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Kitchen Island With Breakfast Nook

They Are All The Hype Right Now And They Add Functionality And Fun To Any Kitchen

HOW TO BUILD a Modern Dining Nook Banquette – Breakfast Nook – Bench Seats

A breakfast nook is what you need to incorporate into your kitchen design ideas right now. Dont think it wont fit into your kitchen design? Read on! In 3 easy steps, we will tell you exactly how to bring the nicest of nooks into any type of kitchen.

This means that you should have a close look at your kitchen to consider the space, and how you can make the most of it with your breakfast nook. How about using a corner of your kitchen? Corners provide space without taking away the usability of your kitchen.

Countertops. Look at where your countertops end, and consider your kitchen design to see if you can cut one out. Although everyone needs them, cutting one out wont take away from the usefulness of your kitchen, and the nook will add personality and homeliness.

Kitchen islands are useful for storage, preparation and as places to have meals, but you can easily transform yours into kitchen island/breakfast nook hybrid. Its a practical use of space, and a perfect way to make your kitchen island unique and eye-catching.

Light can play an important part in making your kitchen seem bigger, feel warmer, and look homely. Use colour schemes that reflect light, such as creams, beiges and pastels. They preserve the warmth and homeliness, and reflect light to make the space look bigger.

An Open Kitchen With Dining Table

If you dont have a separate dining room, try fitting in your dining table inside your kitchen area. This will add to the functionality of the space and give you an opportunity to entertain your guests while preparing meals. Here we have used stone and wood finish laminates to lend a rustic look to the kitchen. The modular setup like multiple pull-out units, an appliance garage, open box storage with backlighting, and a designated space for the fridge elevates the functionality of the room and facilitates a free flow of movement around the kitchen area.

Small And Tiny Breakfast Nooks

Often, there is just not enough room available to incorporate a fairly large breakfast nook but the desire to have one is an overwhelming one. In such cases, a small or a tiny nook is still possible to build, just have to come up with a creative idea.

Heres one tiny corner nook built right next to the door, with only little space to pull up a chair. Still, it looks like it belongs there, such a cute contemporary design and a useful addition to the small kitchen. Your breakfast will be celebrated daily! Our guess is that this is a made-to-size upholstered bench. For more info, contact the architecture firm Design Development NYC or the interior designer Alexander Doherty. Photograped by Trevor Tondro. Source: Sketch42.The corner nook above is a totally minimalist, Zen-like design idea, realized in what appears to be concrete. Having minimal decoration for this small nook is in line with the overall interior style. .

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House Plans With Breakfast Nooks

Start your day the right way. Breakfast nook house plans feature casual dining areas next to the kitchen with space for a table and usually plenty of light streaming in through windows. Whether you use a breakfast nook as your primary eating area or in addition to a kitchen island snack bar, it’s nice to have a relaxed place for sitting down with some waffles and coffee.

Breakfast nooks aren’t just for the morning meal. Since they’re usually open to the kitchen, kids can do homework at the table here, where they’re easy to supervise while you cook dinner. If your family enjoys board games or solving puzzles, this is also a great spot for those activities. Doing your taxes? The breakfast table can hold your piles of papers.

Some house plans have eliminated the traditional dining room and instead provide an enlarged breakfast nook that works for all kinds of occasions, even holidays. A decorative ceiling treatment can help define this open area. Many breakfast nooks feature sliding doors or French doors that open to the backyard or rear patio. That makes this area feel extra airy and inviting. On nice days, why not take your coffee outside to sip in the fresh air? Or grab your glass of wine during happy hour with friends and leave the bottle on the table so everyone can refill as needed. Appetizers can be set out buffet-style.

Breakfast Nook With Built In Seating

50 Awesome Breakfast Nook Ideas to Start Your Day with a Boost ...

To match the classic Chippendale chairs and the classic art hung on the walls, the built-in bench adapts the same style, and even uses leather upholstery matching the armchairs. Since the walls are plain white, the whole look is still balanced and harmonious. Built-in breakfast nook ideas with bench seating often have chairs with matching upholstery to give a cohesive design.

Since the kitchen is small, a compact design was used for this breakfast nook. Space is maximized by utilizing the bench as a drawer/storage space, and the additional dining chairs has a slim & light design. For contrast, the dining table used is black, and a framed blackboard was also added behind the bench.

The use of beadboard panels for the built-in bench in the breakfast nook adds a nice contrast and additional texture to the contemporary style kitchen. The stark difference in color/finish visually separates it from the kitchen, while the matching wood finish of the dining table helps bring it all together.

Some nooks and bay windows have non-standard shapes, so built-in benches really come in handy to maximize the seating space in such areas. This breakfast nook is in a semi-private space with only an archway dividing it form the kitchen, giving it a more private and cozy ambiance.

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Kitchen Island Vs Breakfast Bar: Which Is Right For You

When choosing the layout of your kitchen, there are many decisions to make that will affect function and style. The best choices will depend on the size and shape of your space and how you intend to use it. In the question of kitchen island vs. breakfast bar, Dimension Design-Build-Remodel, Inc. is happy to outline your options to make the choice easier.

Kitchen Islands

A kitchen island stands alone as the name implies and has a standard height of 36 inches, the same height as the rest of the countertops in the kitchen. This large, flat freestanding surface is usually found in the center of a square kitchen. It has a cabinet base, though it may have a countertop overhang allowing it to serve partially as an eating area, though shorter than a breakfast bar.

Breakfast Bars

A breakfast bar stands taller at 42 inches, perfect for eating the first meal of the day on a tall stool. Unlike regular islands, a breakfast bar typically is a peninsula connected to a wall or other countertops, leaving three usable sides. It always has up to 15 inches of countertop overhang for comfortable seating, and it is best suited for kitchens that are smaller, rectangular, or irregularly shaped. A breakfast bar is often a useful divider in a combination kitchen and dining room.

Best of Both Worlds: The Kitchen Island with a Breakfast Bar

Built In Breakfast Nook Ideas

Heres our gallery of built in breakfast nook ideas with a variety of design styles.Breakfast nooks are basically a small, casual dining space, usually located in the kitchen or near the kitchen area. Compared to the dining area, breakfast nooks give a more casual dining atmosphere, making a it a nice spot for breakfast, snacks and any quick meals. A breakfast nook will usually be composed of a bench , a dining table, and if space allows, dining chairs or stools as well.

Built-in breakfast nooks are common in classic style homes, especially those with bay windows. Because bay windows often have a unique size and shape, breakfast nooks installed by the bay windows often have built-in benches / seating that goes along the shape of the window/wall. The semi-enclosed space of breakfast nooks provides privacy and cozy space to enjoy your time. But bay windows are not always necessary for breakfast nooks some are simply placed by the window in the corner of the room, or in any corner or space near the kitchen that allows space for casual dining or lounging.

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Built In Breakfast Nook Dimensions

The sizes of breakfast nooks widely depends on the space you have available, often depending on the bay window area size. Built-in benches will typically be around 17.5 to 20 inches deep for them to be comfortable, and dining table sizes will vary according to size and shape of bay window. To avoid accidents and to ensure ease of entry/exit to the bench area, it is recommended to use round, oval, oblong or any dining table with rounded edges.

Classic European motifs abound in this white and gray themed kitchen area. Off to the side by the kitchen is a spacious bay window area with a built-in bench and solid Walnut pedestal table that adds a bit of contrast to the light-colored surfaces. The large area provides accommodations for 5 or more diners.

Here we have built in breakfast nook ideas you can take inspiration from:

Breakfast Nook Ideas That Revolve Around The Kitchen Island


Personally Im not a breakfast person but I can definitely appreciate how useful and practical a breakfast nook can be. Think of it as a feature that brings family members together in the morning but also as a multifunctional feature which can be useful in many different contexts and in various different ways. A lot of times the breakfast nook is incorporated into the kitchens floor plan and while thats a bit tricky in the case of kitchens that function as separate rooms, the design and layout possibilities are very numerous in the case of most modern and contemporary kitchens which have open floor plans.

A lot of modern kitchens feature this sort of breakfast bar table which is a type of kitchen island extension which a height slightly lower than that of the island and more similar to what youd expect from a dining table.

The height of the breakfast nook table is not always lower that that of the kitchen island. In some cases the extension is meant to be multi-functional with a focus on its role as a bar. It can also serve as a breakfast nook piece in combination with a set of comfortable bar stools.

In certain contexts the kitchen island is also the breakfast table. Such an island would usually have a solid top which extends a bit on one or possibly two sides, forming an overhanging surface able to accommodate bar stools or in some cases a breakfast nook bench able to sit several people.

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Design Dilemma Coordinating Kitchen Island And Breakfast Nook Lights

March 9, 2016 By Carmel

After last weeks design dilemma discussion on pendant lights in a kitchen many of you asked me to do a post on how to coordinate pendant lights with the chandelier you hang over the table in your breakfast nook. Making design decisions can be tough and its often hard to visualize how something will look before its installed. You want the lighting to flow but not be overly matchy-matchy, and with so many options out there finding a winning combination can be kind of intimidating. So today Im sharing a few thoughts on the subject, some simple ideas to help you make confident lighting selections in your kitchen.

Here the pendants and chandy play off of eachother both in the polished chrome finish and the round shape. But here again the chandy is the main attraction, and what keeps things interesting is that the lighting over the table brings in another layer the white fabric shades which also relate back to the white cabinets.

So to sum up here a few tips for coordinating your kitchen lighting:

Breakfast Counter In A G

If you want a coffee nook in your kitchen, this kitchen is sure to melt your heart. We have turned the breakfast counter of this G-shaped kitchen into a cosy coffee corner. The coffee machine on the counter and wall-mounted shelves utilise the space beautifully while the two bucket chairs complete the look of your personalised coffee corner. The white and pink laminates on the cabinets add to the cosy quotient of the kitchen and elevate the functionality of the kitchen as well.

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What Are The Benefits Of Portable Kitchen Islands With Breakfast Bar

Its the furniture that’s both functional and stylish. It’s even a key furniture piece in the kitchen of a small house as it serves as a cabinet storage, wine rack, breakfast bar, and of course, a kitchen island. There are even models that come with serving compartments that have their own heating elements to ensure food stays warm. If you haven’t taken advantage of a portable kitchen island with a breakfast bar yet, then its about time for you to get one! To help you choose which unit to purchase, continue reading.

What Are The Common Countertop Materials

20+ Kitchen Island With Breakfast Nook

The most common materials that are used as bases of portable kitchen islands with breakfast bars are wood and metal as they are sturdy and capable of withstanding constant use. In this guide, we will take a closer look at countertop materials as they are the most used surfaces on portable kitchen islands. Here are your best options:

Only a handful of people know how convenient and functional a portable kitchen island with a kitchen bar is. Since you are now one of the few, consider yourself very lucky. Whatever it is that made you decide to purchase a portable kitchen island with a breakfast bar, we are confident that you’ll select the right one as you’re now equipped with all the essential information! Happy Shopping!


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Upholster Your Breakfast Banquette

Looking for a bigger statement piece to push your breakfast nook to center stage? Look no further than a brightly colored upholstered bench. Gorgeous pieces like the one pictured above will stand out among the rest of your space and inspire your guests to be bold with their upholstering choices as well.

Can You Have An Island Instead Of A Table

A Yes! Any island can be used for dining purposes as long as there are spaces for chairs, and preferably an overhang that allows those seats to tuck in for comfort. Using dining room chairs will result in more of a formal ambience whereas using simple kitchen style chairs will be great for a relaxed feel.

Is it better to have a kitchen island or table?

A table tends to have more seating capacity than the typical island. Kitchen tables may be more comfortable when actually sitting down to eat or doing activities such as working from home or homework. However, seating at a kitchen island is usually in the heart of the action.

Do you need a dining table if you have a kitchen island?

While an island may seem like a better option when it comes to kitchen duties, theres nothing saying that a dining table isnt just as-if not more- convenient due to larger counter space and an option to have a well-deserved sit-down session while you continue to work.

What is the table in the middle of the kitchen called?

Kitchen island tables are typically placed at the center of the kitchen and beneath a source of lightlike a chandelier, pendants or track lighting.

What is the best size for a kitchen island?

Kitchen island size affects how many people can be comfortably seated at it. After all, everyone needs sufficient elbow room. You should plan on 20 to 24 inches for each person along an island, says Jeremy Boulanger. So a 4 foot island would sit two people comfortably, etc.

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Single Bench Nook Designs As Extension Of The Kitchen

Its only natural to connect a kitchen nook to the kitchen, and heres a few modern design ideas that do that with grace and fun.

A fresh and clean modernist dining nook in a white kitchen was designed by 30 Collins, a lifestyle design firm based in Los Angeles. This custom-made single bench nook is installed right between the end kitchen cabinet and a wall.Above are custom made table and bench for a small one bench breakfast nook built by Tomasi Design, a San Francisco company that specializes in custom wood furniture and cabinetry. A clean minimalist idea with a totally built-in look that is just right for this modern kitchen.

What a cool dining nook idea for a beautiful open plan home renovated by YAMAMAR, a full service architecture firm out of San Francisco. A kitchen, a built-in single bench nook, an oval table and a trio of funky chairs, all white and on a white oak floor, plus the large windows the entire ensemble makes this modern space really light and welcoming. We love it!

+ Kitchen Island With Breakfast Nook

Making a Breakfast Nook ( With Storage)!

Here are your best options. The rustic kitchen island has been turned into a breakfast nook at the end of the island but also there is a small white bistro table which has two painted white metal garden chairs nearby.

Trendy Kitchen Corner Island Breakfast Nooks Ideas Kitchen Island With Bench Seating Kitchen Island Table Kitchen Island Bench

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