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Breakfast At Great Wolf Lodge

Is There A Fridge At Great Wolf Lodge Niagara Falls

Breakfast Buffet at the Great Wolf Lodge

YES! All rooms come with a bigger size mini fridge in the rooms. We have found it to be a good size for meals for 1-2 days. There is a small freezer section at the top, but I would not use it as a true freezer.

The door of the fridge has lots of storage space for beverages or small tupperware. Bring your food in stackable containers, or ziploc bags and you will be all set. The kitchens in the Timber Wolf Cottages come with a full size fridge.

Can I Take Food To Great Wolf Lodge

YES you can bring your own food and drinks to Great Wolf Lodge! And this is my #1 tip if you want to save money on your trip to Great Wold Lodge. You are provided with a mini fridge and microwave right in your room. Bringing your own food to GWL doesnt need to be boring.

We have a huge list of tasty ideas that will have you enjoying your meals. However you should note that you are allowed your own food in your room, or snacks in the lobby, but outside food is NOT allowed in the waterpark area. That just means a quick trip back to the room for meals and then back exploring the lodge for more family fun time.

How To Enjoy Great Wolf Lodge Kansas City Like A Boss

Planning any family vacation requires research, time, and effort to figure out what is best for your family. Great Wolf Lodge Kansas City ensures that each of the families staying at their resort have what they need to make it a howling good time, but going through all the options can be mind-boggling! Below is a plan to help you figure out some of the best things to see and do during your stay at Great Wolf Lodge Kansas City.

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Our Room: The Kid Cabin

After a few hours of swimming, our room was ready so we went to check it out and change.

Mazen absolutely LOVED the bunk beds and told Thomas he would be sleeping in the lower bunk. T had to lay there at bedtime until Mazen was asleep and then snuck back to the big bed.

Our room was cozy with a gas fireplace with plenty of room for our pack and play. We also had a microwave and mini fridge.

Not sure whats up with this paint job?! There were two bunks and a twin in here, so you could fit a large family.

Wolf ears, wolf teeth! #alwaysonthetopbunk

My only complaint was the view. Yikes. We definitely did not enjoy morning coffee on our balcony.

Your Days At Great Wolf Lodge Kansas City

Our Summer Visit to Great Wolf Lodge in Bloomington

The itinerary below is based on a four day stay at Great Wolf Lodge Kansas City as well as a Paw Pass experience.


Check in, get your wolf ears, drop your bags, and head to the water park. Your first day at Great Wolf Lodge Kansas City will want to be filled with what Great Wolf Lodge is known for their water parks!

After some time at the pool, grab your first meal at Buckets. This quick snack-type shop is located in the indoor pool area and offers burgers, hot dogs, salads, and more. Fill up your reusable cups that you receive with your meal plan for a refreshing drink to wash it all down before you hit the slides again.

End your evening with a little bit of story time in the main lobby, followed by checking off your first Paw Pass Adventure a cup of candy filled in their gift shop for your first sweet treat! While youre there, you can create your very own Great Wolf Lodge stuffed animal at their Creation Station. You can choose from any of GWLs characters like Wiley the Wolf, Rachel the Raccoon, or many others. It will make the time cozying up in your Wolf Den that much more snuggly.


Before you hit the water park, head over to Kamp Kritter for your buffet breakfast. Here you are treated to a slew of pancakes, waffles, eggs, bacon, fruit, yogurt, and more. Its a great way to start your fun-packed day!


Be sure to stop by Bear Paw for one more treat before you head out the door.

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Good Times And Allergy Friendly Food At Great Wolf Lodge

We had been looking forward to a chance to visit Great Wolf Lodge for over a year since we first came across an ad for the indoor water park. We finally got a chance to go just before Christmas, and now wanted to share about our visit, including the allergy friendly food at Great Wolf Lodge. Just in time for the winter school vacations!

Let’s Get Physical In The Living Room

Netflix, Hulu, and Disney + are just a few of the apps that have us glued to our seats and beds while in quarantine. It is hard to get out and go exercise when you can binge watch your favorite shows. Additionally, with the rainy season, its tough to go outside and exercise if you dont have a gym membership. We want to give you some tips on how you can exercise or stay active while in your room or living room.

  • Pick a setting and exercise.Do your favorite exercise everytime the show you are watching has a scene in a certain setting .

  • Make some moves during commercials.If you are using Hulu, live TV or another app that has commercials, do an exercise when the commercials come on.

  • Sit and burn calories at the same time.If you want to sit while you exercise. Click here to learn what you can do with some dumbbells and/or can goods.

  • Move-it with board games.If you like board games add exercises to it, similar to the above commercial breaks. Do an exercise directly after your turn until it comes back to you. Make it unique and add your own twist to various board games to make them more physically active.

  • Just remember, a healthy body incorporates 80% healthy eating and 20% active living. It is easy to overdo it with physical activity. Drink plenty of water, take breaks and most of all, HAVE FUN!

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    Great Wolf Lodge: How Much Does It Cost

    quite easy to get that price down to under $200

    How to save money at Great Wolf Lodge

    Look for sales, deals, and specials.Be flexibleSign upDon’t pay extraPay attention to their special package dealsMagiQuestFood prices at Great Wolf Lodge Williamsburg were as follows:Activity Prices At Great Wolf Lodge Williamsburg were as follows:

    Tips From Fellow Moms

    Breakfast Buffet at Great Wolf Lodge’s Loose Moose Cottage

    Melissa Jean We are here right now and I brought a roaster chicken, I made rice in a microwave thing , and veggies in a veggie steamer thing. Tonights dinner was tacos .. the meat was from the freezer, so it was just making sure I grabbed everything and I grabbed us fries from the water park.

    Lunch today was chicken salads with left over chicken from the chicken last night, or the option was sandwiches. If you know how to camp its super easy. I packed two baisons to do the washing in the kitchenette. We have a set of dishes that actually live in my vehicle for just in case that we used bc sometimes you need plastic wear i bought at dollarama. Other than the fries I wont have bought a single meal of our 2 night stay. Cost us less than $40 for our nearly 7 meals worth of stay.

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    Fun Times At Great Wolf Lodge

    We chose a themed room, the Wolf Pup Den Suite . In fact, that room setup was one of the attractions of the place! Within the overall suite, which sleeps 4 comfortably, there is a little den room with a bunk bed that gives can give kids a fun area of their own. Our 11 year old son recruited one of his friends to come along, and they enjoyed hanging in their wolf den when not in the pool.

    Speaking of the pool, the indoor water park is definitely the highlight of Great Wolf Lodge. I asked B about what his favorite slide. After some consideration, he said Howlin Tornadobut try everything!. B and his friend also spent lots of time playing water basketball when they werent testing out the slides. Theres also a big wave pool that they really enjoyed.

    Great Wolf Lodge also has a number of splash pools and the like that are more suitable for younger children. Seems like plenty of options for families with young children ranging up to early teen years.

    There are also quite a few activities available for when the kids are ready for a break from the water. Theres an arcade, a ropes course, and a lot of activities with forest animal characters. Some of those options were not for our middle school age boys, but the younger kids there seemed to be enjoying it.

    Planning Your Visit To Great Wolf Lodge

    We went to Great Wolf Lodge New England, which is located in Fitchburg, Massachusetts. Fitchburg is about an hours drive west from Boston. I assume much of what I cover would be similar at other Great Wolf Lodges, but you ought to check the particulars of the Great Wolf Lodge nearest you. There are about 15 across the US plus one in Canada locations available via the Great Wolf Lodge home page.

    You need to book a room at Great Wolf Lodge in order to use the indoor water park and other activities. That controls the crowd a bit, but also means it is not an inexpensive proposition. The lowest rate for a standard room at Great Wolf Lodge is $199.99 per night. The themed rooms start at $299.99, and premium go for $429.99. Those lower rates are based on going at a less popular time, such as a Tuesday evening. Weekends and vacation weeks the rates jump up over $500 for those themed rooms.

    If you can plan to go at an off peak time, you will definitely save yourself some money! They also offer a lot of time sensitive deals, so its worth signing up for their email list if you are planning to go to Great Wolf Lodge.

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    Lunch And Dinner Ideas For Great Wolf Lodge

    • Tacos Pre-cook the meat and then bring your favourite toppings
    • Mac & Cheese cups Microwave and enjoy
    • Peanut Butter & Jam Sandwiches
    • Soup and crackers Butternut Squash Soup
    • Spaghetti pre-made and ready to reheat
    • Beef Roast, potatoes, carrots
    • Chili topped with grated cheese and buns
    • Pulled Pork on buns with Coleslaw

    Why You Should Choose Great Wolf Lodge As Your Next Family Vacation Spot

    Even Wiley cant resist Hungry as a Wolfs pizza at Great Wolf Lodge ...

    If you are looking for a family friendly resort, Great Wolf Lodge is hands down one of the best options for kid-friendly places to take a vacation. Although they are known for their indoor and outdoor water parks, Great Wolf Lodge has a plethora of other kid-friendly activities that are sure to keep every person in your family happy and busy from sun-up to sun-down.

    On top of their numerous activities, Great Wolf Lodge also strives to keep families in mind in everything that they do. Their rooms are made to make sure your stay is comfortable, with options like a standard room with several beds or a deluxe room such as a Kids Cabin, KidsKamp, or Wolf Den suites which gives the kids a special place of their own to sleep with two bunk beds and a television. They ensure that the resort is totally family friendly by making safety their top priority by including softer surfaces around the resort, textured flooring on the pool levels, life jackets and attentive lifeguards in the water park areas, and locking all resort doors to be accessed only by guest keycard.

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    Planning Our Next Visit

    Mazen spent Sunday night with Matt, and I got a text from Matt after bedtime that said he heard Mazen crying in his room and when Matt went to comfort him Mazen was crying because he missed Great Wolf so much. < 3 Our main motivation of going was to see the joy on his face, and Id say, mission accomplished.

    We will definitely go back, probably on a weekday and probably in the summer when we can see more of the outdoor attractions . We also didnt even see the bowling alley, 4D theater ride, or finish the MagiQuest My tips: save the water park for off-peak times, bring your own breakfast in the mini fridge, and take advantage of early arrival and late check out to maximize your time.

    Is There A Microwave At Great Wolf Lodge Niagara Falls

    YES! Every room comes with a microwave for reheating food, making it perfect if you bring your own food or if you are reheating leftovers. It is a standard size microwave that you and put a plate or tupperware containers into. One note is that microwave Popcorn is NOT allowed to be made at Great Wolf Lodge, so if you want popcorn, bring it pre-popped.

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    Allergy Friendly Food At Great Wolf Lodge

    We were very pleased to see an allergy awareness statement prominently displayed on the page for the Lodge Wood Fired Grill. The statement noted that they dont use peanuts or tree nuts in the Great Wolf Lodge dining facilities, and indicated an interest in working with food allergy concerns. That certainly encouraged us to the we could find allergy friendly food at Great Wolf Lodge! I checked out the restaurant pages for several other Great Wolf Lodge locations, and they seem to have the same allergy statement. As always with food allergies, be sure to do your own research on the location you are visiting.

    The allergy notice suggested families with allergy concerns might want to get in touch with the dining facility contacts in advance of the visit. I reached out, and through that I did learn that they use a separate fryer for allergen free cooking. This is a big deal, as it means our guy was able to order fries, which isnt possible at many places. They indicated he could also order chicken tenders, which are often not safe due to his egg allergies.

    Of course, I would suggest double checking what items they dont put into the allergen free fryer. I would suspect they at least steer clear of the 8 major allergens required on food labels, but if you have a less common allergen thee could be an issue. B is allergic to sesame seeds, fairly common but not one of the eight, so that is something we also have to check.

    Other Tips And Advice

    Great Wolf Lodge Grapevine,TX – Breakfast Buffet Walkthrough April 2022

    water shoes for the kidsResources:Colonial Williamsburg website– Laurie

    As the co-founder of Budget Your Trip, Laurie loves to travel but also loves to find a great deal. She has visited more than 50 countries. Sometimes she travels as a family, and sometimes as a budget-focused backpacker. Either way, she’s always looking for the most authentic and affordable experiences for everyone.

    Budget Your Trip

    Budget Your Tripaverage daily travel costs

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    Can I Bring A Cooler To Great Wolf Lodge

    YES! If you want to bring a cooler for in your room with some ice packs you can. In the wintertime if it is cold enough you can also store a cooler on the balcony of your room if you are not on the ground floor. A cooler may be handy if you are bringing food for multiple night stays. For a single night stay we have found the large size mini fridge to have enough room for our dinner and breakfast foods for a family of 5 as well as drinks. You can keep the cooler in your room, but will not be able to bring it into the waterpark as there is no outside food allowed in that area.

    Great Wolf Lodge Vegan Review

    If you are looking for some close to home summer fun, I would recommend the Great Wolf Lodge in Concord, North Carolina. The hour and some change ride from Greenville is not too long for your child and the lodge has something for everyone to enjoy.

    When you purchase lodging you automatically get tickets to the waterpark. The waterpark is made for people of all ages, they have life jackets that can fit most infants to children up to 90lbs.

    Now for the food!

    The Loose Moose Cottagewill be your best friend. However, it is only open for breakfast and dinner. While they do not regularly serve vegan options, the chef there is amazing. At our most recent visit she helped us every step of the way, making us a special vegan and gluten free pancake for breakfast along with potatoes. The oatmeal in the buffet line is vegan, along with sauteed vegetables at the omelette station . They of course have fruit available as well.

    We did not have dinner at the Loose Moose Cottage because we ordered out , but if you notice there are no vegan options, I know for a fact the chef will whip you up something great.

    Lunch Is Difficult

    There are three other dining spots at the Great Wolf Lodge.

  • Hungry As a Wolf:the only vegan option is a salad without cheese and meat.

  • Buckets Incredible Craveables:vegans can have chips and salsa and fruit, but its premade with yogurt on the side.

  • Lodge Wood Fired Grill:sweet potato fries and mixed vegetables .

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