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Breakfast Nook Ideas For Small Kitchen

Diy Breakfast Nook Ideas And Plans


Youll love that extra morning time with no driving, no standing in line, and no rush. Its quite a relief from the stressful morning routines. And before work, you can enjoy a relaxing breakfast while catching up on your daily news or reading a good book. These awesome DIY Breakfast Nook ideas will give you all the inspiration you need to create quality time with your family each morning. What better way to start your day than with a delicious and home-cooked breakfast. These 20 DIY breakfast nook ideas will show you some of the best ways to create a cozy breakfast area for you and your family. Reward yourself with the pleasures of a breakfast nook.

These DIY breakfast nook pieces are built to last and will make a cozy spot for you, your family, and friends to enjoy a meal together. And guess what? A breakfast nook doesnt have to cost a big fortune. With the right materials, some creativity, and a little bit of elbow grease, you can create the perfect spot in your home. Our DIY breakfast nook project ideas make this task even easier by providing detailed plans and pictures to help you along the way.

A Breakfast Nook For Two

Building a nook for two can be an ideal choice if you live with a small number of family members in a tight space. Its much easier to deal with and wont likely take up so much space.

Setting a storage bench and a circular table near a window should be enough. A woven rug with a neutral tone leaves warm nuance, adding a comfortable feeling. The corner shows artistic value by applying a picture, horn ornament, and decorative pendant light.

In Order To Make The Wall Less Flat Having A Simple Decorative Picture And Accessories Would Make It Fun

The tablespace is perfect for some paperwork while watching the oven, writing down your grocery list and additional kitchen counter space when needed.& nbsp We have a bunch of cozy corner nook design ideas for you such as breakfast nook ideas with round table, built in breakfast nook ideas, breakfast nook ideas for small kitchen, diy breakfast nook ideas, repurpose breakfast nook, breakfast nook wall decor, breakfast nooks for. Dining room | seven hills | 02104 by pinnacle architectural studio.

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Diy Breakfast Nook/ Storage Bench

It’s built of tough, sturdy materials, its unique and beautiful to look at. I love that you can build the perfect size for your space and use your favorite fabrics. Its great for any small breakfast nook, and using it as a storage bench is a great idea. Not only is this a great piece of furniture, but storing all of your cushions, pillows, and blankets in here makes it so much easier to keep your home looking tidy for guests. It’s so easy to make. So much cheaper than buying one already made.

Modern Kitchen Island Dinette

Cool &  Stylish Breakfast Nook Ideas for Small Kitchens

Express minimalism with this modern kitchen and dinette thats sleek and contemporary. This spacious nook is uncluttered with a simple polished wood thats also an extension of the white marble kitchen counter. The bar stools and overhead lights exudes modern industrial, while the bare hardwood flooring island panels and accents lend a warm rustic touch.

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Breakfast Nook Ideas We Love In 2022

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The breakfast nook is a cozy spot. You can enjoy casual meals, coffee breaks, or hang out near the kitchen. Whether your nook is tucked into a corner, brightly lit by a window, or set aside a kitchen wall, there are endless possibilities for making your breakfast nook special.

Make A Breakfast Booth

If there is not enough space for a breakfast nook in kitchen, you can add space to your kitchen from a room near to the kitchen, for example the living room or the hallway. Thus, you can organize a functional breakfast nook with shelves, a box-spring sitting area and a table, completely meeting your needs. You can separate the dining room from the rest of the space by adding a wall if you wish.

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A small kitchen nook shares a causal and friendly place, while a dining room offers a formal ambiance. A relaxed conversation would sound much better to listen to while youre having a meal in an informal setting. A kitchen nook is perfect for having a cup of coffee, breakfast, or lunch. It typically sits next to large windows that help you stay awake as its bright enough to remind you to open your eyes. Before we dive into our current topic deeper, welcome to Simphome, and lets start the countdown.

White Light And An Array Of Styles

10 Small Kitchen Nook Ideas

Finding the right chairs and table for your small breakfast nook ensures it blends in with the existing style of the room it adorns. Since white is most often the color choice in modern homes, you breakfast nook can easily adopt some of the more popular styles like shabby chic, Scandinavian, modern rustic and beach style without actually altering the color palette of your living area or dining room. One can always alter the chairs used to bring in trendy seasonal colors and turn the tiny breakfast zone into a home workspace or even kids study.

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Diy Breakfast Nook Lighting

DIY, reuse, and repurpose are the staples of a sustainable design approach. At the same time, kitchen nook lighting ideas are an ideal field for putting them into practice. Think old baskets, barrels, fabric pendants, and similar features. If the coastal design is what you are looking for, driftwood might be a perfect material for your DIY lighting project.

Breakfast Nook Decor Ideas

If your home is spacious enough for a breakfast nook, then youre probably looking for the best way to decorate it. Breakfast nooks are the perfect place to start your day. Theyre great for eating a casual, quick meal in a comfortable way. If I have the choice, I definitely prefer to eat in a breakfast nook rather than a coffee table!

There are lots of ways to design a comfortable, practical breakfast nook, even if you dont have a lot of space. Here are our favorite breakfast nook design and decor ideas to inspire you!

Breakfast nooks can be designed with built-in seating, a table attached to the kitchen island, or separately with freestanding tables and chairs. When it comes to seating, you can opt for a banquette to seat more people, stand alone chairs, or even stools. Pedestal tables, tulip tables, and other round tables with one central leg work best for breakfast nooks. This ensures that everyone sitting down doesnt have part of the furniture in the way of their leg!

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Breakfast Nook Table Diy:

Do not waste time and money on crappy Breakfast Nook Tables you find in Ikea. Instead, be your own boss with this DIY project. Create a cozy and inviting space to welcome the ones you love, by building beautiful breakfast nook tables using our DIY instructional guide. You and your family are going to enjoy the extra living space that these breakfast nook tables provide. Of course, if you are not a pro in handling woodworking and carpentry, then this Breakfast Nook Table DIY project is a great entry-level project for you. You and your family are going to enjoy the extra living space that these breakfast nook tables provide. You can put this table in any room of the house you think it would be perfect in.

Where Should The Bed Go

12 Small Breakfast Nooks For Cozy Kitchen Dining Space Ideas ...

Lastly, you need to think about where your Murphy bed should go. If there is an existing doorway that leads into another room then this would be the perfect location for your bed. But remember that you will need to account for the size of the bed and any accompanying furniture when thinking about this.

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Breakfast Nook With Freestanding Banquette

Banquette seating is usually a permanent, custom piece built by a contractor or skilled DIY homeowner. But we love this idea from @noellewrightstyles. She created a breakfast nook with a freestanding corner banquette and dining chairs. This is a great idea for renters, or if you simply dont want to commit to built-in seating.

Breakfast Nooks For Small Spaces

Nooks are ideal for maximizing space in the kitchen, but what about smaller homes with cramped cooking quarters? Folding tables extending from existing countertops are excellent for convertible kitchen nooks. You can also expand a window sill to stash household items underneath and add cushions for seating with the same approach.

If you want something more permanent, there are plenty of small kitchen tables you can use to create a cozy nook. Consider placing a bistro-style table for two in the corner if you have room youll infuse your kitchen with retro Parisian charm with the right decorative accents. For other small table sets you can enhance with your current kitchens style, peruse our guide on the best small kitchen tables and chairs for small spaces.

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The Top 33 Kitchen Nook Ideas

Where do you eat day-to-day meals? In the dining room? In front of the TV? Or standing at your kitchen counter? No matter what your daily routine looks like, theres a good chance your home would benefit from a cozy breakfast nook!

Breakfast nooks arent just for consuming eggs and bacon. This dining room alternative can be used for all casual meals plus much more.

And if you think a kitchen breakfast nook would clash with your homes aesthetic, think again. There are virtually endless breakfast nook design ideas to choose from, ranging from modern to classic.

Keep reading for the top kitchen nook ideas that will make your home more stylish, functional, and trend-forward!


Inviting Farmhouse Breakfast Nook Ideas


Farmhouse breakfast nook ideas by designer, Lauren A.

Farmhouse decor creates some of the most welcoming spaces to start your day. Custom built-ins with window seating allow you to entertain more guests or to stretch out with your coffee and a good book, so be sure to include a variety of throw pillows for comfort.

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A Breakfast Nook To Fit In Any Space

The great thing about all of our banquette options is that theyre all entirely modular. Wrap a corner, choose various lengths depending on how big your space is and group pieces together to suit your needs.

The most popular configurations are L-shaped banquettes, U-shaped dining spaces, and just a single long bench. Whichever works best in your space, a breakfast nook will certain become one of the most popular seats in the house.

How Much Space Do I Need For A Breakfast Nook

For a dining table and chairs, youd want to leave 36 inches around your entire table so the chair can be pulled out. That means that if youve got a 60 table, youll need at least an 11 foot room. We dont all have that in a kitchen, but a banquette solves this problem beautifully. Since a banquette can fit right up against the wall in your breakfast nook, you need way less space!

For super narrow breakfast nooks, you could probably get away with about 5 feet of depth. Youd use a small round bistro table thats 36 or less and tuck it right up next to the table.

If you have an island without an overhang, you could push your banquette right up to the back of the island like weve done above with our Breton collection.

For corners and U-shaped breakfast nooks, we suggest you use our Room Planner tool to plan it out. Measure, measure, measure. And use this cheat sheet:

  • Leave 36 inches behind any chair so it can be pulled out
  • The table can hang over the banquette by no more than 3 inches
  • Banquette depths vary, but ours are usually 26

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Best Breakfast Nook Ideas For A Small Kitchen

  • Caroline McDonald

Kitchens are the gathering spot of the home, so its only natural to want an eat-in dining space where you can grab a quick bite, kids can do homework while moms cooking, and guests can sit while the host is working on dinner. We love banquettes for this very reason, so weve gathered all our best breakfast nook ideas for small kitchens. Heres why we think you need one:

Breakfast Nook Ideas For Cozier Mornings

Small Breakfast Nooks

A cozy breakfast nook can help even the most reluctant early riser ease into the day. Even if breakfast isn’t your meal of choice, this cozy area is great for enjoying a solo cup of coffee or casual dining with the whole family. To make the most of your kitchen nook, consider adding a banquette, which is ideal for families and children. Then choose bright upholstery or dynamic art to help separate the space from the rest of the room, creating the illusion of a designated area for a leisurely brunch or dinner. If you dont have a built-in nook, you can still use a corner to create an intimate dining spot. Here, we’ve gathered breakfast nooks from the that we’d happily head to any time of the day.

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Cozy Breakfast Nook Ideas To Start Your Day In A Beautiful Space

Jessica Bennett is an editor, writer, and former digital assistant home editor at BHG. She covers interior design, decorating, home improvement, cleaning, organizing, and more. With nearly five years of combined experience in digital and magazine journalism, she has contributed over 800 articles for to date, and her writing on interior design and decorating has been featured in 16 national print magazines, including Do It Yourself, Country Home, Beautiful Kitchens & Baths, Secrets of Getting Organized, and more. She is currently pursuing an interior design certificate from the New York Institute of Art + Design.

Large or small, breakfast nooks are perfect for making the most of extra space in or near your kitchen. These small dining areas offer a cozy spot to enjoy morning coffee and casual meals. Learn how to tuck a breakfast nook just about anywhere with these ideas for storage and design.

Use The Breakfast Nook As A Home Office

The first idea for what to do with a breakfast nook is to use it as a home office. This is a great option if you need a space to work from home, but dont have the extra room in your house. You can install a desk, chair, and filing cabinet in the breakfast nook and use it as your primary workspace.

There are several ways that you can use the breakfast nook as a home office. Lets explore some of them.

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Breakfast Bar And Island

This elegant and modern breakfast bar gives ample space for you to eat your morning meals, get some work done or enjoy a nightcap. The minimalist design speaks functionality with the table that comes with shelves to store utensils, magazines or wine bottles. The high chairs can be stowed under, saving precious space and helping you manage foot traffic inside the house.

Contemporary Breakfast Nook With Dark Grey Cabinets

DIY Breakfast Nook with Storage | Dining Nook Banquette with Bench Seats

This sleek and small breakfast nook has trendy design elements along with a modern touch. The flat panel dark gray cabinets and dark wood furnitures against beige ceramic tile flooring creates a strong contrast and highlights the area.

ID # 100125 | Credit | JLF & Associates On Site Management, Inc. | © Audrey Hall

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Window Seat And A Table

Charming, chic and cosy. The comfortable window seat is complemented with a glass-topped round table and a couple of white farmhouse chairs. Pops of bright colours in the window shade and vase foil the neutrals black, white and dark grey floors. The light pink walls make the room decidedly feminine.

Elegant Breakfast Nook Ideas:

Breakfast nook ideas are always welcomed in the kitchen because its the hub of our home. Whether youre entertaining or just running in to grab a quick breakfast before school, youre going to a space that allows you to have everything you need at your fingertips. The following breakfast nook ideas are perfect for creating cozy mornings without sacrificing too much floor space. Both the exterior as well as and interior decoration of your home is of great value. This is because it reflects your taste, personality, and preferences in terms of lifestyle. If you want to make your home more beautiful, you can dress up the kitchen area with a breakfast nook. There are various ways you can do this and one way is by adding chairs around the table.

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