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Kellogg’s Glaad Together With Pride Breakfast Cereal

Kellogg Releases Limited Edition Cereal Together With Pride With Glaad For Pride Month

Kelloggâs GLAAD Together With Pride Cereal Review

Our friends at Kellogg are no strangers to showing up for the LGBTQ community. This year, they have come back bigger than ever for LGBTQ Pride Month with a new limited edition “Together With Pride” cereal thats already hitting the shelves.

The new cereal features berry-flavored rainbow hearts dusted with edible glitter. On each box, supporters can learn about Kelloggs long standing partnership with GLAAD and secure a tear-out Together Band to proudly share and wear their pronouns. For cisgender people, sharing your pronouns has been widely touted as one of the easiest, yet impactful ways to show your support for the transgender and non-binary communities. This simple act helps to create safer and more welcoming environments for transgender and non-binary people to celebrate who they are.

This isnt the first time GLAAD has teamed up with Tony the Tiger and Toucan Sam: the online-only All Together cereal launched in 2018, and the mascots have been annual supporters of Spirit Day.

Be sure to pick up your box of this special cereal to start your day off with pride. With each box purchased, Kellogg is donating $3* to GLAAD – just upload your receipt here to support GLAADs efforts in accelerating acceptance and advancing equality for the LGBTQ community.

*Min. Donation $100,000 – Max. $140,000. Go to to upload. Applies to purchases between 5/1/21 and 11/30/21 must upload within 30 days of purchase.

Moms ‘disturbed’ By Glaad

Ive gone from grocery store to grocery store buying up every box of the Kelloggs Together With Pride cereal and I have them all listed on eBay.

Im kidding, I did not do that. Although apparently some people did because good luck getting a box of this sweet, heart-shaped crunchiness online for less than $20 a box.

This pisses me off, frankly. As a card-carrying member of The Homosexual Agenda, I should be entitled to at least one box of Pride cereal. But apparently Pride has just become too popular.

I should have known that the completely real and official Homosexual Agendas, um, agenda to make every single person identify as LGBTQ+ would backfire when it came to procuring limited edition breakfast foods.

Especially since I read that eating this cereal either makes you queer or increases your queerness. Think Popeye and spinach.

Which explains why the American Family Association side hustle, One Million Moms , is so upset. Everyone knows that cereal consumption is directly correlated with sexual orientation and gender identity.

On June 18, OMM, a group of millions of moms followed by 4,138 people on , took to the interwebs to demand that Kelloggs stop being so damn fabulous.

NOW its obvious that Kelloggs is after children? NOW? It wasnt when Pop Tarts released their Frosted Wildlicious Wild Berry flavor, which was designed in a lab to be completely unpalatable to adult humans?


Quick Review: Kelloggs Together With Pride Cereal

Aw man, we were this close to seeing a squad fight in the cereal aisle.

See, Kelloggs first cereal team-up with GLAADraising awareness and funds for LGBTQ+ rightswas All Together Cereal. This infamous Super Smash Bros. Ultimate of cereals may not have actually combined six cereals in one box , but I was hoping that in future iterations Kelloggs might get bolder and try loose mixing + added DLC characters. It also wouldve been convenient timing for All Together to return, just as hype is building around the General Mills marbit-soup that is Monster Mash Cereal.

Franchise vs. Franchise. That would be like if Smash Bros. crossed-over withDigimon Rumble Arena 2.

But nope, instead we get a note-for-note technicolor remaster of 2019s Caticorn Cereal. Together with Pride tastes exactly the same, and Caticorn wasnt exactly memorable. If I didnt have a big fluffy mystical white cat myself, that crunchy cryptid wouldve dissolved into my subconscious aether a year ago.

Like Caticorn, Together with Pride is very generically fruity. Its difficult and unproductive trying to detect any traces of raspberry or strawberry specifically, because it all gets gummed together by a sticky sugar sheen and the additional cloying sweetness of each pieces edible glitter. Imagine the fakest berry taste you can, then make it hollower and glossier.

Maybe itll solidify into a cereal milk candle.

The Bottom Line: 4 good causes with bad executions out of 10

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Kelloggs Is Releasing A Glittery Pride

The proceeds from the limited-edition fruity breakfast will help fund anti-bullying and advocacy efforts.

Queer up your morning routine by putting a little glitter in your breakfast. Kelloggs and GLAAD have teamed up again to create a rainbow-themed breakfast cereal in honor of Pride month. Theyve launched a special Together with Pride cereal filled with rainbow and heart-shaped bites, and sprinkled with edible glitter to turn your dull breakfast into some more proud and fabulous. Best of all, Kelloggs announced they will donate portions of their sales from Together with Pride cereal to GLAAD to help aid in their anti-bullying and LGBTQ+ advocacy efforts.

All are welcome at the breakfast table with our NEW Together with Pride cereal coming to shelves soon, Kelloggs announced via Instagram, adding the famed breakfast cereal maker will donate a portion of the proceeds to GLAAD.

The bright purple box will feature recognizable characters from the rest of the Kelloggs stable of breakfast cereals. Rice Krispies trio of Snap, Crackle, and Pop, a couple of Frosted MiniWheats, Toucan Sam, and Tony the Tiger gather around a bowl of the new fruity delight on the boxs cover.

The cereal will retail at about $4 for a 7.8 ounce box and Kellogg’s will send $3 of that purchase price to GLAAD. All you have to do is upload your receipt showing proof of purchase to

Kellogg’s And Pride Month


This is not the first time Kellogg’s has supported the LGBTQ scene with the campaign around the colorful snacks.

In 2019, the decision was also made to launch a limited edition on the market. Even then, the success showed that it was right to focus on more tolerance and to use the influence that such a large company has.

The company has no problem taking a stand on the issue. A strong sign that, among other things – albeit coincidentally – fits perfectly with the more LGBTQ-friendly policies under Biden in the USA.

What is behind “Together with Pride”?

So that the motto 2021 “Together with Pride” can also be recognized at first glance, it naturally also needs a special design. This year, all the popular Kellogg’s mascots can be seen together on one pack.

All stand together around a bowl of brightly colored breakfast cereal in the shape of a heart. In this way, the rainbow flag, which has been a symbol of the homosexual movement for decades, is to be represented in a vivid way.

Unlike the last campaign, this time the limited-edition Kellogg’s will find a place on the shelves of a wide variety of supermarkets. For every pack sold, the company would like to donate three dollars to GLAAD. For this to happen, however, the buyer must take action once again.

Before the money is finally donated, he must upload the receipt online. The process is explained step by step on the homepage so that no donation is lost.

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Kellogg’s X Glaad ‘together With Pride’ Cereal

Kellogg’s is known for its popular cereal brands including Frosted Flakes, Rice Krispies, Apple Jacks, Froot Loops and Mini Wheats. To make the line more inclusive, the brand is launching its ‘Together With Pride’ cereal just in time for Pride Month.

‘Together With Pride’ features berry-flavored, rainbow hearts dusted with edible glitter. Yes, you heard that right.

Beginning in Mid-May, find this new Kellogg’s cereal on shelves at stores nationwide.

To support GLAADs efforts to accelerate acceptance for the LGBTQ+ community, Kelloggs is donating $3 to GLAAD for every box purchased and receipt uploaded to

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Kellogg’s believes boxes are for cereal, not people. When customers purchase a box of its Together With Pride Cereal, a donation is made to GLAAD.

$3 is donated to GLAAD with every Together With Pride Cereal purchase
None have been identified for this spot
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  • Once verified, the information you provide will be displayed on our site.
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‘together With Pride’ Is The Latest Cereal Collaboration Between Kelloggs’s And Glaad

byRudy Sanchezon 06/15/2021 | 1 Minute Read

As part of its ongoing support of the LGBTQ community and collaboration with GLAAD, a non-profit media watchdog and advocacy organization, Kelloggs has released a limited-edition Together with Pride cereal. Available nationally in stores, Kelloggs will donate up to $3 per box sold and receipt uploaded to GLAAD, up to $140,000.

The purple box features many of Kellogss cereal mascots like the Raisin Bran Sun, Tony the Tiger, the Rice Krispies crew, Dig em, the Cornflakes Rooster, a flag-waving Frosted Mini Wheat square, and Bad Apple and CinnaMon from the Apple Jacks brand. They are all gathered around a bowl of colorful, shimmery, and heart-shaped cereal. The heart and rainbow motifs continue with the Kellogg’s wordmark presented with a gradient coat and a rainbow-colored heart replacing the O in Together.

“Together With Pride cereal marks the latest chapter in a years-long partnership with GLAAD and is the evolution of the much-loved All Together cereal, which previously was only available online,” said Doug VanDeVelde, general manager of Kellogg U.S. Cereal Category, in announcing the Pride-themed cereal. “Our delicious new recipe features berry-flavored, rainbow hearts dusted with edible glitter. We can’t wait for fans to try our latest limited run.”

Together with Pride is available while supplies last.

Together With Pride Cereal From Kelloggs And Glaad To Hit Store Shelves In May

*The Cereal Man* Kellogg’s âTogether with Prideâ? cereal

Kellogg’s, in partnership with GLAAD, will release a limited-edition cereal, Together With Pride, in May.

The box of the new Together With Pride cereal features a variety of Kelloggs characters – Tony the Tiger, Snap, Crackle and Pop, Toucan Sam and the frosted Mini Wheat.

Together With Pride, Kelloggs said, celebrates everyone having a seat at the breakfast table together.

The limited-edition cereal created by Kellogg in partnership with GLAAD will be available nationwide in May just ahead of Pride month in June.

The delicious new recipe features berry-flavored, rainbow hearts dusted with edible glitter. The cereal marks the latest chapter in a years-long partnership with GLAAD and is the evolution of the fan-favorite All Together Cereal which previously was only available online, Kelloggs said.

Kellogg will donate $3 of each box purchased to GLAAD when customers upload the receipt to the Kelloggs Family Rewards site through Nov. 30.

Suggested retail price for a 7.8-ounce box is $3.99.


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Equity Diversity & Inclusion

Kellogg has a long-standing commitment to Equity, Diversity & Inclusion to our employees, our consumers and communities, said Priscilla Koranteng, VP, Talent and Diversity, Kellogg Company.

New Together With Pride cereal is our latest effort aligned with our purpose to create better days and a place at the table for everyone.

Fans are encouraged to get involved by joining the #BoxesAreForCerealChallenge via TikTok. For every receipt uploaded of proof of purchase, Kellogg will donate $3 with a minimum donation of $100,000 to support GLAADs efforts in accelerating acceptance and advancing equality for the LGBTQ+ community.

Beyond the #Boxesareforcereal challenge, Kellogg has created Together With Pride animated stickers for fans to add a little pride to their social posts.

Kelloggs new Together With Pride cereal will create opportunities for homes and families to have conversations about the importance of acceptance, compassion and understanding, especially when it comes to LGBTQ+ youth, said GLAAD president & CEO Sarah Kate Ellis.

Kelloggs is not only building on an ongoing commitment to support the LGBTQ+ community, but initiatives that spotlight the importance of using correct pronouns to create safe and welcoming spaces for trans and nonbinary people.

Kellogg’s Presents Special Edition For Pride Month

It won’t be long now before Pride Month is celebrated once again. Kellogg’s has decided to celebrate the occasion in a special way. Customers in the USA can secure a limited edition of the well-known breakfast cereal.

A portion of the proceeds will be donated.

Kellogg’s already confirmed that this promotion is not valid worldwide. Accordingly, the “Special Edition” is only available in certain nations. But who knows? After all, Pride Month is celebrated every year. Perhaps the German fans of the brand and all those who can identify with the LGBTQ scene will also be able to enjoy the campaign in the coming years?

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Kelloggs Collab With Glaad Unboxes The Importance Of A Place At The Table For Everyone

Related tags:, GLAAD, , LGBTQ+, Equity, diversity, inclusion

For the first time in conjunction with Pride month, the limited edition cereal which features berry-flavoured, rainbow hearts dusted with edible glitter will be available at select retailers across the US. Previously it has only be available online.

As Kellogg grows its multiyear allyship with GLAAD, the breakfast cereal giant hopes to spread the word on this years theme Boxes are for cereal, not people to show its support for the transgender and gender nonconforming communities.

Globally, Kellogg works to create a just world in support of equality for all its citizens through internal education and policies. The Battle Creek, Michigan-based company prides itself on the support and resources it gives to each of its employees to fulfil their potential, and continually pushes for tangible and visible commitment from its leadership, employees and partners.

Together With Pride Launches Just In Time For Pride Month


Who doesn’t love a good cereal mashup? There’s nothing like finding multiple different tastes you love coming together in a single box, like getting a variety pack without the excess packaging.

While a cereal maker hardly needs a justification to mix and match its great tastes, Kellogg’s is planning a particularly comprehensive new limited edition cereal that finds some of its most popular offerings coming together in support of a good cause.

In partnership with GLAAD, Kellogg’s will release Together With Pride cereal at select nationwide retailers starting in May. Featuring a fusion of Froot Loop-inspired rainbow-colored hearts loaded with berry flavors and edible glitter, Together With Pride is a celebration of both the LGBTQ+ community and the best that Kellogg’s has to offer in one bowl.

Available just in time for LGBTQ+ Pride Month in June, Together with Pride isn’t the first time the rights organization and Kellogg’s have teamed up on something tasty. In 2018, the cereal company released All Together Cereal, which mixed up a bunch of fan favorites in a single bowl in order to support GLAAD’s efforts around Spirit Day, an LGBTQ+ youth initiative. Whereas that was more a case of dumping all of the different mini boxes you may remember from those Kellogg’s variety packs into a single whole, Together With Pride offers a more cohesive whole that nonetheless celebrates spirit and pride.

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