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Breakfast Nook Corner Dining Set

Acme 6 Piece Breakfast Nook

HOW TO BUILD a Modern Dining Nook Banquette – Breakfast Nook – Bench Seats

This 6 piece cushioned breakfast nook set is more substantial and comfortable than the 2 listed above . The color is espresso throughout. The furniture frame is wood and the table top is marble.

I like the fact that this particular set does not require being wedged into a corner. Its a free-standing breakfast nook that can be placed anywhere, including a corner.

Stunning Ravella Corner Six Piece Dining Nook Set

This unit includes the wood table, 2 dining benches, corner bench and two chairs. The L-shaped bench is 3 pieces so it can be re-configured to fit your corner space. Moreover, this unit is free-standing so it can be placed away from a corner wall as well.

Its cushioned with rich wood creating a comfortable dining space for up to 6 people.

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  • Dining room sets

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    Dining Table Sets

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    Tobin Backless Two Tone Breakfast Nook Natural And White In Brown By Linon

    • Assembly Required: Yes
    • Dimensions: 62″W x 16.5″D x 18.13″H
    • Bench seats open to reveal hidden storage.
    • Natural pine seat and white painted base.
    • Comes in one box.
    • Seat dimensions: Long side – 62.4 W x 16.5 D x 18.3″ H
    • Both sides measure 62.4 inches from corner to end.
    • Weight capacity: 500 lbs
    • Soft close hinges avoid slamming.
    • Assembly Required.
    • Seat Dimensions: 62.4 W x 16.5 D

    Furnishing Your Breakfast Nook

    TMS Breakfast Nook 3
    • Be sure to select a space that provides enough room for your table and chairs and for people to sit comfortably.
    • A booth set works well in a kitchen corner. The booth set often includes bench seating that offers spacious storage within the seat.
    • Round tables are good choices for nooks that are set up against walls or for smaller kitchen spaces.
    • A larger kitchen space can really show off square or rectangular tables.
    • Consider a table with a pedestal base as this will provide more seating options as well as more space for chairs or benches.
    • Nook seating allows you to get creative. Mix it up with different chair and bench styles at your nook table.
    • Select the right size furniture for your space so you dont crowd your nook area.

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    One Big Benefit Of Dining Nooks

    Dining nooks are great space-savers. You can accommodate more people in much less space compared to a traditional table and chairs. Moreover, as youll see below, they easily accommodate 5 plus people .

    While you can certainly engage a custom cabinet maker to design, built and install a breakfast nook in your kitchen, thats not your only option. I was delighted to discover that you can choose from several pre-built breakfast nooks ready to install.

    Below is a list of 14 top corner breakfast nook furniture sets some are obviously more elaborate and comfortable than others. Take a look and consider it for your kitchen.

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    Tobin Backless Corner Breakfast Nook

    • Bench seats open to reveal hidden storage
    • Seats and base in white painted finish
    • Comes in one box
    • Soft close hinges avoid slamming
    • Assembly Required

    Dimensions :Seat Dimensions:Seat Back Dimensions:Weight:Holds up to:Material:Fill Material:Features:Assembly Details:Includes:Industry or Government Certifications:Care & Cleaning:Warranty:TCINItem Number Origin

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    Inspirational Breakfast Nook Ideas

    Adding a breakfast nook into your home provides more space for family and friends to gather. You can turn a small space into a functional area with ample seating.

    Learn how a breakfast nook adds value to your home, check out 21 inspiring designs, and get answers to the most asked questions.

    Curved Island Dining Nook

    DIY Breakfast Nook with Storage | Dining Nook Banquette with Bench Seats

    If you like curves, heres a nicely design island with a curved built-in dining nook on the opposite side. While the kitchen is large, this is actually a space-saving feature.

    Notice how Audex used transparent chairs on the outside so that the island remains visible from throughout the room. Moreover, you dont see many kitchens with blue as an accent color, but it sure works here. Designed by Audax.

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    How A Breakfast Nook Adds Value To Your Home

    The breakfast nook, sometimes called an eat-in kitchen, provides a comfortable spot where your family can gather for casual meals. The nook can also add resale value to your home if you decide to sell in the future.

    Other ways it adds value to your home:

    • Additional seating area. Adding a breakfast nook is an excellent way to encourage guests to dine in the kitchen rather than in the dining room. It helps add seating for when you have a party or host a holiday event.
    • Utilize a small space. If you have a little extra square footage in your kitchen, you can squeeze a table and chairs in to make the vacant space useable. You can use a slim bistro table and stools for really small spaces. Figure out the square footage of your area before purchasing furniture.
    • Additional counter space: Add extra counter space for either food prep or setting out food during large gatherings.
    • Defining open floor plans: Contemporary kitchens have open floor plans that can feel cold. Fill up these empty spaces with a small table and chairs or even a booth.
    • Versatility. You can transform a breakfast nook from day to night by dressing up with sconces. Kids love to have fun in small spaces making arts and crafts.
    • Built-in seating. Seats built into the wall like benches or booth seats can increase the value of your kitchen.

    Breakfast nooks take advantage of unusual seating arrangements like bench seating to use the kitchen area fully.

    Booths Are Very Popular In Restaurants So Why Not Put On In Your Home

    When we go out to eat, we prefer spacious booths. Theyre more comfortable and provide privacy.

    Were not alone many people prefer booths in restaurants. Sitting at a table in the middle of the restaurant space is like floating among a sea of other diners adrift while dining in a booth is like having a private oasis.

    So the question is if you prefer booths in restaurants, why not put one in your home? Im not suggesting it be your only dining option in your home however, for family meals its a great idea.

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    Are Breakfast Nooks Outdated

    Some people may think breakfast nooks are outdated since they gained popularity in mid-century America.

    Even though it is associated with older decorating styles, a modernized breakfast nook can match contemporary ideas.

    Using fresh colors, patterns, and updated furniture can make a dated breakfast nook look new and stylish.

    Breakfast Nook Dining Set

    Maxwell Breakfast Nook 4

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    Breakfast Nook Design Ideas

    • Display family artwork on the wall around your nook area for your own custom designed gallery.
    • Match the design of your nook with your kitchen décor to keep your favorite style throughout.
    • Add your favorite colors and décor items.
    • Make the most of your nook space with furniture that provides storage.
    • Keep it simple to allow a window view to stand out.

    Impressive Papario Black 6 Piece Corner Dining Set

    This sleek, black corner dining set works as a free-standing unit or can be placed in the corner. The table is fairly large the entire furniture set can accommodate up to 6 people.

    One important design element to note is that the table is counter height, which is a little higher than typical dining room tables. Its kind of like an elevated bar booth.

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    Breakfast Nook Designs: The Three Main Types

    The beloved breakfast nook takes on many different shapes and configurations these days. It can be tucked into a corner, take position next to a wall, or feature a scenic view set up by a window. Some double as a storage space with benches that open to provide room. The three main types of nooks are:

    • Nooks with Built-In Seating: The classic look of these nooks has at least one bench attached to the wall and usually creates an inviting rectangular-shaped nook.
    • Freestyle Nooks: No permanent seating is involved in this design. Furniture is often set up near a window to allow natural light in. It offers a versatile design that welcomes oval and round tables.
    • The Booth Nook: These nooks resemble the built-in seating version, but are more defined, with a three-sided seating arrangement that includes perks like shelves, bookcases or storage.

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