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Breakfast Foods Around The World

+ Breakfasts From Around The World

Breakfast Around The World Tasty Recipes

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A look at 25+ breakfasts from around the world and how different countries love to start the day including pancakes, pastries, rice, and egg-based International breakfast recipes!

For anyone thats come across my blog before, then youll know that I love to celebrate and enjoy food from all across the globe. What meal do I love more than any other, though? Breakfast, of course! These breakfasts from around the world include pastries, cold, warm, hearty, and healthy options both classic/traditional and generally popular options of International breakfast cuisine no matter what youre in the mood for.

The Meal: Eggs Curries And Flatbreads

Breakfast, or nsht, in Pakistan varies across the country, but youll usually find eggs and different breads like rotis or parathas , as well as vegetable curries and an array of chutneys and spicy sauces. On weekends and special occasions, keep an eye out for halwa puri, or unleavened fried bread, served with a sweet semolina dish and a chickpea and potato curry. Youll know where to find the best halwa puri by the line outside.

Read more: Planning a trip for a good nsht can be overwhelming, but we talked to Jonny Bealby, founder and managing director of the travel company Wild Frontiers, who has been visiting the country since 1996, to create a guide to planning your first trip to Pakistan.

No, its not quite a croissant. In Argentina, locals breakfast on medialunas.

Cuba: Tostada With Caf Con Leche

Tostada simply refers to bread that has been sliced, flattened, grilled and buttered and is one of the components that make up a Cuban breakfast. The other essential part is, of course, a piping hot café con leche or “coffee with milk” which is typically very, very sweet, milky and frothy a fantastic way to start the day.

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Gallo Pinto Costa Rica

Contributed by Haley from Barefoot Travel

Gallo pinto is the traditional breakfast dish of Costa Rica. With a base of beans and rice, its quite simple, but also delicious! Gallo pinto is literally Spanish for spotted rooster, due to the speckled appearance the rice and beans get when cooked together. In the Guanacaste region of Costa Rica, the breakfast dish is made with red beans, and small red peppers. In other regions of the country, its made with black beans.

To prepare the dish, first the rice and beans are cooked separately. Then before serving, they are sauteed together. Typically, some combination of peppers, cilantro, and onion is sauteed with the rice and beans.

While the base of gallo pinto is beans and rice, while eating at typical restaurants in Costa Rica, there is usually the choice to add bacon, ham, bread, plantains, tortillas, and or avocado to the dish.

Nosara, Costa Rica is a beautiful beach town in Costa Rica with excellent food options. To get there, it is easiest to fly into the Liberia National Airport and take a rental car or shuttle. The best place to try gallo pinto in Nosara is Rosis Soda.

Nasi Lemak In Malaysia

Breakfasts around the world

The star of Southeast Asias culinary scene, Malaysia needs no introduction when it comes to food. If theres one item that brings this diverse country together, its the national dish, Nasi Lemak, which is traditionally eaten for breakfast.

Whether youre planning a quick layover in Kuala Lumpur or youre eating your way across the foodie paradise of Ipoh, youll encounter Nasi Lemak soon enough. With a name that means fatty rice, its no surprise this colourful assemblage begins with just that rice cooked in coconut milk and flavoured with Pandan, a vanilla-like aromat thats earthy, subtle and distinctly Malaysian.

Hot Sambal is the ideal match for the creamy rice. Other garnishes include fresh cucumber, anchovies, roasted peanuts and of course, this being breakfast, a fried or boiled egg. When eaten for lunch or dinner, Nasi Lemak often comes with fried chicken or fish.

An essential part of hawker food culture, you can find Nasi Lemak at any market in Malaysia, where its typically served atop an elegant banana leaf. Regional variations take flavour cues from the nations diverse culinary heritage, and versions of the meal can also be found in Singapore, Brunei, and across the continent.

Where to try it: While everyone has their favourite in KL, Nasi Lemak Wanjo Kg Baru in Chow Kit is a crowd pleaser, serving simple and flavoursome Nasi Lemak Biasa with either boiled or fried egg.

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New York City Bagels The Usa

Contributed by Eileen Gunn from FamiliesGo!

New Yorkers take our bagels seriously. We routinely ask political candidates how they like their bagel. One mayoral hopeful was almost laughed out of the race for saying she likes lox on a cinnamon-raisin bagel

Traditionally bagels are on the smaller side, dense and chewy. To get their shiny crust they have a dip in boiling lye before being baked. Traditional bagels are plain, egg, or topped with salt, onion, poppy seeds, sesame seeds or all of the above . Were suspicious of any bagel that goes too far beyond these. Whole grain or rye is okay. Cinnamon-raisin is usually the only sweet. Blueberry or Asiago are beyond the pale rainbows are a gimmick for tourists.

Some bagel places also make bialys, smaller, chewier cousins topped with bits of onion or garlic . Theyre very old-school. The traditional bagel topping is cream cheese and sliced lox, maybe with thinly sliced onion, which youll find at Jewish bakeries and delis like Black Seed, Zabars, Russ & Daughters, Shelskys and Kossars .

An authentic bagel or bialy nosh is an essential breakfast when you visit New York City.

Bread With Hagelslag In The Netherlands

A unique breakfast tradition from the Netherlands is to have Hagelslag on a slice of bread. Hagelslag are delicious chocolate sprinkles with a very small and cylindrical shape. They take their name from the Dutch word for hail.

This is a very popular breakfast in the Netherlands that is both loved by adults and children alike especially chocolate lovers. Hagelslag was created in the year 1913 by the company Venz, but became popular because of another company, De Ruijter. Nowadays, its hard to imagine a Dutch breakfast without it.

Usually people spread butter on their bread first, so that the sprinkles dont fall off when they are eating it. Hagelslag is made of pure chocolate and there are several versions of it: milk chocolate, dark chocolate , and theres even a version where both are mixed together.

Where to try it: Its possible to find Hagelslag in every supermarket in the Netherlands for a DIY breakfast at home.

Eaten by Dymphe from Dymabroad

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Of A Complete Breakfast

So, looking above, it is obvious that the breakfasts can really vary based on geography. In some countries, beans and rice are a breakfast staple, while in other countries, curry or eggs are the main courses.

Now, while these dishes vary greatly, there are some things to consider when planning out breakfast. According to the Mayo Clinic, there are a few things one should definitely include in order to ensure breakfast is balanced and healthy.

  • Make sure that whole grains are part of the meal. This could include rolls and bagels, cereal, muffins, and waffles.
  • For protein, make sure that it is lean. Eggs, turkey, nuts, and legumes are a few examples.
  • The same goes for dairy, so make sure that it is low fat. Low-fat milk and cottage cheese can be a great addition to a healthy breakfast.
  • As mentioned above, breakfast is a great time to get ones recommended amount of fruit and vegetables. Fruits and veggies, whether frozen or fresh, are a great source of vitamins and minerals. Fruit juice can be great too, but make sure it doesnt contain too much much sugar.

Also, when it comes to cereal, there are a few things to look out for. The Mayo Clinic recommends choosing cereals that are high in fiber , low in sugar, and low in calories .

Around The World In 50 Traditional Breakfast Dishes

Eating Breakfast To Go Around The World

The word breakfast refers to breaking the fasting period of the previous night. While it is common knowledge that breakfast is considered the most important meal of the day, recent research is beginning to contest this claim.

No matter what science determines, breakfast is still a universally beloved meal. Breakfast restaurants are always brimming with happy, hungry customers chowing down on pancakes and drinking coffee. Around the world, people enjoy breakfast in many different shapes and sizes.

A quick search through world breakfast recipes shows the diversity of flavor that breakfast has to offer. There are pastries, meats, soups, stews, breads, and so much more! This infographic explores traditional breakfast cuisine across the globe.

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Jamaica: Ackee With Saltfish And Hot Chocolate

No Sunday brunch would be complete without this classic dish, which can be enjoyed for lunch or dinner too. Although ackee is technically a fruit, it somewhat resembles scrambled eggs when sauteed, and pairs perfectly with cured fish and a spinach-like green called callaloo. Dont expect Jamaican hot chocolate to taste like the instant powdered stuff youre used to. The rich, aromatic beverage is made with ground cacao, cinnamon, and sweetened with condensed milk.

Where to try it: Friendly and casual, Sips & Bites restaurant in Negrils West End is as popular with locals as it is with tourists. The ackee and saltfish comes with lots of fun accoutrements, including callaloo, plantain, breadfruit, yam, avocado and a dumpling.

The Meal: Chai And Mandazi Or Uji

The best breakfast in Kenya wouldnt be complete without a cup of strong, sweet-smelling chai. Skip the full English breakfast, which you can find everywhere here, and pair that chai instead with uji, a thick porridge made from sorghum or millet and traditionally served in a calabash, or head to a street vendor for some mandazipuffy, golden East African doughnuts, fried while you wait.

Read more: Kenya is so much more than its safaris. On your next trip, spend some time in Nairobi. Once youve eaten your fill of mandazi, learn a bit more about why this haven of art and design is one of our favorite African cities.

Eggs, curries, and flatbreads are on the breakfast menu in Pakistan.

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The Meal: Traditional Japanese Breakfast

A full traditional Japanese breakfast is a reason in and of itself to visit the country and features a balance of many little dishes, including miso soup, steamed white rice, pickled vegetables, fish or tofu, sticky fermented soybeans, and dried seaweed, all accompanied by green tea.

Make it: AFAR senior editor Katherine LaGrave still dreams of the shiozake, or Japanese-style salted salmon, that she had on a recent trip. She suggests a few recipes for the dish in her guide to creating a day in Tokyo at home.

Mandazi is a traditional East African doughut you can find at street vendors in Kenya.

The Meal: Yogurt With Nuts And Honey

Breakfasts from Around the World  Vermilion Roots

The breakfast spread in Greece may include boiled eggs, cold cuts, pastries, and bread with feta cheese, tomatoes, and olive oil, but its the yogurt thatll keep you coming back for more. Thick, rich, and creamy Greek yogurt is served with nuts and honey, which balance the tang of the yogurt and make for the perfect start to the day.

Find it: Your hotel might put on a lavish meal in the morning, but you should be able to find good yogurt just about everywhere, from five-star establishments to the humblest bed-and-breakfasts. You could even pick up the supplies at a local market and make breakfast for yourself.

Nope, its not sushi breakfast in Japan is a bigger spread.

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Full Omani Breakfast In Oman

Omans cuisine is similarly layered with Indian, East African, Iranian and Arabic influences the sum of centuries spent sitting at the intersection of the spice trade route. As the first call to prayer rings out, sitting down to a Full Omani Breakfast is the ideal way to taste the countrys dizzying array of national dishes.

Chicken, fish and lamb are all staple proteins, always served with rice, Dosas and flat bread. At breakfast time, youll find eggs done Shakshuka style accompanied by various vegetables and dressed in spices and herbs on the table.

When travelling around Oman, a good tip to keep in mind is that anywhere theres a mosque, youll also find a restaurant that opens early. Many locals opt for a simple feed after Fajr, and joining them is a great way to eat local and save some money in the process. In the beautiful city of Muscat, there is no shortage of cosmopolitan cafes that do a more elaborate breakfast spread.

Where to try it:Kargeen Cafe in Muscat serves a full Omani breakfast set in their outdoor courtyard.

What is your favourite breakfast in the world? Which of these traditional breakfast dishes would you travel for?

The Meal: Caf Con Leche And Medialunas

Because dinner in Argentina is eaten so late, breakfast is a rather simple affair of café con leche , orange juice, and toast or croissant-like medialunas. If youre looking to switch things up, you can swap your café con leche for matéa locally popular, highly caffeinated teaor your medialunas for other, sweeter Argentinian pastries known as facturas. Either way, during the morning in Argentina, less is more.

Read more: With its literary history and cadre of cozy bookstores and cafés, Buenos Aires is a book lovers dream destination. You can open your book with your morning medialunas, then continue to hop from café to café until the citys legendary nightlife lights up.

In Myanmar, the day begins with mohinga.

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South American Breakfast Recipes

  • Trinidad salted cod with coconut bake: saltfish and fried bake is just one popular Trini-breakfast doubles combo. It comprises a salted cod and mixed vegetable salad. Its served with a delicately coconut flavored bread, perfect for enjoying as a hearty, savory breakfast.
  • Brazilian cheese bread puffs : These small cheese rolls/buns are made with just 5 ingredients. Plus, they are naturally gluten-free and super cheesy. They also have a wonderuflly crisp texture, thanks to the addition of tapioca starch. Enjoy alongside your morning coffee, scrambled eggs, with fruit, or cut them open and stuff with cream cheese, jam, etc!
  • Caribbean Tostones : tostones are traditionally twice-fried plantain slices, popular across Latin American and Caribbean cuisine. It is enjoyed as a snack or breakfast dish topped with a fried egg or other toppings of your choosing. For this version, weve skipped the deep frying for lighter baked or air fryer methods. Plus, theyre naturally gluten-free, paleo, and vegan!

Israel: Malawach And Coffee

What Breakfast Looks Like Around The World

Like shakshuka , malawach is more of a weekend brunch item than an everyday breakfast. The Jewish-Yemenite flat bread is made by layering puff pastry sheets into something akin to a pancake. It comes out of the pan warm and flaky, and is served with hard-boiled egg, chopped tomatoes and a spicy green condiment called zhoug. The vibrant cafe culture means there are plenty of places to hang out, people-watch and sip an excellent espresso drink.

Where to eat it: Saluf & Sons in Tel Avivs Levinsky Market does a modern take on malawach it comes as a wrap, with scrambled eggs, or the traditional way with hard boiled egg and tomato.

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The Meal: Coffee And Fruit Muesli Or A Full English Breakfast

Yes, Australians like their Vegemite and bread, but its no longer the pride and joy of the breakfast table. These days, coffee is what makes an Australian breakfast truly memorable. The country takes a lot of pride in its coffee culture, and breakfast isnt complete without a flat white or a long black . Youll also find plenty of fresh fruit, smoothies, healthy muesli, and as a weekend treat, maybe a mind-blowing full English breakfast.

Read more: Flat whites, long blacks, and moreit can get confusing. We put together a guide on how to order coffee in Australia and actually get what you want.

Though its more of a brunch than a breakfast, theres a reason dim sum is famous around the world.

Burek In Bosnia & Herzegovina

Burek, a flaky pastry stuffed with any number of savoury fillings, is the order of the day across the entire Balkans region. But no country has embraced Burek quite like Bosnia and Herzegovina, where its eaten for breakfast, lunch and tea.

The crux of a good Burek is a thin, flaky filo dough. The recipe was introduced to the region by the Ottoman Empire and every nation has come to put its own spin on it, exercising much creative license when it comes to different flavours.

In Bosnia, a true Burek is stuffed with ground beef. Other versions use the same pastry but are filled with cottage cheese , spinach or potatoes . The pumpkin version is a seasonal favourite.

Sarajevo Old Town is home to many Buregdinica, sit-down bakery restaurants that serve nothing but Burek. Take a peek into the kitchen to see the pastry being rolled into long sausages and coiled into a large pan. Once baked, its cut into individual portions and sold by either the slice or by the gram. Drinking yogurt is an essential accompaniment.

Where to try it:Buregdinica Bosna in Sarajevo, because they serve fresh, flaky Burek from the early hours until late and are always buzzing with local customers.

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