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Breakfast Hash Brown Casserole Recipe

Recipe Notes And Helpful Tips

Loaded Hash Brown Breakfast Casserole
  • Frozen hash browns take about 1 hour to thaw so plan accordingly.
  • You can use shredded or diced hash browns. I think the shredded work just a little bit better because the cheese and eggs seem to melt down between the layers of the shredded potatoes.
  • Any colored pepper will work for this recipe red, orange, yellow, or green. I just prefer the red because of the sweetness it lends to the dish.
  • Use pork, chicken, or turkey sausage as longs as it breaks up and browns.
  • Try adding diced smoked ham or chopped crispy bacon.
  • Experiment with different cheeses like Colby Jack, Monterey Jack, Gouda, Muenster, Provolone, Mozzarella, or Pepper Jack.
  • Let the casserole cool for a few minutes before slicing.
  • Store leftovers in an airtight container in the fridge for up to 3 days. Reheat in the microwave at a reduced power.

How To Make Breakfast Casserole Ahead

If youve got a big party planned and it would be super helpful to be able to prepare this ahead, you can absolutely do that with this recipe.

This recipe can be made at least 12 hours in advance. Mix together the ingredients and place into the casserole dish, cover tightly and refrigerate until ready to bake. Bake as directed and serve.

How To Freeze Hashbrown Breakfast Casserole

Prepare the casserole per the instructions but do not bake. Then cover with several layers of plastic wrap and place in the freezer on a flat level surface. Freeze for up to 2 months. Defrost in the refrigerator overnight or at least 12 hours. Remove from the fridge 40 minutes prior to baking to come to room temperature. Bake according to recipe instructions.

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Why We Love This Breakfast Casserole With Hash Browns

This is such an easy and delicious meal and we love it for so many reasons:

  • Protein Packed/Veggies Loaded This egg casserole is high in protein and has veggies, and hash browns that will help keep you full.
  • Meal Prep Friendly Make this egg bake on Sunday and enjoy it the next few days! It would be perfect to slice and put it in containers so its pre-portioned + ready to eat.
  • Perfect for brunch This recipe is perfect for your next brunch because it is large enough for a crowd and can be customized to your guests liking .

How To Make Breakfast Sausage Patties

Cheesy Ham Hash Brown Egg Casserole

These homemade sausage patties are super easy to make, with just a few minutes of hands-on time. I like to prepare the mixture the night before to make the morning prep even easier.

  • Combine the ingredients. Combine everything in a large bowl, mixing until well combined.
  • Chill. Cover the bowl and refrigerate for at least an hour. Overnight is best, if possible.
  • Form into patties. Divide the sausage into 12 equal pieces. Form into patties.
  • Cook. Brown the sausages for 4-5 minutes on each side over medium heat. Enjoy!
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    Frozen Vs Fresh Hash Browns:

    We love the convenience of frozen hash browns, but if you prefer to make this breakfast casserole entirely from scratch, you can always make your own hash browns! Simply shred russet potatoes on a cheese grater or in a food processor until you have approximately 20 ounces worth. Make sure to squeeze as much moisture as possible out of your potatoes before adding them to your casserole. You want them to be as dry as possible.

    Breakfast Casserole Overnight With Potato Ham And Egg

    I have a zit on my chin right now, and my 2-year-old Valentine keeps poking her finger at it. Whazzat mommy, whazzat? Its a pimple honey. Oh, hippo, mommy? No, child, but its about the size of one.

    I dont know what it is with my face breaking out like a 13 year olds, maybe its because Im 31 now and my body switched up the numbers on my age?? What is the deal?

    In less awkward news, I am here today to introduce you to my favorite easy breakfast casserole of all time. I posted this recipe back in 2012, when my blog was still just a baby. I started with all my greatest recipes, and this is definitely one of the greats. Easy? check. Feeds a crowd? check. Tons of flavor? check. CHEESE??? Hello.

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    Notes On Vegan Hash Browns

    There can be a bit of confusion when it comes to vegans and hash browns. Here are some answers to the most common questions we hear:

    Why are hash browns not vegan? We tend to think of hash browns as nothing more than shredded potatoes. Truth is, many hash browns contain some form of dairy in them. Usually whey, casein, or milk powder.

    Are frozen hash browns vegan? Again, many hash browns contain some form of dairy in them. Usually whey, casein, or milk powder. Be sure to double-check ingredients before purchasing.

    Do hash browns need to be thawed for a casserole? Some recipes do call for you to thaw your hash browns before assembling the casserole. This recipe isnt one of them.

    Why We Love This Vegan Breakfast Casserole

    The Best Loaded Hash Brown Casserole | Quick & Easy Breakfast Recipe
    • Its a great copycat recipe of traditional versions made famous by Campbells Cream ofSoups and Cracker Barrel. Seriously, serve this to anyone who loves those classic casseroles, and watch their eyes light up with surprise!
    • The hashbrown casserole recipe is easy to make and a wonderful make ahead option. This makes it the perfect casserole for a holiday or big family breakfast!
    • Its true comfort food without animal products. I dare anyone to eat this and say vegan food is lacking in any way!

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    About The Hash Browns

    • Make sure the hash browns are fully thawed to ensure the best consistency. It also takes twice as long to bake if theyre frozen, which will overcook the eggs.
    • I like to use Lamb Weston Thick Cut Hash Browns. Theyre nice and thick and hold up well in this casserole.
    • You can also use cubed hash browns in this recipe if that is your preference or if youre unable to obtain the shredded ones.

    Flavor Variations In Breakfast Hashbrown Casserole

    • Breakfast meats -This version is vegetarian, but you dont have to keep it that way if youd rather add some breakfast meats! Bacon, ham, sausage go for it!
    • Cheeses I like the mix of flavors in the Mexican blend cheese, but switch it up if youd like! Cheddar, mozzarella, colby all would be delicious, or try a mix!
    • Veggies Ive added some of my favorites to this recipe, but there are SO many veggies you could add. Go with whatever you have on hand, or what looks great at the grocery store.
    • Toppings One of my favorite ways to enjoy this breakfast casserole is to add some salsa or sour cream, but a hollandaise sauce is great too! This is one of my favorite recipes for it.

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    How To Make It Ahead

    Prepare the casserole up to a day in advance but do not bake. Cover tightly with plastic wrap and place on a flat level surface in the refrigerator. Remove the casserole from the fridge 40 minute prior to baking to come to room temperature. Then remove the plastic wrap and bake according to recipe instructions. The sausage vegetable mixture can be prepared up to 2 days in advance, cooled, and stored in an airtight container in the refrigerator.

    Angela’s Tips & Recipe Notes

    Cheesy Hash Brown Egg Casserole with Bacon Recipe: How to Make It ...
    • To quickly bring eggs to room temperature, set them in a bowl of warm water for 5 minutes.
    • If choosing to add the optional bell peppers or onions and you want them softened, sauté them with the sausage as it browns.
    • If you dont have shredded hash browns on hand, I have also tried this recipe with frozen tater tots and found it to be just as tasty. Make sure they are fully thawed before making your casserole!
    • If you have a larger bag of hash browns and want to use it up, this recipe can accommodate 32 ounces of hash browns.
    • Need to feed a crowd? Try using 10 large eggs or 2 pounds of sausage to feed more guests.

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    How To Make Hashbrown Breakfast Casserole

    This hash brown breakfast casserole is almost TOO easy–which let’s be honest, that is EXACTLY what you need when entertaining or holiday breakfasts.

    Step One: Layer defrosted hash browns in a greased casserole dish.

    Yes, you can brown your hash browns first in a skillet–but there is NO need to take this step unless of course, you are craving the texture of crispy hash browns mixed with creamy eggs.

    If you are desiring, crispier hash browns, I would recommend browning the hash browns ups in the oven for 10-15 minutes before adding the remaining ingredients. This way, you save yourself the step of browning in the skillet.

    Step Two: Layer the hash browns with browned sausage.

    Brown up sausage, breaking into small pieces as it cooks, and then drain off any excess grease. Layer the sausage evenly over the potatoes. If you are using ham, bacon, or vegetables, be sure to sprinkle over the potatoes evenly as well.

    Step Three: Sprinkle cheese over top of the sausage and hash browns.

    Wondering why I put the cheese on now before I add the egg custard?

    This helps the cheese to be in every bite of the casserole, not just one gooey layer on top. But hey, if you are craving gooey, layers of slightly browned cheese like a classic lasagna, put the cheese on top of the egg mixture.

    Step Four: Mix together the eggs with seasonings and milk and pour over the layers of hash browns, sausage, and cheese.

    Step Five: Bake and serve.

    More Vegan Casserole Recipes

    I hope youll try this vegan hashbrown casserole recipe and your family will enjoy it as much as ours has. This is some serious plant-based magic here!

    When you make it, I would so appreciate it if you could leave a star rating and review below. It helps more people find our vegan recipes and supports our efforts to bring you more of them!

    Happy cooking!

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    Loaded Hash Brown Breakfast Casserole

    Loaded Hash Brown Breakfast Casserole is cheesy and full of fluffy egg delight! Make ahead instructions included! This savory breakfast casserole is kid and adult approved.

    Loaded Hash Brown Breakfast Casserole is cheesy and full of fluffy egg delight! Make ahead instructions included!This savory breakfast casserole is kid and adult approved.

    What is it about the holidays that makes us crave fancy breakfasts? Sure, were all about the pancakes or waffles on weekends, but as we approach mid November through January, we want ALL of the delicious breakfast foods. Savory or sweet, in the morning or at night, we dont care! We love all breakfast food equally! We are particularly fond of breakfast casseroles, especially when they can be prepped the night before. Just wake up and throw it in the oven, and you can forget about it for the next hour. You can even go back to sleep. We wont judge.

    How To Make Hash Brown Potato Casserole

    Hash Brown Breakfast Casserole (Make-Ahead or Morning Of)

    Here are the basics!

  • Melt butter and pour it over a 9×13 inch pan full of frozen hashbrowns.
  • Bake up the buttered hashbrowns in a dish in the oven, until they get nice and crispy. This is essential for achieving non-soggy potatoes.
  • Layer some cheese on top
  • Layer ham over the cheese.
  • Soak the whole thing with a creamy mixture of eggs, evaporated milk OR cream, seasoned salt, kosher salt, pepper, dry mustard, and onion powder.
  • Pop it in the oven!
  • I love the flavor of the baked crispy hashbrowns with the cheesy eggs and smoked ham. It is seriously the best combo! My mother-in-law Kris found a version of this recipe in a cookbook years ago and weve had it for Christmas breakfast ever since.

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    More Breakfast Recipes You Will Love

    A super easy make ahead and freezer friendly Hashbrown Breakfast Casserole that is totally customizable to suit your taste with different breakfast meats like sausage, bacon, or ham, different vegetables, and a variety of cheeses.

    • Total Time:1 hour 5 minutes
    • Yield:12 servings 1x
    • 30 ounces shredded hash brown potatoes thawed
    • 1 lb ground breakfast sausage
    • 1 medium onion finely diced
    • 1 red pepper diced
    • ½ teaspoon fresh ground black pepper
    • 3 cups shredded cheddar
    • 3 green onions thin sliced

    Why This Recipe Works

    This recipe has been in our family for over 40 years. Back when corn flakes were one of the only breakfast cereal choice, ha!

    Cheesy Hashbrown Casserole is such a great addition to any meal as it can be prepared ahead of time. All you need to do is pop it in the oven when its time to cook the meal.

    • Corn flakes mixed with melted butter are the perfect crunchy, buttery topping for Cheesy Potato Casserole.
    • My moms recipe also uses pre-shredded cheddar cheese. You know, the orange stuff in the bag .

    However, if youre looking to take this to the next level of deliciousness, try using a good quality cheddar, that you shred yourself.

    It gives this dish such an intense, tangy flavor you cant resist. And, it melts so creamy mixed up with the rest of the ingredients!

    Need a new holiday side dish? Try our cheesy hashbrown casserole with our green bean casserole today! Or give our candied sweet potatoes a try next.

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    Hash Brown Potato Casserole Variations

    Endless variations, I tell you! This recipe is THE BEST for cleaning out your fridge.

    • Veggies: Add 1 to 2 cups of any pre-cooked veggies such as broccoli, asparagus, zucchini, bell peppers, or mushrooms.
    • Protein options: If youre not a ham fan, try swapping it out for chorizo, cooked breakfast sausage, or crumbled bacon! Make sure whatever meat you add is fully cooked first.
    • Cheeses: They make a bazillion cheeses for a reason. Sso you can have endless variety! Try Pepper Jack, Mozzarella, Asiago, Gouda, smoked cheddar, Havarti, or Colby jack!
    • Add-ins: green chilis, jalapenos, pickled jalapenos, pimientos, olives, or roasted bell peppers.

    Make Ahead And Freezing Instructions

    EASY Cheesy Hashbrown Breakfast Casserole {+VIDEO}

    If you want to make this into an overnight breakfast casserole, just prep to the point of baking the whole thing, then refrigerate it overnight and bake in the morning.

    I recommend freezing the baked casserole as individual servings rather than as a whole thing. That way they can be easily reheated in the microwave for a quick, filling breakfast whenever you want one. Just let the baked casserole cool, then line a baking sheet with parchment paper and arrange individual slices so they aren’t touching. Freeze for 2-3 hours, then transfer the now-frozen slices to a freezer-safe ziploc bag for longer storage of up to 2 months.

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    How To Make Christmas Morning Casserole The Night Before

    You can make this hashbrown breakfast casserole and bake it up right away, or do it the night before and pop it in the oven before your guests wake up. Who doesnt love the smell of overnight breakfast casserole in the oven, especially when someone else is making it for you? Your family is going to love you this year.

  • Melt butter and pour it over a 9×13 inch pan full of frozen hashbrowns.
  • Bake up the buttered hashbrowns in the oven, until they get nice and crispy. This is essential for achieving non-soggy potatoes! Say no to the sog!
  • Layer some cheese on top
  • Layer ham over the cheese.
  • Cover tightly and refrigerate overnight.
  • In a large bowl, mix eggs, evaporated milk OR cream, seasoned salt, kosher salt, pepper, dry mustard, and onion powder.
  • Cover and refrigerate the bowl of eggs overnight.
  • In the morning, preheat your oven to 350 degrees F.
  • Whisk the egg mixture once more, then pour over the potatoes in the casserole dish.
  • Pop it in the oven!
  • I will always remember one Christmas a few years ago when we were busy getting this hashbrown breakfast casserole together in the morning. My mother-in-law Kris had it all baked up and ready to go, and it was warming on the bottom rack in the oven.

    Just look at those crispy edges. Mmmm.

    Storing And Reheating Breakfast Hashbrown Casserole

    How long can you keep a breakfast casserole in the refrigerator? This breakfast casserole will keep in the fridge for up to 3 days. Anything after that is questionable and a potential food safety issue.

    Can you freeze Shredded Hashbrown and Egg Casserole? Yes, you can freeze Shredded Hashbrown & Egg Casserole, but we dont recommend it. We find that frozen/reheated eggs can be a bit soggy but it will work!

    Do you freeze an Egg Hashbrown Breakfast Casserole before or after baking? If you are going to freeze this breakfast casserole, cook it completely, allow it to cool, and then freeze it wrapped in freezer paper in a freezer safe Ziploc bag.

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    Hash Brown Breakfast Casserole

    Hash Brown Breakfast Casserole is a savory make-ahead breakfast perfect for holiday mornings. Prep it the night before and bake it off in the morning for an easy way to feed a crowd.

    One of my very favorite things about Christmas morning is Christmas breakfast. After opening gifts, we stay in our matching pajamas and eat a simple yet filling breakfast full of all of our favorites. Pancakes and sausage for Elle, eggs and bacon for Eric and some type of make-ahead casserole for me.

    No one really wants to be worrying about breakfast during the Christmas morning gift flurry, so recipes like overnight french toast casserole really save the day.

    I love some pecan sticky buns, but what I really go for with a hectic day ahead are savory breakfasts.

    Both my croissant breakfast casserole and make-ahead breakfast casserole are so filling and satisfying. I just had to make a version with hash browns!

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