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Vegan Breakfast On The Go

Almond Butter Vegan Toast

simple GRAB & GO BREAKFASTS | High Protein & Plant Based

Next up in our Vegan breakfast ideas is Almond Butter Vegan toast! Its a super easy and most popular breakfast meal. It is full of protein and keeps you happy and energized all morning! You can either use purchased almond butter or DIY a homemade spread like cashew butter, almond butter, or any nut butter if you own a food blender. Sprinkle it with honey and berries or a simple jam to make it even more scrumptious!

+ Easy Vegan Breakfast Recipes For All Eaters

Britt Berlinon

Weve compiled over 40 easy and plant-based best vegan breakfast recipes that are not just smoothies! From savory vegan breakfast ideas, such as chickpea omelettes, to muffins and even pancakes, these healthy vegan breakfast recipes are easy, low in sugar, packed with nutrients, and can be made gluten-free, Paleo, and even some Whole30 options!

Vegan Breakfast Meal Prep

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These vegan meal prep ideas will change the way you do breakfast and will completely save your sanity in the morning! Quick and easy vegan meals that you can make ahead and eat for days. Let me show you how my vegan/gluten-free family preps for those rushed mornings before work and school with grab-and-go meals that are filling, high in protein, and most importantly, convenient!

If youre anything like me, you can barely handle making coffee in the morning, let alone making a healthy meal for your family in the morning. I need to prep things ahead of time, or everyone is searching around complaining that theres nothing to eat.

Unfortunately, my family doesnt like any convenient foods like cereal, and they needed to be gluten-free, so toast, English muffins, and bagels were out too. So, I had no choice but to meal prep.

I thought that you may find it helpful to see how I meal prep vegan breakfast!

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Oat Milk Pancakes With Raspberry Sauce

Nothing beats a big stack of pancakes. This oat milk recipe is so simple and within 15 minutes, youll be tucking into a delicious pile of vegan pancakes. Forget using eggs, this recipe creates the fluffiest pancakes using just a few ingredients in your cupboard. Drizzle with the sharp raspberry sauce for a morning kick.

Vegan Raw Carrot Apple And Goji Bircher Muesli Recipe

25 Make Ahead Low Calories Filling On

Most supermarket muesli is high in sugar and preservatives. If youre looking for a healthier alternative, this raw bircher muesli is the one. The buckwheat grains are the base of this recipe and are an excellent source of protein and fibre. Prepare this dish the night before for a nutritional and delicious breakfast.

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Stovetop Oatmeal Vegan Breakfast

Prefer regular warming oatmeal? No downside mix your oats, sweetener, and liquid in a pan on the stovetop instead and fiddle with the endless flavoring choices like these carrot cake oats or apple cinnamon oatmeal! This stovetop oatmeal is an excellent thanks to pop out your morning! It is packed with superb and nutritious ingredients that will keep you energized throughout the day!

But Where Do I Get My Protein

There are plenty of great vegan protein sources from nuts to soy to legumes and vegetables and weve tried to include as wide a range as possible.

Weve also tried to include as many different styles of breakfast as possible, so that everyone can find inspiration here.

Whether you like overnight oats or burritos for breakfast, pancakes or potatoes, theres something for every mood.

And right here are some useful links to help plan out a healthy and nutritious vegan or vegetarian food life.

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Tasty Skillet Apple Pie Toast

Skillet apple pie toast is a quick way to use up any apples before they go bad. Plus, it takes under 10 minutes to cook, allowing you to make it right before work or school! Spread with your favorite vegan cream cheese and top the slices with apples sautéd in brown sugar, spices and pecans. Perfect during fall and winter!

Caramelized Bananas Vegan Toast


This Vegan breakfast idea uses bananas in a couple of ways: firstly in the bread soak and secondly as caramelized on top. Combine it with chia seeds and spiced pecans to make an additional nutrient-filled breakfast. As a Vegan breakfast idea, you can also add a touch of peanut or almond butter spread to balance its sweetness.

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Yummy Vegan Breakfast Ideas For Happy Mornings

From granola bowls to smoothies, these plant-based healthy Vegan breakfast ideas are for everyone who wants a punch of flavor with quick, easy, and go-to choices. This Vegan breakfast guide will certainly cheer you up and rejuvenate your mornings!

Anubhuti Mishra |

Breakfast is the most critical meal of the day as it helps to open up your mind and body and prepare them for the remainder of the day and activities. And a lot of times, people struggle to prepare yummy meals because they take a lot of prepping and cooking time – don’t we all agree that mornings are always rushed? As a result, most people settle for ready-to-cook packaged items. It’s high time to step away from those processed foods and try these delectable Vegan breakfast ideas.

Now, these Vegan breakfast ideas are not only easy-to-make but are also healthy, refreshing, and varied- so no more excuses! Plus, these breakfasts are for anyone and everyone, Vegan or non-Vegan you can equally savor these Vegan breakfast ideas.

Vegan Apple Streusel Muffins

Vegan apple streusel muffins are another one of those surprising vegan breakfast recipes. Not only do these sweet, soft, apple cinnamon muffins have a great crumb topping, they are also egg and dairy-free.

Ingredients include sugar, vanilla extract, all-purpose flour, applesauce, oat milk, brown sugar, olive oil, apple cider vinegar, apples, baking soda, baking powder, cinnamon, salt, vegan butter, and rolled oats.

The taste and texture of these muffins are out of this world! Eating just one is nearly impossible.

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Tired Of Your Daily Breakfast Try These Vegan Breakfast Recipes Instead

I totally get you- I used to be on a banana bread oatmeal bowl kick for weeks at a time. And avocado toast, while great, is way overdone at this point.

Its easy to fall into a rut with your breakfast routine, which then leaves you feeling uninspired throughout the day. After all, our breakfasts not only should be nutrient packed, but they should also taste good too.

This is why we decided to round up some of our favorite healthy vegan breakfast recipes from not only The Banana Diaries, but some of our other vegan food blogging friends as well!

These vegan breakfast options below had to meet the following. They had to be:

  • Completely vegan and plant-based by nature. They couldnt give the option of vegan, but had to be vegan as is. This means being completely free from eggs, meat, dairy, and any other animal-based ingredients.
  • Low sugar or lower in sugar than their conventional counterparts. We wanted to make sure that even the sweet breakfast options werent sending you on a sugar roller coaster first thing!
  • Have the option of gluten-free or were naturally gluten-free. Youll see that each recipe is noted as gluten-free, gluten-free option, or even some Paleo and Whole30 options .
  • Easy and accessible to all. This means no superfoods that are hard to find and expensive. We want everyone to be able to enjoy these breakfasts.

Easy Healthy Vegan Breakfast Recipes

500+ of the Vegan Breakfast Recipes, Videos &  Ideas

posted:Deryn Macey

This list of healthy vegan breakfast recipes covers everything from smoothies to oats, to omelets and more. Well also cover the best easy vegan breakfast ideas, how to make breakfast plates, how to meal prep for breakfast and everything else you need to know about creating plant-based breakfasts.

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Chickpea Flour Mini Veggie Fritatas

These mini frittatas from Mostly Vegan are perfect for meal prep and busy mornings because theyre pre-portioned to grab and go. Try them on a toasted english muffin or toast, with a side of fresh berries, topped with vegan cheese or have a couple on their own for a high-protein and high fiber breakfast. Theyd also make a great morning snack. You can customize them with your favourite veggies or whatever you have on hand.

Vegan Breakfast Ideas For Kids

Start your day with something delicious! These Vegan Breakfasts for Kids have all been given two thumbs up by my three little ones, and they make it impossible to wake up on the wrong side of the bed. Every one of these recipes is dairy-free, egg-free, gluten-free, and even refined sugar-free!

Full disclosure: I am NOT a morning person! As much as I try to wake up happy and get a good start to the day with my three little ones, I tend to just function better at night. Since nutrition and well-rounded meals are so important to me, I’ve created breakfast recipes that make mornings as easy as possible! Smoothies, freezer-friendly options, and breakfasts that I can make in a few minutes are my favorites. This roundup of Vegan Breakfasts for Kids is filled with those recipes, all given the official stamp of approval by my favorite little in-house food critics! Make sure you to see all of our cooking adventures.

  • Grab & Go Vegan Breakfasts – For those busy mornings.
  • Oats & Granola – Some of our very favorite recipes.
  • Bakery – All gluten-free, of course!
  • Muffins – They needed their own section!
  • Pancakes – Perfect for weekend mornings.
  • Smoothies – My specialty!
  • More Resources – Posts & recipes perfect for busy families.

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Easy Fluffy Vegan Pancakes

What could be easier to make than fluffy plant-based pancakes for breakfast? This recipe calls for oats, applesauce, vegan milk, lemon juice and vanilla extract most of which you probably already have in your kitchen. Ready to enjoy in 15 minutes total, top them with fruit, maple syrup, chocolate chips or anything else you like!

Breads Bagels & Muffins

On the Go Vegan Breakfast Ideas!

Breads of various types are among the most commonly-served breakfast items. Many varieties are vegan. Plain old toast, orif you want to get a little fancierEnglish Muffins, are excellent choices. As always, breads made primarily from whole grains are the healthier choice. Here are a few excellent spreads:

Bagelsusually halved, toasted, and smeared with cream cheese or butterare incredibly popular in New England. Its even widely believed that New York Citys water supply makes for a better bagel than you can get elsewhere. If youve got a slot toaster and some vegan cream cheese, vegan butter, or jam, you can buy bagels at your grocery in bags of six and theres no cheaper breakfast to make at home.

Bagel shops are also beloved fixtures in college towns throughout the United States. Many bagel shops offer vegan cream cheese or butter. Nearly all bagels are veganjust watch out for yellowish egg bagels or honey added to the whole wheat varieties.

You may also be able to find vegan muffins locally, although this is a less healthy option since they tend to contain lots of sugar. Croissants are another wonderful breakfast food, but theyre traditionally made with lots of butter. While you may have a tough time finding vegan croissants available for purchase, you can always bake your own. Heres a recipe with lots of helpful photos, and youll find a number of other recipes if you do a search for vegan croissants.

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Why I Love Breakfast Plates

  • Breakfast plates work well for meal prep as you can prep the individual ingredients then mix and match during the week as needed.
  • Theyre a great way to pack lots of nutrition into your morning.
  • Breakfast plates and bowls are also a great way to enjoy leftovers like lentil dahl, stir-fry, tacos, tofu and roasted vegetables.
  • Theyre a good option if youre trying to lose weight as you can fill up on high-volume, low-calorie foods like plenty of raw veggies with hummus, a pile of fresh strawberries and some baked potato wedges. A big side of veggie hash is great for this too. Try sauteeing a bunch of spinach, mushrooms, onion, and zucchini to add fiber and volume to your plate to help keep you full.

Here are some pictures to inspire your breakfast plate creations!

Best Vegan Breakfast Recipes

Are you looking for inspiration for your next breakfast? These delightful vegan breakfast recipes are easy to make, healthy, vibrant, and fulfilling.

We’ve listed 40 of our best recipes that help you prep smarter and eat better at the same time! Browse through this list, and take your pick: from quick preparations with oats and mealprepfriendly recipes to lowcarbrecipes with chickpea flour – all vegan. Hopefully, you’ll get as excited about vegan breakfasts as we are!


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Simple Homemade Vegan Baked Beans Recipe

Beans on toast may be one of our favourite easy breakfasts. While supermarket baked beans are the go-to, they are often high in sugar and additives. This delicious one-pot vegan recipe uses simple ingredients and is packed with flavour. Simply add all of your ingredients to a pot and wait to cook. Ladle your tasty beans onto a slice of toast, or reserve for lunch and serve with a jacket potato.

Fancy Vegan Breakfast Feasts

14 Easy Vegan Breakfast Recipe Ideas for Busy Mornings

On the flip side, creating a beautiful vegan breakfast dish might be the very thing you love to do. When you have a little extra time to put into cooking up something special, it can be really satisfying. Along with recipe ideas, here are a few ways to make these meals more meaningful.

  • Feast Your Eyes on Flowers Nothing brightens up a special meal more than fresh flowers. If you can choose a few from your very own garden, what a treat! If not, try to support local businesses and buy organic, if you can.
  • Talk About a Pretty Table Its time to break out your special occasion plates! Cover your table with a charming table cloth, a variety of soy votive candles, and glittering crystal glasses. Eating breakfast has never been so enjoyable.
  • Lets Get Local When available, pick out local produce for your memorable morning meal. You cant go wrong with super fresh strawberries, apples, or oranges and youll be supporting local businesses to boot!
  • Dish Out for Delicacies If you like to save your money for the best quality foods or fancier ingredients, now is the time to buy them. A small wheel of gourmet vegan cheese, extra avocados, a portion of plant-based meat, or even some exotic fruit for a super fruit smoothie bowl.
  • Really Special Recipes Start with a batch of elegant vegan crepes with homemade hazelnut topping, elevate the meal with heavenly hash brown waffles, and finish with a flourish by including our fabulous fresh fruit salad.

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Vegan Chocolate Overnight Oats

Made with rolled or instant oats, cocoa powder, soy milk and some shredded zucchini , these chocolate overnight oats can be topped with your favorite seasonal fruit and a handful of nuts. This easy plant-based recipe is best made the night before and helps you make healthier choices on a consistent basis.

Vegan Peanut Butter & Jam Pancakes Recipe

Pancakes are a weekend breakfast staple for us. This recipe combines sweet and salty flavours to make a breakfast that youll make again and again. Spread the creamy peanut butter mixture over your fluffy pancakes and top with a spoonful of stewed raspberries. Serve as an indulgent and easy breakfast or at brunch with friends.

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Tropical Sweet Potato Smoothie Bowl

This vibrantly orange tropical breakfast smoothie bowl is made with roasted sweet potatoes, frozen bananas and can be topped with any fruit, nuts, seeds or even plant-based baked goods like crumbled breakfast bars or a fudgy vegan brownie. If youve experienced being hungry again soon after a smoothie, adding satiating foods like sweet potato really helps!

Breakfast Meal Prep Ideas

The BEST oatmeal recipes » vegan + wholesome

School work, the gym, whatever it may be, mornings can be busy. Anything I can do to make the process smoother, ensuring you have time to eat a quality, balanced breakfast, Im here to help. Lets get into a few time-saving tips that can help get the whole family fed and out the door, with minimal stress and rushing.

Here are a few breakfast time-saving tips I use to make my mornings stress-free while still making sure I eat a healthy breakfast.

Alright enough chit chat, right? Lets get into what you came here for! Easy, healthy vegan breakfast recipes that will help you start your day stress-free with a delicious, well-balanced, plant-based meal.

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Vegan Sticky Orange Crpes

Pancake variations may divide some people, but we love them all, especially when they are covered in sticky orange sauce. This simple recipe serves classic crêpes with an irresistible orange sauce. Spiced with star anise, this sauce is packed with sweet citrus flavours that is guaranteed to put a smile on your face.

Stewed Chickpeas And Chard Over Garlic Toast

This is one of those go-to dishes for busy weeknightsits fast, easy, and filling. It also happens to be a vegan recipe where legumes and whole grains take center stage. Loads of garlic build a savory flavor base, while Swiss chard contributes a decidedly earthy flavor. If youre not a big fan of chard, you can also substitute a milder green, such as spinach or baby kale. And that reminds usthough were calling this dinner, it would also be splendid for breakfast.

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