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Breakfast Nook Table With Bench

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Classic And Stylish Breakfast Nook Dining Set

You can also put together your own set using different individual pieces. Its common for breakfast nooks to feature benches rather than dining chairs. This right here is a really nice bench with a classical and stylish design. Its made out of wood and has a dark brown finish. And faux leather with button tufting covers the seat cushion. The overall dimensions of this bench are 49.5W x 15.75D x 19.25H. Its a great piece for a breakfast nook but at the same time, its a versatile piece that you can also add to the entryway, hallway, and other areas of the house.

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Cozy Farmhouse Breakfast Nook Bench With Storage

This beautiful, white wooden bench with storage wraps around a farmhouse table, providing ample space for breakfast guests. The bench is surrounded by windows on most sides, bringing lots of natural light into the space. There is a modern black metal pendant light centered over the table.

Refurnished Pew Bench In Cozy Breakfast Nook

Breakfast Nook

This farmhouse-style breakfast nook features a unique, refurnished rustic pew bench decorated with white accent pillows. Above the pew are shelves with white and wooden accessories and plants. There is a gray-green hutch beside the table that houses bowls and other kitchen essentials.

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Tips For Building A Diy Breakfast Nook

  • Select the veneer wood carefully for the best wood grain.
  • Note that veneered wood usually has one side of fine-quality veneer and an opposite side of lower-quality veneer wood.
  • When placing the veneer wood on the benches, make sure that the two endcap pieces display the best grain because they are the most visible.
  • Are breakfast nooks outdated?

    Although breakfast nooks are a concept that took hold in American homes in the 1920s, they can still be a popular home feature in new home construction where they’re updated and expanded, often as an alternative to larger formal dining spaces. In addition, many home furnishings retailers sell modern breakfast nook sets.

  • Do breakfast nooks add value to your home?

    A breakfast nook could add resale value to your home if it’s well-designed, is cozy but not cramped, and doesn’t eat into storage space.

  • Does a breakfast nook save space?

    A breakfast nook with built-in bench seating can add functionality to your kitchen while saving space. Built-in benches condense the footprint of your eating area leaving more space for storage or traffic circulation. However, if you already have an island and other eating areas but you need more storage, the space could be better put to use with a pantry or extra cabinetry.

Breakfast Nook Design Ideas

  • Display family artwork on the wall around your nook area for your own custom designed gallery.
  • Match the design of your nook with your kitchen décor to keep your favorite style throughout.
  • Add your favorite colors and décor items.
  • Make the most of your nook space with furniture that provides storage.
  • Keep it simple to allow a window view to stand out.

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Unique Breakfast Nook In Arched Doorway

This cozy breakfast nook peeks out from under a beautiful arched doorway. A light oak bench decorated with accent pillows surrounds the rustic table featuring pink chairs. The final touches in this unique space include a checkered black and white marble floor, a rose gold hanging light, and a framed piece of pastoral artwork.

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Diy Breakfast Nook Features

  • Uses Veneer Wood: The bench fronts are faced with plywood, itself faced with hardwood veneer applied in the factory. All you need to do is cut and install the plywoodthe veneering has already been done for you.
  • Simple: All of the materials can be purchased at your local home center or lumber yard. The structure is made from two-by-fours and the edges are trimmed in one-by-fours.
  • Inexpensive: Since the rear sides of the benches face walls, they do not need to be covered with veneer wood. Eliminating this step saves on costs and time.
  • Custom Cushions: The cushions can be upholstered in any fabric that you choose.
  • Standard Sizing: Nooks come in all sizes with various types of seating and tables but the overall space can range from around 5 feet by 5 feet up to 10 feet by 8 feet for a family of four to six, for example.

Lightweight Breakfast Nook Furniture Set

A lot of corner units usually included in many breakfast nook furniture sets have rather bulky designs which arent necessarily great if you only have a small area to work in the first place. Of course, if you want something a bit more slender and lightweight-looking then theres obviously no room for extra storage inside the benches and corner units. In return, however, you get to opt for designs such as this one. This is a complete set, including a bench, a table, and a corner piece all featuring sleek metal frames and slim but comfortable tops and seats. The corner piece even includes a small shelf.

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How To Decorate A Breakfast Nook

Linon Camden Coastal Breakfast Nook with Table and Bench, Seats Up to 5 ...

Adding a theme and decorations to your breakfast nook is a fantastic way to make the space come alive and feel welcoming. You can create a colorful nook with bright paintings and artwork, patterned cushions, or flowers and plants.

A common theme for nooks is the classic black and white color scheme. Or you can style your nook after a place like California, Scandinavia, or Moscow. The best way to decide how to decorate your breakfast nook is to make it an extension of your personality or something you love.

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Comfortable Breakfast Nook With Contemporary Dcor

This beautiful white kitchen is complemented by a long breakfast bench and table. The white wooden bench is decorated with neutral accent pillows, making it comfortable for guests. The table is finished with traditional-looking cane chairs, a large rustic vase with modern florals, and a contemporary black pendant light.

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Build The Bench Vertical Supports

Cut more of the two-by-fours into eight pieces, each 18 inches long. With screws, attach these to the inner part of the two rectangles. By this point, each bench should have a rectangle on the bottom as the base, four inner vertical 18-inch supports, and another rectangle at the top that is flush with the tops of the vertical supports.

Simple Flat Top Breakfast Nook Table With Bench

DIY Banquette Bench/ Bench Seating with Storage

Heres another combo that we really love. This one is composed of a table and two identical benches. It looks really breezy and its less bulky than most other breakfast nook sets simply by giving up on any built-in storage as well as the typical corner unit. Also, the benches are not upholstered and feature simple flat tops. You can add cushions for extra comfort. The tabletop and bench seats are made of particleboard, while the legs are made of heavy-duty steel with a powder-coated finish. The two benches can fit underneath the table in order to save some space when the table isnt in use.

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Questions Weve Got Answers

Custom Bench Cushion
Free Shipping: Sunbrella Custom Breakfast Nook Cushions – Dining Table / Window Seat / Bench – L-Shaped Indoor / Outdoor Fabric – 5′ Wide / 4″ Thick
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    Cozy Breakfast Nook Benches That Will Make You Linger

    We independently research, test, review, and recommend the best products. If you buy something through our links, we may earn a commission. See our full disclosures here.

    A breakfast nook is a small space, typically in a kitchen, that is used for informal dining. Breakfast nook benches are a common feature and can provide additional seating for larger families or groups of people. In addition to being a convenient and cozy place to enjoy a morning meal, benches can also be used for storage. Storage can be built by creating an open space below the bench for large bins or baskets, building cupboards that pull out from under the bench or even constructing a bench top that lifts to discretely hide items below.

    Breakfast nook benches can be made of a variety of materials and are given a unique, personal touch through the choice of upholstery. Benches can be used on one or both sides of the table, depending on the size of the nook and the layout of the kitchen. Using benches can create a casual, informal atmosphere that also serves as a practical solution for smaller spaces. They can be paired with traditional chairs or used alone to accommodate more people. Overall, they are a great way to add a homey touch to a kitchen and can be decorated with plants, artwork, and other personal touches to make them feel like a warm and inviting space. To learn how to optimize your kitchen with a breakfast nook bench, keep reading!

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    How Big Should A Breakfast Nook Be

    You want your nook to be big enough to fit your family and maybe some guests. Most nooks are big enough to fit at least four people. A nook with a round table or small corner nooks are usually 5 feet by 5 feet. You can calculate about 27 inches per person sitting at the table to avoid crowding. Larger built-in nooks range around 8 feet by 8 feet and go up from there.

    Vintage And Plaid Touches In Rustic Kitchen

    Breakfast Nook Corner Kitchen Table With Bench â Christian

    A white kitchen dining nook with a vaulted ceiling features a metal vintage chandelier with brown foliage. Below, a wooden dining table with matching chairs displays a classic fall tablescape with neutral pumpkin décor and candlesticks. Brown bench seating surrounds the table.

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    Furnishing Your Breakfast Nook

    • Be sure to select a space that provides enough room for your table and chairs and for people to sit comfortably.
    • A booth set works well in a kitchen corner. The booth set often includes bench seating that offers spacious storage within the seat.
    • Round tables are good choices for nooks that are set up against walls or for smaller kitchen spaces.
    • A larger kitchen space can really show off square or rectangular tables.
    • Consider a table with a pedestal base as this will provide more seating options as well as more space for chairs or benches.
    • Nook seating allows you to get creative. Mix it up with different chair and bench styles at your nook table.
    • Select the right size furniture for your space so you dont crowd your nook area.

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    Breakfast Nook Bench Ideas That Will Cheer Up Your Mornings

    If there is one thing in the world that nearly everyone can agree on, its a breakfast nook. We can all agree that they are rather a luxury in a home, primarily because if you have a breakfast nook bench, you likely have a formal dining room as well.

    We can also agree that breakfast nooks are cozy spaces for morning coffee to afternoon homework sessions. All you need to achieve this space in your home is a table, a bench, and a space in your kitchen to put them.

    The size of your table usually depends on the size of your kitchen, but benches dont have to be the complicated built-ins youll find in many breakfast nooks. Here are 36 ideas for your breakfast nook bench to help you create your new favorite Sunday morning spot.

    Breakfast Nooks That Make Mornings Better

    HOW TO BUILD a Modern Dining Nook Banquette – Breakfast Nook – Bench Seats

    Breakfast is the main event in these delightful nooks.

    The bay-window dining nook in this sun-drenched family home is a drawcard for the whole family and offers an uninterrupted view of the vast edible garden outside.

    The north-east facing turret in this restored 19th century villa in bayside Melbourne is the perfect spot to enjoy a morning coffee.

    A custom bench seat from Concrete Nation blends seamlessly into the wall around the family’s breakfast nook in this Mediterranean-inspired home by Three Birds Renovations. The soft white-washed timber of the Freedom ‘Cove’ table complements the engineered timber flooring, chosen for its durability and cost-effectiveness, while Piccolo stools sit on top of the Khofri rug both also from Freedom.

    Views from the breakfast nook in this light-filled farmhouse on the Mornington Peninsula look out over Greens Bush Reserve towards the sea.

    With a pastel palette, natural materials, this perfectly placed breakfast nook and an easy connection with its beachfront locale, this Hamptons-style sanctuary is a sanctuary for its owners.

    A custom-designed bench upholstered in Ralph Lauren Home fabric anchors a pair of Bill Henson artworks in this cafe-style breakfast setting inside a mid-century home revamped by interior designer Tasmin Johnson.

    Thonet chairs and a painting by Olivier Rasir add a contemporary touch to the dining nook in this 19th century updated Sydney apartment.

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