfast Tea

This classic tea is a very healthy tea to add to your daily routine as well as being a very enjoyable one. There is something really special and enjoyable about a cup of English Breakfast Tea, and people who love a classic tea will appreciate this tea for its flavour, boldness, and health benefits.

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