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Carl’s Jr Breakfast Specials

Can I Order Carls Jr Online

Carl’s Jr.® | The Breakfast Burger⢠2017 Review! â?ð?³ð?

The Happy Star Rewards app for both Carls Jr and Hardees is best used to check-in at these restaurants and get reward points.

However, to make orders, you may make use of Doordash, Grubhub or Ubereats, or also use their website. You

You may also pick up food curbside or through their drive-thru capabilities at most restaurants.

Carls Jr Contact Details

Headquarters location: Franklin, Tennessee, U.S

Contact number: 799-STAR


Carls Jr Near Me

The closest Carls Jr. can be situated by heading off to the site The City or State or Zip should be entered, and Search tapped on to look for the particular area. One can likewise look through Carls Jr. by narrowing down the search by typing under the Narrow the Search and choosing Choose All Carls Jr. Stores before clicking Search at the present area by tapping on the bolt button. Tapping on International locations permits one to see all the accessible areas internationally and select the necessary Carls Jr. from the map.

Carls Jr Hours

Carls Jr. hours are similar for various days of the week in most locations. Carls Jr. opens at 6:00 AM and closes at 11:00 PM from Monday to Saturday. In this way, Carls Jr. hours are adequate for clients to appreciate their preferred cooking styles. Furthermore, the long Carls Junior hours likewise causes the restaurant chain to develop. However, Carls Jr. is closed on Christmas, New Year, and Thanksgiving.

Carls Jr. Reviews

The food was delightful and prepared in an ideal mirroring all the flavors at Carls Jr. They also have various fast food items and also certain custom-made food items as required and are rather astounding!

The Carls Jr Chicken Sandwich Is 13% More Expensive Than Popeyes Version

If youre looking for a cheap chicken sandwich, you wont find one in the Carls Jr. chicken sandwich. Its 13.5% more expensive than Popeyes and 3.4% more expensive than Chick-fil-As.

  • Popeyes chicken sandwich
  • Chick-fil-A chicken sandwich
  • Carls Jr. chicken sandwich

Of course, we know all the Popeyes tips and Chick-fil-A tips thatll get you free chicken sandwiches from both locations .

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Use The Carls Jr Secret Menu To Get A Burger With All The Meats Or Low

There is only one real item on the Carls Jr. secret menu, the Stuffed Super Star, but there are also mix-and-match combinations you can use to get a low-carb or vegetarian burger:

  • Stuffed Super Star $9.38
  • Spicy Chicken Sandwich
  • Double Cheeseburger + bacon
  • Combine the two sandwiches together
  • Low-Carb no charge
  • Asking for your sandwich/burger low-carb will have it wrapped in lettuce instead of buns
  • Trim It no charge
  • Order wheat buns, no mayo or cheese, and chicken instead of beef
  • Veg It no charge
  • Gets rid of the meat in your sandwich/burger
  • What Are Carl’s Jr Lunch Hours


    Lunch hour is the best time of the day. It is relaxing and comfortable to have a delicious and tasty lunch after working early in the morning. Carls Jr offers you the best lunch menu including their unique and tasty burgers, fries, chicken, salad and soft drinks.

    Carls Jr. lunch hours begin right after breakfast hours end. They start serving the lunch menu from 10.30 am. Together with your loved ones you can have a delicious lunch at Carls Jr.

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    Carls Jr My Rewards Deals

    Carls Jr. has rolled out its new My Rewards program, with perks like 10% off your digital order and points to earn and use on free food! Also, just for signing up, Rewards Members can get their choice of one free Western Bacon Cheeseburger, Famous Star, or Hand-Breaded Chicken Sandwich with a purchase! On regular purchases, youll earn 10 Stars for every $1 spent. Free food unlocks start at 150 Stars, with more options at 300 and 500 Stars, too. Definitely worth signing up for. Who wouldnt want a free Famous Star or free small fries? Paying is for suckers! To get your free food deal,

    So, with the My Rewards program, were expecting fewer Carls Jr. coupons to be hitting the interwebs. Instead, mobile apps from Carls Jr. will get you the best access to the latest offers.

    How Do You Find A Carl’s Jr Restaurant Near You

    These are the next steps to follow:1. Go to the Carls Jr website and click the Find Nearest Location button at the top of the page.2. Then enter the zip code or city, state and click the search button.3. Now you have the list of all Carls Jr restaurants available in your area, you can also find their opening hours by clicking the Show more button.

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    Check The Restaurantcom Dining Discount Pass For Even More Carls Jr Coupons

    Before you head to Carls Jr., you should always check the Dining Discount Pass and see if they have a Carls Jr. coupon that you can use on your visit.

    I got a Carls Jr. coupon for BOGO burgers with my Dining Discount Pass.

    Tip: You should always check to see if they have any discounted Carls Jr. gift cards for sale. If youre lucky enough to find some, you can use them to always get a discount at Carls Jr.

    Carls Jr Breakfast Menu 2022

    Carl’s Jr. ⢠4,992 Calorie Cheat Day ⢠MUKBANG

    Carls Jr. Breakfast Menu: Carls Jr. Restaurant is famous for providing a wide variety of breakfast items on their menu. Moreover, the Carls Jr breakfast burger, breakfast burritos are delicious & healthy to eat.

    The restaurant is located in Franklin, Tennessee, U.S. The chain is recognized for its unique recipe to prepare its dishes that imparts a distinctive taste to their food items. It serves breakfast hamburgers, French fries, soft drinks, chicken hotdogs, chicken salads, and other items on the menu.

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    Carls Jr Breakfast Menu Prices 2022

    Carls Restaurant is famous for providing a wide variety of breakfast items. Moreover, all the sandwiches/carls jr breakfast burgers and carls jr breakfast burritos are delicious and healthy to eat.

    Item Name
    06:00 AM 11:30 AM

    Point To Note: AM refers to the Opening Time & PM refers to the Restaurants closing time.

    Join The Carls Jr Rewards Program On The Carls Jr App To Get A Free Sandwich

    When you sign up for the Carls Jr. My Rewards program on the Carls Jr. app , youll get a coupon for a free Western Bacon Cheeseburger , Famous Star , or Hand-Breaded Chicken Sandwich with minimum $1 purchase.

    Note: If youre in a region with Hardees instead of Carls Jr., you will have to sign up on the Hardees app since you cannot use Carls Jr. Rewards at Hardees.

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    What Coupons Does Carls Jr Have Right Now

    Here are the coupons currently available in the app:

    • $2 off any Angus Burger Combo expires 2/8/23
    • Buy one, get one for $1 Hand-Breaded Chicken expires 2/8/23
    • 2 for $15 Frisco Angus Burger Small Combos expires 2/8/23
    • $2.99 Breakfast Burger expires 2/8/23

    Carls Jr. Deals All Star Meals

    Carls Jr. has four All Star Meals with a mix of burgers, chicken and hot dogs. Choose from these meals at participating locations, starting at $5:

    Double Cheeseburger & Spicy Chicken: Charbroiled double cheeseburger, spicy chicken filet sandwich, natural cut fries, fresh-baked cookie and a 20 oz. drink.

    Double Cheeseburger & Hot Dog: Charbroiled double cheeseburger, grilled hot dog, natural cut fries, fresh-baked cookie and a 20 oz. drink.

    Chicken Tenders: Three hand-breaded chicken tenders , natural cut fries, fresh-baked cookie and a 20 oz. drink.

    Double Cheeseburger & Onion Rings: Charbroiled double cheeseburger, onion rings, natural cut fries, fresh-baked cookie and a 20 oz. drink.

    You can find more details on the Carls Jr website at: CarlsJr $5 Menu

    Carls Jr Coupons & Deals Double Deals For $299


    Carls Jr. has brought back their Double Deals, with 3 different double burgers available starting at $2.99. Your options are the Double Cheeseburger , Bacon Double Cheeseburger , or the California Classic Double Cheeseburger . Each comes with two charbroiled beef patties.

    You can find more details on the Carls Jr website at the CarlsJr Home Page.

    Also, My Rewards members can get other Double Deals right now its a 6 pc Chicken Stars for the same $2.99 price.

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    Steak And Egg Burrito

    The last burrito on Carls Jr.s breakfast list is the Steak and Egg Burrito. If youre looking for a little bit of a Southwestern flair, this burrito has your name on it.

    The steak is charbroiled , and the salsa adds a nice tang to the burrito. There are also eggs and shredded cheddar cheese on the burrito.

    Each breakfast burrito at Carls Jr. is served in a warm flour tortilla. If you get them to go, theyre wrapped in foil, making them stay warm and moist for quite a while.

    Every one of these burritos is good, but the steak and egg burrito is my personal favorite. I think its unique and tasty without being over the top.

    Carls Jr Menu And Prices

    Carls menu incorporates various assortments of cooking and Carls Jr. specials, which include sandwiches, Red Burritos, Sides, desserts, and so forth. They likewise serve the course like Breakfast, and various items are available for the same. Their menu is comprehensive and has vegetable dishes, allergen menu, drive-in menu, kids menu, and so on also. Carls junior menu also has a value menu for affordable dishes.

    They, in like manner, present a variety of the most various fixings, extraordinary flavors, and standard works of sustenance workmanship exceptionally organized subject to ones need. They likewise have desserts and several beverage items. The Carls Jr menu prices are referenced underneath:

    Carls Jr Breakfast Menu

    There is nothing superior to starting the day with a healthy breakfast at Carls Jr.s as its scope of sandwiches, croissants and biscuits are the ones that can give the vital energy in the early mornings. Carls Jr breakfast specials start as low as $1.29 to $6.29.

    Carls Jr Breakfast Menu

    Carls Jr. Healthy Menu

    Carls Jr. healthy menu includes the following:

    • Turkey Burger Low-Carb Style
    • Side Salad with Balsamic Vinaigrette
    • Unsweetened Iced Tea or Water
    • Charbroiled Chicken Club Sandwich

    Carls Jr Kids Menu

    Carls Jr Happy Hour

    Recently Carls Jr also started the Happy hour from 2 pm to 5 pm where one can get the double charbroiled slider for $1.

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    What Are Carl’s Jr Christmas Hours

    Christmas Day is celebrated on December 25 and is considered the most wonderful time of the year. Everyone comes together and celebrates it together. One of the great things about Christmas is the Christmas party.

    On this special day of the year, Carls Jr. is waiting for you with their exceptional menu food items and let you enjoy them. They serve fast food at their normal time from 6 am 11 pm. If you want to have Carls Jr delicious and tasty food items, you can try them with your friends, etc.

    Big Country Breakfast Burrito

    Carls Jr.® | Green Burrito’s New Chicken Green Burrito REVIEW!

    There is nothing more satisfying than a full country breakfast. You get a little bit of everything, from gravy to hash browns.

    However, if youre on the go and cant sit down with a knife and fork, you dont want to miss out on the country breakfast platter. Guess what? Carls Jr. has a solution for this breakfast conundrum as well.

    The Big Country Breakfast Burrito has all the fixings of a country breakfast with no plate attached.

    It features eggs, sausage, ham, bacon, gravy, hash browns, and cheddar cheese and is wrapped in a burrito for your eating convenience.

    If you have been looking for a slightly smaller, portable country breakfast platter, look no further.

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    What Are Carl’s Jr Breakfast Hours

    Breakfast is a healthy way to start your new day. You can try that delicious breakfast at Carls Jr. menu.

    Carls Jr breakfast hours to their customers from 6 am 10:30 am. Carls Jrs breakfast menu items include breakfast sandwiches, egg burritos, biscuits, gravy, and most importantly a breakfast burger, which includes burger patty, egg, bacon, American cheese, nuggets, and delicious ketchup.

    Carls Jr Breakfast Hours 2022 What Time Does Carls Jr Stop Serving Breakfast

    Carls Jr Breakfast Time: Know at what time Carls Jr Serves Breakfast, i.e., Carls Jr Breakfast Hours or Carls Jr Hours For Breakfast. Also, get complete details about Carls Jr Breakfast Menu & Carls Jr Specials Items here.

    Breakfast is everything. The first thing we do in the morning needs to be unique. So, Breakfast is the beginning of a new day to live. Thus, breakfasts are essential in everyones life. So, before doing anything, a hearty breakfast is a must and should.

    So, if you are looking for the best breakfast restaurant, then Carls Jr Restaurant is a great idea to choose from. You have plenty of breakfast items. Also, a wide variety of Breakfast slides like Small, Medium, & Large.

    Now, you need to know about Carls Jr breakfast hours. So, follow the article and know the exact breakfast timings of Carls Jr. Restaurants LLC. The menu items of the Carls Jr are the same throughout the country, but the breakfast hours differ from location to location.

    Have you heard the name Hardees? I think you are. Carls Jr and Hardees Restaurants are identical to each other. Moreover, the menus at both restaurants are the same. But, the Hardees serves more variety of biscuits. One of the critical things is that CKE Restaurants own both companies.

    Essential Points To Remember:

    Moreover, on Saturdays & Holidays, Carls Jr Hours For Breakfast is from 06:30 AM 11:00 AM.

    Also, carls.jr breakfast hours on Sunday are as follow 06:00 AM to 11:30 AM.

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    When Does Carls Jr Start Serving Breakfast

    Carls Jr Restaurants are many .

    So, all the restaurants wont be Serving Breakfast at the same time. The serving times for Breakfast differ from one place to another.

    Moreover, Carls jr breakfast hours on weekends are pretty different from weekdays. Many of the locations open the Restaurant at sharp 06:00 AM or 6:30 AM.

    In my location, they wont follow the above time. Carls jr breakfast time is between 8:00 AM to 08:30 AM.

    Soon after the Breakfast, Carls Jr. serves the meals and dinner till 11:30 PM.



    See Carl’s Jr Coupons Promotion Codes And Special Offers

    Pinned April 21st: Second steak quesadilla #FREE &  more at #CarlsJr ...

    For more than 70 years, and over 1,200 restaurants later, Carl’s Jr. has become known as the place to go for juicy, delicious charbroiled burgers. It offers a signature, restaurant-style Six Dollar Burger to satisfy the tastes of hungry consumers, along with its Famous Star burger and salads, breakfast food, kids’ menu, desserts, hand-scooped ice cream milkshakes and natural-cut French fries.

    Save big with Carl’s Jr. coupon codes and various deals found on the restaurant’s Facebook page. Look at these helpful, money-saving tips when you’re having a real burger craving.

    Sign Up for the Newsletter and Save

    When you first sign up for the email newsletter, you’ll receive a Carl’s Jr. coupon for a free small fries and drink with the purchase of any Six Dollar Burger. After you join, you’ll also receive other exclusive Carl’s Jr. offers and deals that you can use at any of its restaurants.

    Ways to Save

    Check out the homepage web banner to find featured Carl’s Jr. promos, where you may find deals on burgers and combo meals. You can also save on any given day with a few of the restaurant’s popular, money-saving menu items such as the Fiery Chicken Sandwich All Star meal and the Charbroiled Sliders.

    • Check up on your rewards total

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    Bacon Egg & Cheese Biscuit

    Do you like the idea of bacon, egg, and cheese but want something a little more filling?

    Transfer all of those ingredients onto a biscuit, and youve got the Bacon, Egg & Cheese Biscuit!

    This breakfast sandwich highlights one of Carls Jr.s strong suits: their breakfast biscuits.

    Now is a great time to stop and talk about Carls Jr. biscuits. I love biscuits and will eat them anywhere, but I especially appreciate them when they are good, moist, delicious biscuits.

    Carls Jr. delivers with fluffy biscuits just begging for cheese, butter, or gravy .

    Become A Carls Jr Employee To Get 50% Off Your Meals And One Free Meal During Your Break

    The best benefit you get from being a Carls Jr. employee is 50% off your meals before, during, and after your shift. You can get this discount at any Carls Jr. or Hardees.

    Weve also heard of Carls Jr. offering a free meal during your break, but this depends on your Carls Jr. or Hardees location.

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    What Time Does Carls Jr Stop Serving Breakfast

    When Does Carls Jr Stop Serving Breakfast: Carls Jr. restaurants wont follow the same serving time for Breakfast, but they stop serving the Breakfast at the same time, i.e., 10:30 AM.

    Carls Jr Stops its breakfast service at 10:30 AM. So, after 10:30 AM, you wont get the Breakfast.

    Furthermore, the regular lunch menu will start after Breakfast .

    The restaurant members of Carls Jr have a great vision to stop serving Breakfast at 10:30 in the morning. The reason is that the Breakfast needs to be taken early in the morning and not throughout the day. So, they have chosen the above timings to close the Breakfast.

    Does Carls Jr Serve Breakfast All Day?

    Carls Jr wont serve the Breakfast all day. But we have a burger king restaurant which serves breakfast all day.

    Tip To Remember: Breakfast Burger Breakfast Hours will be available all through the day .

    Instead of Breakfast Burger, you wont get breakfast burritos or sandwiches after 10:30 in the morning.

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