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Quick Breakfast Ideas With Eggs

How To Make Baked Eggs: Basic Method

Egg and Sausage Quick Breakfast Recipe | This is a Very Simple and Mouth-Watering Dish

Baked eggs are so simple, you barely need a recipe! Actually, you dont need one. Memorize this simple method and you can make them on repeat for special brunch:

  • Preheat the oven to 375 degrees Fahrenheit. The perfect temperature for baking eggs.
  • Melt ½ tablespoon butter for each dish. Throw them in the already warm oven to make quick work of it. Then brush it around your dish. Substitute neutral oil for dairy free.
  • Add 2 eggs per dish. To avoid shells, crack them into a small bowl first, then slide them in. But you can also go right into the dish.
  • Add salt and pepper. Just & frac18 teaspoon salt per dish does the trick!
  • Bake 12 to 15 minutes. Usually ours is perfect at 13 minutes. Keep reading for more about bake time!

Sesame Noodles With Wilted Greens

Sesame Noodles with Wilted GreensThis dish really is all about the egg. The noodles and greens are just the supporting actors. Its that deliciously creamy yolk that should get all the glory as it drenches the noodles like a creamy sauce. You wont need a lot of ingredients for this one, just a few pantry staples and 10 quick minutes to prep, and youll have a satisfying and easy lunch or dinner.

Healthy Breakfasts With Eggs

You just cant go wrong serving eggs for breakfast. Eggs are low-carb, yet high in protein which sustains energy throughout the day. Furthermore, they are loaded with nutrients like vitamin D, folate, riboflavin, and selenium.

Eggs are also versatile and can be combined with a wide variety of ingredients to make a protein-packed meal. Serve with a side of hash browns or toast for a hearty morning meal.

Switch up your rotation by incorporating some breakfast ideas from another country. For instance, try our Chilaquiles recipe from Mexico or Shakshuka, an Israeli dish to add some flavor to the day.

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Sausage And Egg Breakfast Quesadillas

Sausage and Egg Breakfast QuesadillasLets just set aside the argument about whether a quesadilla is a type of sandwich and agree that theyre the best thing ever. Especially when stuffed with egg and cheese. These Sausage and Egg Breakfast Quesadillas are loaded up with flavorful country sausage, perfectly cooked eggs, melty cheddar, salt, and pepper.

Our Favorite Sweet Breakfast Ideas

Easy Bacon and Egg Cups
  • Salted Chocolate Dipped Liege Waffles are our favorite waffles! Seriously. They may take a bit more time and effort, but youre rewarded with the most unreal, crispy on the outside, chewy with bits of crunch from the sugar on the inside waffles. So good!
  • We love the flavor combination of our Cranberry and Orange Scones! Theyre a great grab and go breakfast to enjoy with your coffee or tea and also make a great brunch treat for a ground of people!
  • Our Cinnamon Roll Loaf is a breakfast idea that slightly simplifies the cinnamon roll experience. You get all the delicious flavors and soft and fluffy textures, but can have just a small slice if you want.
  • Who says you cant eat cookies for breakfast?! Our Blueberry Yogurt Cookies are the perfect breakfast cookie! Theyre light, fluffy, cakey, and reminiscent of coffee cake or muffins.
  • Our Strawberry Muffins are soo good! They make a fantastic grab and go breakfast, filled with sweet strawberries against a fluffy muffin crumb. The Best!

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How To Make Fluffy Eggs

Whats the key to how to make fluffy eggs? Milk! Just a touch makes the best fluffy scrambled eggs for quick and delicious breakfasts.

They sound deceptively simple, but scrambled eggs can be easy to mess up. Theyre often overcooked and under-seasoned, odd shaped little rubbery bites. But these eggs? These are the very best fluffy scrambled eggs youll taste! Theyve got a lovely light texture and are cooked until just set into a mess of golden perfection. Keep this method in your back pocket for go-to breakfasts. Or lunch or dinnerif youre like us and eat eggs for every meal! Heres how to make fluffy eggs.

The Incredible Edible Egg Why They Are Good For You

Eggs are designed to sustain life and include many needed nutritional elements. Not only are they full of nutrition, they are inexpensive, easy to prepare, versatile, pair well with so many other ingredients, and with so many flavor profiles they taste delicious!

Why are eggs good for you? Eggs are satisfying and make you more full for longer. Which means youre less likely to snack on empty calories. They are also one of the most nutritious single food items you can eat.

  • A large whole egg contains 77 calories. The egg white has 6 grams of protein. The yolk has 5 grams of healthy fat.
  • The yolk is really the golden part of the egg not just in color, but in nutritional value. Not only does it have healthy fat, but it also has vitamin B12, Vitamin B2, Vitamin A, Vitamin B5, as well as smaller amounts of vitamins and minerals like calcium, iron, potassium, zinc, manganese, vitamin E, folate and essential amino acids.
  • How hens are raised does impact the overall nutritional value of the egg. The best eggs come from hens that are pasteurized or are omega-3 enriched .
  • The color of the eggs shell doesnt affect the nutritional value of the egg.

Which recipes call for a lot of eggs?

Many egg recipes only call for 1-2 eggs in order to make the recipe. Over easy, sunny side up, boiled and poached eggs or a breakfast sandwich only require 1 egg.

Scrambled eggs typically need at least 2, but can be made with more. Omelet and quiche use 2-3 eggs per serving/recipe.

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Quick And Easy Breakfast Eggs Ready In 15 Minutes Or Less

Katherine Martinelli is an award-winning freelance journalist with over 12 years of experience writing about food, travel, and parenting. She is the author of the e-book Puff Pastry at Brunch and has written content and developed recipes for numerous national brands and publications.

Breakfast may be the most important meal of the day, but getting a nutritious, filling meal on the table can feel like a huge challenge when you’re rushing to get ready for the day particularly if your coffee hasn’t kicked in yet. It’s easy to just reach for a store-bought bar or frozen breakfast, but a satisfying home-cooked breakfast can be on the table in mere minutes with the help of one superstar ingredient: eggs. Easy breakfast eggs are tasty, versatile, and packed with protein to keep you feeling full. Here are 15 quick and easy breakfast egg recipes to try each of them ready in 15 minutes or less.

“Eggs, avocado, and mustard are a great combination,” says chefdad. ” says chefdad. “Very good for weekdays or when you need a grab-and-go breakfast.”

“Excellent recipe. I was skeptical about the nutmeg but it was perfect,” says Heaven. “I used Parmesan and provolone cheese, and it was delicious. My whole family gobbled it up.”

Egg Recipes For Dinner

9 Egg Recipes for Breakfast

Of course, these egg recipes arent the only ones in this post that you could make for dinner. But out of all the recipes here, I think that they are especially dinner-worthy. Full of contrasting colors, textures, and flavors, theyre a feast for the eyes as well as the tastebuds.

Leek & Radish Green Tart, page 181 of Love & Lemons Every DayThe next time you spot a bunch of radishes with lush green tops, bring them home to make this recipe. A cool, crisp herb and radish salad beautifully accents the rich egg tart.

In the summer, Id be happy eating this bountiful salad for dinner every night. Its a vegetarian spin on the French classic, with creamy white beans and briny artichoke hearts stepping in for the traditional fish.

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Who Doesnt Love Breakfast For Dinner

  • Breakfast Pot Pies? Yes, totally a thing! These stick to your ribs pot pies are so good! One of our favorite weekend breakfast ideas for sure!
  • Our Loco Moco with Mushroom Gravy is another one of those stick to you ribs weekend breakfasts that we love! This dish can actually be enjoyed for dinner too, which were done on a number of occasions. We also love sticking some sautéed or steamed spinach on the side to help lighten things up.
  • This Breakfast Tart is basically our excuse to toss simple breakfast ingredients onto a flaky sheet of puff pastry. Its so easy to throw together just add a salad on the side and you have a complete breakfast for dinner sitch on your hands!
  • Chilaquiles is another favorite indulgent breakfast over here. Our version is makes a simplified red sauce, but still packs so much flavor and texture. We could eat this everyday.
  • If you love shrimp and creamy cheesy things we guarantee youll love our Shrimp and Grits recipe! Theres so much flavor in the spice blend for the shrimp, with a small kick, which pairs them perfectly with the creamiest, cheesiest grits ever!
  • If nachos are an acceptable dinner then so is our Breakfast Poutine with Hollandaise Sauce! Its not a casual every night dinner, but definitely something to pull out every now and then when you really want to indulge!

Best Breakfast Ideas With Eggs


Eggs are a staple in any breakfast, and there is so much you can do with them. You can fry, scramble, or poach them, and the possibilities don’t stop there!

Here we have 35 different egg recipes that will leave your mouth watering with just one look at the pictures. These recipes range from savory to sweet and everything in between.

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Breakfast Sandwiches And Toast

Breakfast sandwiches may be one of the best breakfast ideas out there! They are hearty and easy to eat, especially for kids.

There are so many delicious toppings to choose from, and as a result, the possibilities are endless. All of your favorite breakfast foods can be piled onto an English muffin, whole wheat toast, croissants, or baked in a pastry shell.

Breakfast sandwiches can be eaten alone, however adding some fruit on the side instantly creates a nice, sit-down morning meal or brunch.

Toppings For Breakfast Quesadillas

10 Easy Breakfast Recipes for Kids

This is a super simple breakfast idea that can be enjoyed on its own, or paired with dipping sauces and sides to round out your morning meal.

Here are some toppings you can pile onto these bacon and egg quesadillas:

  • Shredded cheese

If you love breakfast for dinner like I do, then youll adore this quick breakfast idea. Breakfast ideas with eggs are so good!

You might even say this would the one meal that you would ask for if stranded on a desert island!

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Ingredients And Equipment For Fluffy Scrambled Eggs

Fluffy scrambled eggs are easy to make with the right equipment and ingredients! The key to fluffy scrambled eggs? Milk or cream! Heres what you need:

  • Eggs: Buy cage-free and organic if you can, local if possible.
  • Milk or cream: Adding a little liquid to your scrambled eggs gives them just the right fluffy texture. All you need is 1 tablespoon, but it makes a huge difference. Use dairy-free milk if desired.
  • Non-stick or cast iron skillet: Non-stick is a great surface for scrambling, or you can use a seasoned cast iron skillet.
  • Spatula: Use a nylon spatula for a non-stick pan or fish spatula for a cast iron pan.
  • Butter or neutral oil: Everyone has an opinion on the best fat for cooking eggs. To us, butter is best: it lends a beautiful savory flavor. But use neutral oil for dairy free.

Mini Crustless Spinach And Mushroom Quiches

Cute little muffin cup quiches are a great way to get the kids to eat their veggies! This recipe is vegetarian-friendly, but meat-eaters can add some crumbled bacon, diced ham, or cooked sausage.

  • 32 of 49

    Grilled Cheese Social

    When you wake up with a powerful hunger, bite into this fully-loaded, restaurant-style breakfast burger packed with avocado, egg, gouda, tomato jam, and bacon.

    Continue to 33 of 49 below.

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    Serving A Crowd Make Quesadillas In The Oven

    Want to make multiple quesadillas at once? If you want to make them for the whole family, it can be hard to get them all done at the same time. Heres the solution: a quesadilla in the oven! This way, theyre all brown and crispy at the same time. Heres how to make 4 quesadillas at once:

    • Preheat the oven to 425 degrees Fahrenheit.
    • Use 8 eggs in the scrambled eggs.
    • Brush a baking sheet with olive oil. Assemble the quesadillas on top.
    • Brush the tops of the quesadillas with olive oil.
    • Bake 8 minutes, then flip and bake 7 minutes more.

    Breakfast Hash With Sweet Potato And Chicken Sausage

    5 EGG BREAKFAST IDEAS To Keep on Repeat!

    For years now, hash has carried a certain negative connotation, conjuring up images of either murky, over-salted slop eaten from a can or a group of hippies. The former can be made from any combination of protein and vegetables, and by replacing the beef with lean chunks of chicken sausage and the greasy spuds with crispy sweet potato nuggets and bell pepper, you end up with a whole that is far greater than the sum of its parts.

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    Peanut Butter And Honey On Toast

    Toast a slice of whole-wheat bread and spread it with one tablespoon of natural peanut butter and one tablespoon of raw honey. The PB delivers about four grams of energizing protein, the toast about two grams of fiber and four more grams of protein, and raw honey contains phytonutrients with antimicrobial and cancer-fighting properties. Its especially important to eat a healthy breakfast if youre living with diabetes.

    Top 20 Easy Eggs For Breakfast

    There is no excuse to skip the most important meal of the day with our never-boring, easy ideas for breakfast.

    Brunch is a breeze with these quick and easy egg and mushroom bacon cups.

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    How To Make Breakfast Muffins

    • Preheat oven to 375 F. Line a muffin tin with silicone muffin molds or paper liners. If you are not using any muffin molds, make sure you spray the muffin pan with cooking spray.
    • Saute peppers, shredded carrots and onion in a skillet over medium heat until tender.
    • In a large mixing bowl crack the eggs and lightly beat with a whisk. . Add the salt and pepper, to taste, and whisk to combine.
    • Add sauteed vegetables to the whisked eggs, and toss to combine. If you want you can also add some crumbled-cooked bacon.
    • Fill each muffin mold with the vegetable egg mixture so that each is filled to about 3/4 full. Be careful not to overfill each muffin cup. You can add extra cheese and top each cup with about 1 Tbsp shredded cheese each.
    • Bake for about 20 minutes, or until muffins are set, cooked through, and are lightly golden. They will puff in the oven but sink upon cooling. Allow muffins to cool in a pan on top of a wire rack for about 5 minutes before removing.

    Recipe Variatons To Try

    10 Quick And Healthy Egg Breakfast Recipes

    I love this breakfast quesadilla recipe because its so easy to customize depending on your tastes.

    Since the hubster and I love scrambled eggs, bacon, green peppers, and cheese, those were my go-to ingredients for this dish. But, if you prefer sausage, add it in!

    Hate green peppers? Leave those out. Like feta? Throw it in! The possibilities are endless.

    • Switch up the veggies! Mushrooms, red bell peppers, spinach, and/or onions would make a delicious addition.
    • Experiment with different spices! Garlic powder, seasoning salt, Italian seasoning, thymethe possibilites are endless.
    • Dont forget the cheese! Mozzarella, Cheddar Jack or Feta would be so tasty.
    • Add more meat! Swap out the bacon with breakfast sausage, add some chorizo or diced ham.

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    Rich And Creamy Croques Madames

    Perhaps not every sandwich is improved with a fried egg, but I’ll never pass up the opportunity to add one atop a croque monsieur . Toasting bread in butter, sandwiching ham and cheese inside, and smothering it all in Mornay sauce is already a fairly over-the-top endeavor, so why not gild the lily? Do be careful not to overcook the egg you want the yolk to remain liquid, so it soaks into the bread.

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