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High Protein Fast Food Breakfast

Egg & Cheese Mini Muffins

4 Quick & Easy HIGH PROTEIN Breakfasts! 40g protein!

Egg muffins are awesome high-protein breakfasts for kids. While this egg muffin recipe from the Seasoned Mom just has cheese in it, you can add basically any chopped veggie you like! Plus, they are a perfect meal prep recipe. You can make a big batch and pull them out of the fridge as the week goes on.

To make cooking egg muffins way easier, I highly recommend using silicone baking trays. The muffins pop out very easily and they clean up quickly.

Try To Order Items With Fiber When Available

If youre ordering any type of sandwich I typically like to try to get a source made with whole grains when available for the extra fiber. Fast food is typically pretty low in the fiber department and especially if I know Im going to be eating out other meals of the day I try to prioritize getting as much fiber as I can!

Fiber is great for aiding in digestion and also making sure I feel for as long as possible. Theres nothing worse than eating a high calorie meal just to still feel hungry an hour later!

You can also add avocado to some meals to add healthy fats and added grams of fiber! Also, if you see that their fruit cup option has berries or apple slices thats a great way to add fiber into your meal.

Mcdonalds: Fruit & Maple Oatmeal Without The Cranberry

McDonald’s oatmeal is 320 calories and very low in saturated fat and sodium, but it contains a whopping 31 grams of sugar in total. To cut back, skip the Cranberry-Raisin Blend that’s added on top. Since the oatmeal is already made with a brown sugar base and chopped apples, you’ll still satisfy your sweet tooth while cutting the sugar content in half.

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Taco Bell Am Grilled Taco Hold The Bacon Add Salsa 200 Calories

Taco Bell has very little we’d count as “healthy” on its new breakfast menu, but the AM Grilled Taco wasn’t too terrible. Order it without the bacon to avoid some extra fat and sodium:

230 calories not too high, not too low

11g of protein a good amount to strengthen muscles and fill you up

11g of fat not too high, not too low

15g of carbs pretty low

540mg of sodium on the higher side, but not a deal-breaker

Au Bon Pain Greek Vanilla Yogurt & Strawberry Parfait

17 Quick High Protein Breakfast Ideas

To switch it up from egg and cheese sandwiches, Au Bon Pain has delicious breakfast options, from the overnight oats to the oatmeal to the parfaits. The strawberry parfait is the lowest-calorie of Au Bon Pain’s parfaits, and it’s full of healthy ingredients like rolled oats, strawberries, pumpkin seeds and cranberries. This tasty fruit parfait has 330 calories, with 6 grams of filling fiber to start the day full of energy.

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Low Calorie Taco Bell Breakfast

Cheesy Breakfast Burrito: 350 Calories, 16g Fat, 38g Carbs, 13g Protein

When people think of Taco Bell, they dont typically think about breakfast. But Taco Bell has some surprisingly decent options!

While Taco Bells Grande Breakfast Burritos and Crunchwraps are higher in calories, the standard breakfast burritos are all solid choices.

The Cheesy Breakfast Burrito with either bacon or sausage contains 350 calories, and the vegetarian options with potato contains only 340 calories.

Why Eat High Protein

Strong research evidence shows that eating more protein can help you lose weight, reduce your hunger, and keep your muscles strong without slowing your metabolism. 3

Eating high protein at your first meal sets you up to experience less hunger for the rest of the day. Studies of 116 diets in humans show that people on average may eat almost three times more calories on a low protein diet than on a very high protein diet. 4 Called protein leverage, this means when the body gets enough protein, its appetite for high-energy food is naturally reduced. So by consuming plenty of protein at the start of your day, in most cases, you will naturally consume less energy for the remainder of the day.5

Some research suggests that diets with increased protein can prevent or help treat type 2 diabetes and metabolic syndrome, and possibly even reduce the risk of heart disease.6 In a recent trial, 100% of people with prediabetes who ate a high protein, moderate carb diet for six months achieved normal blood sugar levels.7

Higher protein intake also helps prevent a condition called sarcopenia, which is a loss of muscle mass that can occur as you age. Plus, it can help keep your bones strong, reducing the risk of osteoporosis, which is the loss of bone mass.8

Diet Doctor has lots of information and recipes to help you eat a high protein diet. Check out our other high protein guides:

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Jack In The Box: Not The Best Choice

Steer clear of the Grande Sausage Breakfast Burrito. Jack in the Box fills a flour tortilla with sausage, scrambled eggs, hash browns, bacon crumbles, and cheese. It has 1,044 calories, 90 grams of fat, 20 grams of saturated fat, and 2,131 milligrams of sodium. The burrito does provide 35 grams of protein, but it takes a big chunk of your daily fat and calorie limit.

Subway: Not The Best Choice


The 6-inch Bacon, Egg and Cheese can be too much for some low-calorie diets. Subway folds the makings of a classic breakfast into flatbread. It packs 25 grams of protein, which should keep you feeling more than full. But the other stats are a bit high: It has 460 calories, 21 grams of total fat, 67 grams of saturated fat, and 1,370 milligrams of sodium.

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Mcdonalds Fruit And Maple Oatmeal

Hitting up McD’s in the morning? Skip the McMuffin. “The trick to making this whole-grain oatmeal bowl healthier is to ask for it without the brown sugar and cream,” says Ansel. “Then, it becomes a decent egg-free breakfast option with five grams of fiber.”

Per oatmeal cup : 290 calories, 2 g fat , 61 g carbs, 32 g sugar, 130 mg sodium, 5 g fiber, 5 g protein

Wendy’s: Plain Oatmeal With Apples

When it comes to Wendy’s, Susan Greeley, M.S., R.D.N., staff nutritionist at Somerset Hills YMCA in Basking Ridge, NJ, says your best bet is the plain oatmeal. It’s made of natural oats and has just 160 calories. “Add some low-fat milk and an order of the ‘apple bites’ to pack in more protein and fiber and help stay full longer. Ingredients and allergy information are clear and easy to find,” she says.

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Sausage Ham And Bacon

A high-protein breakfast will keep you full longer and boost your metabolism. In the long run, it can improve glycemic control and promote fat loss. Ham, sausages and bacon are all loaded with protein. Even though they’re not as healthy and nutritious as lean meat, they’re still better for breakfast than waffles or cereals.

The Extreme Sausage Sandwich from Jack In the Box is made with fresh eggs, cheese and sausage patties. It delivers a whopping 25 grams of protein per serving and has only 29 grams of carbs. If you remove the bun, you’ll get fewer carbs and calories. Another option is McDonalds Sausage McMuffin with Egg, which has just 30 grams of carbs per serving. Again, you can skip the bun to cut back on the carbs.

Peanut Butter And Blueberry Jelly Chia Pudding

Boost your day with a high protein &  fat breakfast

Not only will you love this peanut butter and blueberry jelly chia pudding but the whole family will too.

You should make a huge batch because your kids and spouse will love this as a breakfast and they can grab it on the go if needed.

Chia seeds are high in fiber, which makes them great for helping you stay full all morning long.

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Chipotle Salad Or Bowl

Chipotle is a Mexican fast-food restaurant that has become extremely popular.

Many people consider it healthier than other chains, as it uses high-quality ingredients and emphasizes animal welfare and sustainable farming practices.

Chipotle also makes it very easy to create low-carb meals.

A salad with meat or chicken, grilled vegetables, and guacamole contains 14 grams of total carbs, 8 of which are fiber.

This meal also provides about 30 grams of high-quality protein.

A high protein and fiber intake can increase your production of the gut hormones peptide YY and cholecystokinin , which tell your brain youre full and help prevent overeating .

Though vinaigrette is available, generous servings of guacamole and salsa make salad dressing unnecessary.

Additionally, Chipotle has a helpful online nutrition calculator that allows you to see the exact carb content of your meal.

SUMMARY Select a salad with meat, vegetables, salsa, and guacamole for a satisfying meal with 6 grams of digestible carbs.

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Pret A Manger Ricotta & Veggie Frittata

If you’re living in a city or frequently in airports or train stations, Pret a Manger’s Ricotta and Veggie Frittata is a great hot option, says Jones. It provides hearty vegetables , is high in protein, and is low enough in carbs to be keto-friendly.

To be fair, the meal doesn’t skimp on sodium, so you’ll want to keep intake a bit lower the rest of the day , says Jones.

Per frittata: 430 calories, 28 g fat , 11 g carbs, 6 g sugar, 110 mg sodium, 2 g fiber, 35 g protein

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Why Fast Food Breakfast Is Bad For You

Breakfast has been deemed as the most important meal of the day and all for good reason. Having some healthy and nutritious meal in the morning helps kickstart your metabolism ensuring that you are burning calories throughout the day. This is especially important for anyone looking to manage or lose weight.

Having a proper breakfast in the morning also replenishes your glucose levels after a period of fasting which helps boost your energy levels and alertness. This will help keep you better focused at work or in school.

A wholesome and well-balanced breakfast meal can also help provide your body with some essential nutrients that you require for good health. According to WebMD, multiple studies have linked this first meal of the day to improved memory and concentration, reduced risk of diabetes, reduced levels of bad LDL cholesterol, as well as lower chances of obesity and heart disease.

Chickpea Scramble Breakfast Bowl

7 High Protein Veg BREAKFAST RECIPES for Weight Loss | By GunjanShouts

Heres another breakfast bowl thats easy to concoct and consume, and itll leave you feeling full and fueled until lunchtime. Chickpeas are such a great source of protein when you want to mix things up a bit.

Following the recipe as written will give you at least 10 grams of protein and its all vegan. To increase the amount of protein by up to 15 grams, try one of the following:

  • adding a side of vegan sausage
  • adding an egg and 1/4 cup of shredded

If you wake up starving, this is the perfect breakfast option for you. Crush your morning cravings and get in some serious protein with this flavorful sandwich.

Piling avocado, baby spinach, and tempeh onto an English muffin will leave you full and satisfied.

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Is It Safe To Eat Fast Food

Not, it is not. The main reason for the question why is fast food bad for you is because regular consumption of such causes more harm than good to your body. In spite of how convenient and delicious it is, it is often high in sugar, salt, saturated fat and trans fats, processed ingredients, and calories, and low in antioxidants, fiber, and many other nutrients.

However, if your diet is made up of healthful and wholesome foods like fresh fruits, vegetables, legumes, nuts, seeds, whole grains, fish, seafood, low-fat dairy, lean meats, and poultry some fast food may be okay in your diet. If you often find yourself relying on fast food for meals, be sure to always check the calories and look for those that are higher in protein, low in sodium and calories.

Jamba Juices Vanilla Blue Sky Bowl

When I first saw the color, I was like, Beautiful! But then I worried it must use weird food coloring. That is actually not the case, folks! The blue color comes from blue spirulina, a very healthy cyanobacterium. Can I just say that I love this trend of using natural ingredients to deliver interesting colors?

The smoothie part of it is made from banana, pineapple, almond milk, and vanilla coconut milk. So, it already sounds like something I would make at home. A good sign.

Another good sign? No refined sugar! Jamba sweetens this bowl with honey. You can also boost it with healthful items like Greek yogurt, whey protein, and matcha .

*Do keep in mind that sugar is listed at 33g, mostly from the fruit. You could consider getting it without the honey.

Vanilla Blue Sky Bowl

Serving Size 1 bowl

Calories: 330

Sodium: 85 mg

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Low Calorie Wendys Breakfast

Classic Bacon, Egg, & Cheese: 320 Calories, 17g Fat, 25g Carbs, 18g Protein

Wendys offers many different breakfast sandwiches on a breakfast roll, croissant, or biscuit. It comes as no surprise that the croissant and biscuit sandwiches are all a bit higher calories, so your best bet is to stick with this classic breakfast sandwich on a roll.

At only 320 calories, its a fantastic low-calorie breakfast option. The same bacon, egg, & cheese on a biscuit will be 420 calories, and the croissant will be 410 calories. All in all, those are all good options!

Fast Food Breakfast Faq

5 Fast High Protein Muscle Building Breakfast Ideas

What are the healthiest fast food breakfast options?Sometimes, you have to grab breakfast on the run. That doesnt mean you are ready to abandon your healthy eating goals, though. Here are the five healthiest fast food breakfast options according to a nutritionist with Eat This, Not That!

  • Starbucks’ Hearty Blueberry Oatmeal
  • McDonald’s Fruit and Maple Oatmeal
  • Dunkin’s Veggie Egg White Omelet

What time does McDonalds stop serving breakfast?At McDonalds, breakfast is served between 5 am and 11 am, except on Fridays when its served until 11:30 am. As for other fast food chains, breakfast is typically served at Taco Bell between 7 am and 11 am. Wendys serves breakfast between 6 am and 10:30 am. Breakfast at Burger King is served until 10:30 am.

Do any fast food chains serve breakfast all day?Only a few fast food chains serve breakfast all day, and as a breakfast enthusiast, thats a bummer. Luckily, Jack in the Box, Bojangles, and Sonic Drive-In do offer all-day breakfast.

Whats the cheapest fast food breakfast?Getting a cheap fast food breakfast isnt too hard, especially if youre trying to get a sandwich on the go. You can get a McDonalds Sausage McMuffin from the breakfast value menu for $1.19, and an Egg & Cheese Biscuit for $1.39. At Wendys you can get a Sausage, Egg, & Cheese breakfast sandwich for 99 cents. The Burger King Sausage Biscuit comes in at under $2, but these prices tend to vary depending on location.

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Sweet Potato And Black Bean Burritos

This sweet potato and black bean burrito is as healthy as it is tasty.

You can use any kind of beans you want, but black beans have a great savory taste that goes well with sweet potatoes.

The best thing about this recipe is that since its low in carbs, it will fill you up all day long.

Top it off with some eggs to get a little extra protein in there.

What Is A High Protein Breakfast

Everyone will have different opinions on this, but I personally consider a high protein breakfast to be any breakfast that has at least 15g of protein. I personally try to get a little more protein than this in the morning without obsessing of course but this is a great range to start. I know when Im hitting around this number because my body feels great and satisfied!

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Turmeric Quinoa Breakfast Bowls With Peppers And Kale

Turmeric is a buzzworthy spice used in everything from chicken dishes to lattes. Youll also find the antioxidant-rich ingredient in this protein breakfast bowl.

Quinoa and eggs are the main protein sources here, but onions, peppers, and, of course, turmeric also provide lots of flavor.

If you add 2 eggs to your quinoa bowl, youll get about 26 grams of protein overall.

Starbucks Spinach Feta & Cage Free Egg White Breakfast Wrap

3 VEGAN HIGH PROTEIN Savoury Breakfast Ideas!

“This toasty whole-grain wrap delivers nearly half your daily recommended vitamin A and a quarter of your calcium needs,” says Ansel. Plus, thanks to the spinach and tomatoes, you score some veg, too.

To make this pick lower in carbs and more keto-friendly, ditch the wrap and grab a fork.

Per wrap: 290 calories, 10 g fat , 33 g carbs, 4 g sugar, 830 mg sodium, 6 g fiber, 19 g protein

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Burger King Bk Breakfast Muffin Egg And Cheese Hold The Sausage 260 Calories

We know: Burger King isn’t exactly a health-food haven. But it does have a couple of lighter breakfast options, like its Breakfast Muffin. The one pictured has sausage, but we recommend it without the meat to get:

260 calories on the lower side

13g of protein a good amount to strengthen muscles and fill you up

11g of fat not too low, not too high

27g of carbs on the lower side

830mg of sodium close to half your daily allowance

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