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Bud And Breakfast Denver Colorado

A Different Kind Of B& b A Bud And Breakfast

Bud Breakfast – Denver, Colorado

At Bud & Breakfast, we make it our business to know where the hottest marijuana-friendly lodging is, including the international destinations! We update our site regularly with the very latest 420 rental destinations as soon as it hits the map.

But we didnt want travelers to settle for bare-bones, hostel-style accommodations or 420 hotels that didnt go the extra mile to create amazing experiences. Designed to make guests feel right at home, each of our Bud and Breakfast locations is operated by the property owners themselves, guaranteeing a custom experience unlike any other.

For too long, the only options for responsible, cannabis-using travelers were the most basic facilities with minimal features and amenities. Bud and Breakfast goes beyond the hostels and campgrounds to find marijuana lodging thats equal to the high quality of world-class rooms and accommodations in top vacation destinations.

Our list of marijuana-friendly hotels, houses, inns, and resorts is regularly updated to include all the newest rentals as soon as they become available. All of the hosts on the Bud and Breakfast roster go the extra mile to ensure every guest has a pleasant experience in a welcoming, tolerant atmosphere. You wont find a more customer-centric vacation encounter anywhere else on the web.

Lumber Baron Inn & Gardens

Famous for outdoor events, Lumber Barron Inn and Gardens is one of the 420 friendly Denver hotels where you can enjoy your package and socialize with others. Their rooms are luxurious and have many quiet places to give you peace of mind. After the business of the day comes to an end, you will have king-sized beds to lay your head.

As a guest of this 420-friendly hotel in Denver, you will never feel lonely. You can keep your feet on the move while exploring what life is in the three bars within the property. If you are the kind who likes enjoying his stuff indoors, you are also covered. Just rent out a private suite that is a complete home to make your trip to Denver one of a kind.

Starting price: $194 per nightLocation: 2555 West 37th Avenue, 80211, DenverPhone number: 303-477-8205

Going To A Red Rocks Concert

Going to a Red Rocks concert? Your are in for a treat if you have never been to Red Rocks. The most famous outdoor concert venue in the world! This is the place to stay! Only 12 minutes away and on the south entrance so you bypass the traffic. Also enjoy the gorgeous mountain views we have to offer. Ask about our Red Rocks shuttle services. Dont worry about drinking/smoking and driving. Our driver is very experienced with Red Rocks concerts and will get you the closest to your seats. Dont stress and take the shuttle for only $120/couple round trip.

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Not Your Average Bud And Breakfast

Not your average bud and breakfast. The best 420 friendly hotel near Denver. Arrowhead offers rooms and suites with private stone baths. Luxurious touches like private hot tubs, fireplaces, jacuzzi tubs, private decks and wonderful mountain views.

Feel free to smoke on your private deck or on one our main decks or anywhere else outside on our property. Arrowhead is a beautiful mini mansion, close to Red Rocks Amphitheater and a 420 friendly hotel near Denver. Mountain views, relaxing hot tubs, close to dispensaries and a knowledgeable staff that can answer your cannabis questions.

There is so much to do near here it will make you head spin. Take a gorgeous mountain drive, visit a micro winery and have lunch, go zip lining, fly fishing, white water rafting, mountain biking, hiking, horseback riding, water skiing, go kart racing and much more. Hungry? there are 10 restaurants within 1.5 miles and hundreds of restaurants within 20 minutes.

Feel like just staying in and chilling? We are perfect for that also. Curl up in one of our wonderful beds and watch a movie on your surround sound system, sip on a glass of wine and stare at the views, or take a nap and let yourself unwind. Either way, Arrowhead is the place to be!

What Makes Our 420 Friendly Rentals So Unique

Bud And Breakfast Denver Colorado

Thanks to decades of misinformation and conservative law enforcement marijuana fans we once forced to enjoy this organic substance in secret. But times have changed, and now marijuana consumers can proudly enjoy without fear! With unique accommodations at every one of our marijuana friendly hotels, Bud and Breakfast is positive it will be a vacation to remember for all involved.

Whether you want to experience the majesty of the Rockies or hang out by the seaside in Hawaii, we have a breath of 420-friendly lodging options to choose from.

Bud and Breakfasts lineup of marijuana-accepting lodgings spans the globe. Whether youre looking for a quick getaway in the Rockies, New England, the Pacific Northwest, Canada or Las Vegas, or planning a longer trip to Spain, Costa Rica, Jamaica or Hawaii, the hotels and inns on Bud and Breakfast offer the ultimate experience in comfort and leisure.

Each property on Bud and Breakfast has its own unique character. Our partners include lakeside resorts, private cottages, B& Bs, in-city apartments and houses, cabins, bungalows, and traditional hotels. Youll experience all the comfort and amenities of world-class lodgings with the freedom to relax however you choose.

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Private Mmj Tour In A Limo

how would you like a private MMJ tour in a limo? Legal to smoke and drink while driving around. Just for the two of you. the tour is 3 hours and includes a stop at a dispensary, view a grow operation , glass blowing shop, stop at a restaurant or just drive around and see the sights. The limo driver is at your command and very knowledgeable of places to go. Just $499 and it includes being picked up at Arrowhead, driven around for 3 hours and then dropped off back at Arrowhead. Ask for one of the innkeepers to set this up for you

Bud+breakfast: The Marijuana Inn Where Wake And Bake Is A Serious Business

Because Colorado prohibits marijuana use in public, and hotels ban smoking, savvy ganjapreneurs are catering to tourists looking for a cozy place to toke

Joel and Lisa Schneiders bed and breakfast in Silverthorne, Colorado, has all the trappings of a traditional B& B , with one significant addition: a complimentary bar of seven marijuana strains, and more than a dozen different implements to smoke them out of.

Travelers visiting Colorado from all over the world seek out specialized lodging like the Schneiders Bud+Breakfast. Thats because when pot was legalized in the state in 2012, lawmakers forbade its use in public including bars, parks or concert venues. And with most hotels banning smoking of any kind, tourists were finding themselves with plenty of ganja to buy, but nowhere to inhale it.

That dilemma inspired the Schneiders to open their own lodging company, one that would cater to the disaffected tourists in need of a comfy place to light up.

In 2014, Joel abandoned his three-decade career as a lawyer to move to Denver, just one of many ganjapreneurs looking to bust into the newly legal marijuana industry. Temporarily living in a downtown hotel, he quickly discovered a predicament that would spark his next business venture: he had nowhere to smoke marijuana.

In April 2014, he and Lisa took over a traditional Denver bed and breakfast, dubbing it Bud+Breakfast. Since then, they have opened two more locations in Colorado Springs and Silverthorne.

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Finding The Perfect Denver 420 Rental With Bud And Breakfast

Colorado may have trailed a few other states when it came to legalizing marijuana for medical use, but it was the first progressive state to legalize recreational marijuana in 2012. With the passage of Amendment 64, the people of Colorado voiced their wishes loud and clear. Since then, Colorado has proven itself a cannabis-friendly state.

That doesnt necessarily mean every vacation rental is a Denver cannabis rental, but with help from targeted resources like Bud and Breakfast, you can find the best spot to enjoy cannabis consumption and make the most of your much-needed vacay.

Popular Amenities at Your Preferred Denver Marijuana Friendly RentalWith Bud and Breakfast, youll find a wide range of Denver 420 rental properties spread across the city, starting with the Downtown Denver Area 420 Friendly High-Rise thats also friendly to pets and offers spectacular city views. Looking for a little more?

You might prefer the 1BR/1BA Santa Fe Arts District Home that features a backyard full of edible plants for your daily salad, along with a bit of bud to greet you upon arrival. Just a mile from downtown and a block from the bus line, this super cool pad even features a piano, guitar, and other instruments for your enjoyment.

Bud and Breakfast even offers a shuttle to and from Red Rocks for a show or the airport so you can light one up as soon as you land!

Why We Like It

Boulder’s Bud and Breakfast is an online booking service connecting weed-loving tourists with mariju

The preserved mansions urban location is perfect for travelers who like to feel like they live in a city during their time there, with a quick walk or bus ride to cultural institutions, restaurants and bars, and amenities like grocery stores and pharmacies. This property and its location is also good for a younger set and those who dont mind stairs or enjoy the charm of old houses. The communal feel of a bed and breakfast partners well with the marijuana community.

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Friendly Denver Colorado Hotels

Premium cannabis dispensaries in Denver draw many people to visit the city. Those people are all looking for a hotel that will allow them to enjoy their cannabis products, so Colorado lets rental properties and hotels make their own decisions about cannabis.

Just like with tobacco, a property owner can decide whether or not its allowed to consume cannabis on the property. They can also make rules about which types of cannabis are allowed, and where you may enjoy cannabis .

While most hotels still dont allow smoking of any kind, some are more accommodating to the cannabis crowd. These 420 friendly hotels in Denver are likely to have established smoking areas where people can enjoy their flowers and often have a pleasant social experience. If there isnt an area for consumption, the hotel may only allow vaping. All 420 friendly hotels allow edibles because they are much more discreet than other forms of cannabis.

Despite the legalization of cannabis and its products in Colorado, its public consumption still remains against the law. You might buy your best strain or edible but reach a dead end when you want to consume it. Fortunately, we have a plan for you.

We have a list of 420 friendly hotels in Denver, Colorado, that guarantee 420 friendly services. These hotels will give you the best experience during your tour of Denver city.

Crowne Plaza Downtown Denver

Despite the missing public advertisement, Crowne Plaza is still among the renowned smoking hotels in Denver that allow marijuana. If you are planning a Denver weed vacation, then you can book your spots at this hotel. They have many amenities and facilities that will make your stay in the city a memorable one.

It is also a dog-friendly hotel, making it the number choice for pet lovers. You dont have to pay heavily for the kennel when the staff at Crowne Plaza is ready to take care of your pet. Look nowhere else for a cannabis hotel to take your weed trip!

Starting price: $98 per nightLocation: 15500 East 40th Avenue, DenverPhone number: 1-303-371-9494

When youre renting a private home through your favorite booking service, make sure the home owner is clear that the home is 420 friendly. Smoking in a property that doesnt allow you to do so may lead to unnecessary fees or fines. If youre having trouble finding a property that allows you to immerse yourself in the cannabis, dont hesitate to reach out to us for suggestions.

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Friendly Hotels In Denver Co

If youre interested in cannabis, few places in the world give you more options than Denver, Colorado. The entire state has become one of the cannabis movements leaders in the United States, and the effects of progressive legislation are crystal clear as soon as you visit Denver.

One of the many nice things about a developed cannabis industry is that hotels have found ways to get involved. There are still rules for where and how people can enjoy cannabis in public, so there are ways to make sure you plan accordingly.

Become A Member Of The Bud And Breakfast Community

Pin on Travel Info &  Tips

Bud and Breakfast is always on the lookout for new establishments to add to our list of marijuana hotels and 420 friendly rentals. If youre the proprietor of a cannabis-friendly hotel, resort, house or apartment, wed love to make you part of the global Bud and Breakfast community.

Youll find an Add Your Property button in the top-right corner of every page on this site. Click it and head straight to our information form, where youll have the opportunity to tell us everything about your destination. The more you describe your amenities, house rules, smoking policies, and location data, the easier it will be for potential guests to find just what theyre looking for.

Current photos of your accommodationsespecially the room itselfgo a long way towards generating more interest from prospective guests. Use our guidelines to upload images of bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchens, living areas and exteriors to give users a clear picture of what they can expect.

Once your account is final, youll be able to control and adjust all the settings on your listing. Bud and Breakfast charges a very modest commission on bookings through our site. Joining the growing cannabis tourism industry is a snapand a profitable one at that.

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Bud And Breakfast Denver

Colorado was one of the first states in the nation to embrace legalized marijuana for both medicinal and recreational purposes, so it should come as no surprise that youll have little trouble finding a Denver cannabis rental that caters to the bud-loving lifestyle. When youre looking to get high in the Mile High City, you definitely want a vacation rental that not only welcomes marijuana use, but provides added amenities to help you have the relaxing retreat of a lifetime.

Of course, the first step is finding a place to stay in or near downtown Denver. Where should you start? With the perfect Denver marijuana friendly rental through Bud and Breakfast. Here are just a few things to consider when choosing the right Denver 420 rental.bus.

Big Barn Chill Out Farm

Relax in the Green Mountains on a 25-acre estate in the Ludlow area of Vermont at the Big Barn Chill Out Farm. On the premises are a playground, open land, and a 5-story barn.

The house has gorgeous bay windows overlooking the Green Mountains. There is also a spot to create a bonfire as you watch the sunset with colors dancing on the horizon.

This area is a great escape but still very close to central Vermont. You can easily go for a day on the lake or skiing, then come back, toke up, and veg out.

420 Friendly Lodging

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Bud And Breakfast At Adagio

Just because its a bud and breakfast doesnt mean that beds at the Adagio are optional. Housed in a 122-year old Victorian house, lush gardens and sunny rooms welcome stoners seeking a quiet refuge in the city. Youll enjoy a chefs breakfast cooked for you every morning plus easy access to top-shelf cannabis and cannabis products from their local partners.

If you book a room, youll get a king-sized marshmallow to tuck yourself into, along with a robe, a wake-n-bake cannabis sampler every morning, and views of the garden, where you can smoke . Mellow happy hours begin at 4:20 p.m. and you can help yourself to cannabis treats, an open bar, and all the munchies you can stomach.

Interesting In Becoming A Part Of The Bud & Breakfast Community

Sleep Here Now Adagio Bud+Breakfast – Denver, CO

Bud and Breakfast offer property owners a unique partnership. As more and more destinations legalize marijuana, many vacationers are on the lookout for marijuana-friendly accommodations. At Bud and Breakfast, we work with property owners from all over the world to promote and list their rental property to acquire a growing list of guests from all over the world.

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Bud And Breakfast The Adagio

If a hotel isnt quite your style, you may want to stay at a smaller, more intimate rental property. You can find a bed and breakfast that caters to cannabis connoisseurs or rent a private home if you want to have even more privacy.

The good news is that Bud and Breakfast is more than just being one of the best 420 friendly hotels in Denver. It is a complete property with all the amenities that you can think of. Needless to mention but you will find even SPA services, including hot stone massage, deep tissue massage, reflexology, etc.

Enjoy your favorite cannabis strain or edible in one of the marijuana friendly hotels in Denver. The Bud and Breakfast guarantee privacy and safety as long as you remain responsible within the property.

Starting price: $299 per nightLocation: 1430 Race Street, 80206, DenverPhone number: 303-870-0903

Athens Glyfada Centre Shops Swim & Stay

As if you need another reason to vacation in Athens, Greece. You should check out the Athens Glyfada Centre Shops Swim & Stay.

It has a traditional Airbnb vibe with close proximity to day and nightlife while being a cannabis-friendly villa.

This oasis is everything you need to mix fun and relaxation. You are just minutes away from the popular bar, MIKRO Kiss the Future. Plus, the beautiful Glyfada Marina.

This Athens-based bud and breakfast come with a kitchen for you to use. You also get complimentary cannabis for booking.

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