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Breakfast Buffet At Mandalay Bay

What People Are Saying

Mandalay Bay Buffet Friday Brunch FULL DETAILED Review (No Nonsense) from

Great experience! A live gospel band performs on a stage while everyone dines. It was so cool and way more exciting than any other brunch Ive ever been too.

There were several buffet lines with everything you could think of. My favorite was the chicken and waffles. Easily the best waffles I’ve had and they made them fresh right in front of you.

The shows are always outstanding and there was so much food! The spirit in the room was amazing.

The singers and musicians were just something else. All absolutely at the top of their game.

Amazing food and amazing entertainment. The singing, dancing and food were worth getting up early on a Sunday morning

Mandalay Bay Buffet Prices And Hours

Breakfast 7 AM to 11 AM: Adults $19.99

Lunch 11 AM to 2:30 PM: Adults $21.99

Dinner : 4:30 PM to 9:45 PM: Adults $32.99

Brunch : 7 AM to 4:30 PM Adults $25.99

Children are defined as being 5 to 12 years of age. In other words, your kids 4 and under will eat free, while teenagers on up will pay adult prices.

There is also an 8.25% tax applied to all meals. Therefore, a dinner buffet for two would cost you $71.42, after tax, but before tip.

Please also keep in mind, that similar to most other Las Vegas Strip buffets, the Bayside Buffet increases prices during what they call their Seasonal Pricing periods.

This applies to all major holiday weekends, , in addition to both Mothers Day and Fathers Days weekends.

Typical pricing for the Brunch Buffet during these holidays is $30.99, while the holiday dinner buffets run $35.99. Childrens pricing remains the same as it is on non-holidays.

Mandalay Bay Buffet Unlimited Drinks Option

Available only during the dinner buffet, guests at the Bayside Buffet can pay $10.99 extra for unlimited drinks.

These do not include mixed drinks, however you can choose from among a selection of premium beer, draft beers, white and red wine, and champagne.

While this is only offered at dinner, there is an unlimited champagne option available during the weekend brunch.

This costs $7 and entitles you to bottomless glasses of Sparkling Brut champagne. Again, its only available during the Friday, Saturday and Sunday brunch.

Phone number: 632-7200

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Bayside Buffet At Mandalay Bay Menu

Breakfast Buffet

Youll find your typical made-to-order omelet station, along with herb crusted salmon, apple-smoked pork bacon, , ham, turkey breast, eggs and egg dishes, corn beef hash.

There are buttermilk pancakes, French Toast, Belgium waffles, cheese blintzes, and all of the fruits and breakfast pastries one would expect at a decent buffet.


There is a lot of overlap between Mandalay Bay buffets lunch and dinner menu. For example, both lunch and dinner feature a pasta station and a functional, if not spectacular, salad bar. Soups include Miso soup and clam chowder.

Main menu items include panko crusted salmon, mashed potatoes, Korean flank steak, and fried chicken.

Youll also find salt & pepper shrimp, Swedish meatballs, mushroom ravioli, pork pot stickers, barbecue pork buns, shredded pork carnitas, corn on the cob, Loredo beans, and steamed fresh vegetables.


On the supper side, youll find roasted garlic mashed potatoes, steamed Alaskan crab legs, roasted asparagus spears with roasted tomatoes, and grilled pork chops.

Some of the non-standard items include Hawaiian BBQ chicken, couscous, lamb osso bucco, tempura shrimp, and a baked swai fish. For those of you like me, who didnt know what a swai fish is, it is apparently a fish very similar to catfish that is river-farmed and native to Asian countries.

In addition to the standard shrimp cocktail, youll find baked tilapia with a teriyaki glaze.


Why Dine At The Mandalay Bay

Bayside Buffet

A lot of buffet restaurants seem great on paper, but wont deliver when youre already there. The Mandalay Bay Buffet, as it has been in the business for quite awhile now, offers consistency that cant be beat. So if you want to play safe, you can rely on this buffet restaurant to fill you up with great food every time you visit.

If you want to learn more information about Mandalay Bay buffet, visit their official website.

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About Mandalay Bay Buffet

At the Mandalay Bay Resort, the Buffet comes with reasonable prices . This is a pleasant surprise, as the surroundings are quite plush and upscale.

The buffet is conveniently located just off the casino floor, so you can have your fill right before or right after gambling. The place looks great, with high ceilings and impressive columns. Tall windows in some sections offer a great view of the garden areas and the swimming pool.

Mandalay Bay Breakfast Prices

The buffet price is not a lot, and they vary depending on what days you visit. The prices of the breakfast buffet are as follows:

Weekdays : Adult $15.99 Child $12.99

Weekends : Adult $24.99 Child $20.99

These prices may modify in the future. There is no guarantee that they will remain the same, so you should confirm the price information.

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Mandalay Bay Buffet 2023 Bayside Buffet Prices Hours & Menu

Considering its plush surroundings and location in a fairly upscale resort, the Mandalay Bays buffet is reasonably priced, especially compared with other Strip buffets.

Its holiday brunch pricing is particularly affordable, given the variety of breakfast and lunch offerings available, and given the fact it includes unlimited champagne. .

Located just off the casino floor, the Bayside Buffet at Mandalay Bay is one of the more aesthetically-pleasing buffets in Las Vegas. The above-average décor has columns, high ceilings, plants, and comfortable booths and chairs.

Best of all, tall windows found in some sections afford diners wonderful views of the resorts beautiful pool and gardens area.

Heres a look at menu times youll find at the Bayside Buffet. I always preface this by saying specific menu items are subject to change, however Mandalay Bay doesnt seem to rotate or remove buffet dishes as frequently as other Strip buffets.

Mandalay Bay Breakfast During Weekends

Mandalay Bay Buffet – The Price Isn’t Right!

If you enjoy the brunch here, you should invite your friends and family and have lunch with them between 7 AM to 2:30 PM and have a great time with them.

I tried my best to inform you everything about the Mandalay Bay breakfast buffet, how much they cost, what the timings are, and how the food is. They serve breakfast on weekdays and brunch on weekends. If you have any queries, you should feel free to contact them publicly using the contact information they have provided on the internet.


Q) Can I bring my kids to the buffet, and how much will it cost?

Yes, you can bring your kids here, which will cost differently depending on the day you visit. If you visit during weekdays, it will cost a kid $12.99 on weekends, it will cost $20.99, and the kid must age 5-12.

Q) Can I eat anything, or will there be any limit?

A buffet means you can eat as much as you want as long as you dont exceed the time provided, so feel free to eat as much as you like.

Q) Can I stay here, or is this just for food?

No, you can stay here, and many people who eat breakfast or brunch are the ones who are staying here. You should contact them and find out more about this.

Q) Do they have Mexican and Italian food?

Yes, they have food from many countries worldwide, and you can also find some special delicacies from many countries.

Q) Do they accept international cards?

Yes, they do accept most types of cards. If you still have queries, you can contact them by calling them.

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Buffets Open In Las Vegas Right Now Strip & Fremont Street 2023

This post contains affiliate links and we may earn a commission if a purchase is made.

Buffets in Las Vegas have been a staple of the culinary landscape for decades, with many properties using them as a loss leader to draw the gambling public in.

Prior to the pandemic, buffets were numerous, with options existing at nearly every major resort property.

Unfortunately, the good old days of plentiful buffet options are now over as many buffets were forced to close during the pandemic and subsequent capacity restrictions. While a handful have since reopened, many have been lost forever.

As many visitors still enjoy the concept of buffet dining, we thought it would be helpful to maintain a list of which buffets are open in Las Vegas. Well keep our compilation of buffets open in Las Vegas updated, and were hoping it grows as life returns to normal.

Note: Buffet hours and pricing change frequently. Well do our best to keep this rundown updated, but also link out to each buffets website so you can double-check hours of operation and price before making the trip!

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Mandalay Bay Breakfast Buffet Menu

The breakfast buffet at Mandalay Bay menu offers a wide range of cold and hot items. Theres a wide range of choices for those who prefer to begin your day with a filling food, including eggs, bacon, sausage, pancakes, waffles and french toast cereals, and much more.

They also have an egg station and an oversized salad bar that measures 30 feet with a homemade pizza station, a delicious carving station, and other specialties from all over the globe.

Looking for an excellent breakfast buffet in Las Vegas, look no further than Mandalay Bay Resort & Casino! It offers a variety of cold and hot items that will please everyone who enjoys the menu. You should check out Bayside Buffet breakfast. Bayside Buffet breakfast next time youre in town.

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Mandalay Bay Side Buffet Overview

The BaySide Buffet is part of the Mandalay Bay Hotel and Casino. Differing from other hotel buffets, Bay Side offers a wide-open room with beautiful views of the tropical water garden from the wall to ceiling windows. This along with the beautiful plants, sculptures and the light and airy feel offer a comfortable, less stuffy approach to dining than the typical buffet that you might find in Las Vegas. However, the atmosphere is not the only reason to come here. With three meals to choose from and a variety of options at each meal, you will find something pleasing and delicious every time you stop in.

Each meal offers a wide variety of fresh, healthy, and delicious choices that will please a wide range of tastes. You can expect to find a delicious breakfast bar with pastries and other items in the morning, while lunch and dinner will bring on such options as hearty meats, pastas, and excellent salad bar, live food stations, and a desert area with some of the best homemade deserts in town!

Whats The Food Actually Like Mandalay Bay Buffet Review

PLEASE NOTE no Border Brunch at Border Grill Mandalay Bay this Sunday ...

Good fresh REAL blueberries and blackberries at breakfast, at times mixed several other types of fruit an excellent Greek Yogurt to accompany them too. If they dont have them out , all you have to do is ask nicely, and they will usually bring some over for you. Their fruit section is actually much better than average.

The appetisers section includes smoked salmon , blue cheese, capers, pickles, artichokes and soft cheese. This allows you to create a really great made-to-order omelette , or simply to enjoy a touch refined culinary pleasure .

At the other end of the buffet you will find, especially if nearing lunch a good salad bar with a good range of lettuces they used to provide extra virgin olive oil , but I was told that what they offer is only olive oil , which is however a step up from many other Vegas buffets youll also find good balsamic vinaigrette and a plethora of other great good dressings, as well as blue cheese. Here you will also enjoy marinated artichokes

Once you have indulged in some healthy, nutritious and and still decent options, one used to be able to savor extremely tasty yet delicate sausages and other great cooked food.

Other dishes: there were few cooked veggies, no Thai or good Chinese dishes, some Mexican dishes including Menudo. Essentially its a meat buffet with a decent salad dressing section and a few other offerings. During the weekend I found a decent Sushi and unhealthy but relatively flavorful dishes.

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What They Are Famous For

If youre considering a visit to the Mandalay Buffet, some of the things you must be curious about are the things theyre best known for. Here are a few that might entice you:

  • Beautiful interiors and views. Mandalay Bay is a beach-themed hotel so it just follows that their buffet is also adorned with tropical decor and gorgeous views of the hotels rich foliage and magnificent outdoor areas. If youre the type who enjoy the ambience, this restaurant will definitely please you.
  • Large selection of dishes. One of the most important things that makes a buffet worthy of your time and money is their vast selection of dishes. The Bayside Buffet offers a good variety of delicacies from different parts of the world, so whatever it is that you might be craving for is guaranteed to be found in one of their sections.
  • Pastas can be made-to-order or make your own. Not a lot of people go to buffets for pastas since these things can easily fill you up and stop you from sampling other dishes, but at the Mandalay Bay Buffet, you might think twice about skipping the pasta station. You can ask for the chef to prepare a fresh plate for you or you can make one on your own with the available ingredients on the counter so you can be sure to get exactly what you want in a pasta dish.
  • Good seafood selection. A beach themed restaurant should offer great seafood, and this is exactly what the Bayside Buffet has to offer.
  • Bayside Buffet At Mandalay Bay

    Review by TableAgent

    On the second day of our stay in Las Vegas, my boss and I make the drive to The Mandalay Bay Resort. We find a parking spot in the giant parking structure and make our way towards the casino. Upon entering the facility, it is a straight line, and only a couple of minutes walk to the entrance of the Bayside Buffet. The façade of the restaurant has a flat screen monitor cycling through the prices and times of the buffets various meals as well as an interesting array of semi-animated, three-dimensional pictures that move as you walk past.

    A distinctive feature of the Bayside Buffet is a line of automated kiosks at the entrance. This allows guests who choose to use these computer stations the ability to move on to the line for the restaurant without having to wait for a cashier. Due to certain regulations, these kiosks do not accept ATM cards, but credit cards and cash are readily accepted. Although we are unable to take advantage of the kiosks due to the ATM card restriction, we experience a quick moving line due to other guests taking advantage of the automated stations. This allows the cashier line to remain relatively short. We arrive at the cashier line at 10:30 a.m., and are escorted to our table in the restaurant by the host within 15 minutes of our arrival.

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    Best Breakfast Buffet Near The Mandalay Bay

    Wife and I will be in Vegas Wed thru Friday this week. Which breakfast buffet nearest to the MB would be suggested? I’m thinking either the Tropicana, Paris, Planet Hollywood or just eating at MB.. Who has the best for the price?

    People rave about the breakfast buffet at MB. I didn’t find it to be too remarkable. But I think my one random visit doesn’t stack up against all the good reviews.

    Paris is good, but overrated in my opinion.

    the mandalay bay buffet is very good, and an extremely good value for the price. you’ll find a lot of premium ingredients and items similar to the bellagio buffet, but at a lower price.

    Breakfast $17 lunch $21 dinner $28 Sun brunch $25 Shark Reef Brunch package $36. Reduced prices for children ages 4-11 free for children 3 and under

    You would have to go to Paris to get a breakfast buffet as good as the one at MB, and that is not particularly close.

    i vote for teh MB breakfast buffet was awesome!

    Las Vegas

    Mandalay Bay Buffet Review

    ALL YOU CAN EAT Mexican BUFFET Mandalay Bay Las Vegas

    Since the change they seem to have decided to serve average dishes of average quality and provide a relatively limited range of choices . It is better than before but, as it is, it does not make it into our top 5 Vegas buffets. Having said this, there are a few dishes which, on our latest visit, were very well prepared, and a few excellent items which you will not find anywhere else:

    The Good Aspects :

    The bright , large, elegant decor and atmosphere of its beautiful dining rooms: they are all large, elegant, have large marble or granite tables, polished marble floors, all with plenty of foliage throughout to give it an extra touch of class and add a relaxing-looking feel to it all. Moreover, seating is uniquely spacious and very comfortable, as well as somewhat partitioned in order to offer a real feeling of intimacy, which is unique to this buffet! Having said this, there are some darker areas though the seating is still comfortable.

    As you enter you would be forgiven if you though you had just entered a very exclusive restaurant rather than a buffet! If you can, always go to the brighter rooms at the end which enjoy huge windows overlooking the tropical water gardens . When we are there we often feel as if were dining at a high-class tropical resort, furnished in a rather elegant colonial style. This was particularly the case in the glorious days when Mandalay Bay was a highly exclusive, expensive resort.

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