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What To Make For Breakfast Easy

How To Make Rava Uttapam

5 Easy BREAKFAST IDEAS To Keep on Repeat!

To make rava uttapam, all you need are a few simple ingredients that are easily available in the kitchen. You can substitute any local or seasonal vegetables in this recipe as per the produce available in your local markets. This recipe also has the addition of an interesting tempering, but that is completely optional. Also, remember to add the soda at the very end so that the batter stays fluffy!

  • Start by mixing sooji with curd and slowly mixing in water to get a thick consistency. Let it rest for a couple of minutes.
  • Add vegetables, spices and condiments to the uttapam batter. Adjust the water if required. You can also prepare tempering with mustard seeds and curry leaves to add to the batter, but this is completely optional.
  • Finally, add fruit salt or baking soda and give it a good mix. Now, heat up a non-stick tawa or griddle and grease it lightly.
  • Add small portions of the rava uttapam batter and let it cook on medium-low heat. Once it’s done, flip it over and cook the other side. Serve hot with the chutney of your choice!

For the full recipe of Rava Uttapam, .

So, what are you waiting for? Whip out your aprons and try this instant rava uttapam recipe. Trust us, it will become your go-to South Indian breakfast and you will relish this preparation again and again.

Masala Chicken On Toast

This is a great easy breakfast recipe to use if you have some leftover chicken. Saute some chicken chunks with masalas and juicy tomatoes and serve it on to toasted bread. No work at all yet a flavourful breakfast to fest on.

An easy breakfast recipe to use leftover chicken.

A favourite in most North Indian homes, besan ka cheela needs very few ingredients, is super easy to make and will be ready in minutes. It’s a great recipe for busy mornings.

A simple recipe that needs very few ingredients and just a few minutes.

Sweet, fluffy and delicious pancakes that are eggless too! Serve these basic pancakes with a sweet or a savoury filling/sauce.

American staple, pancakes are quick and easy breakfast option that kids and adults both would love.

Sausage French Toast Roll Ups

This sweet and sour way to begin your day is surely something for me, but not for hubby! As much as I love the combination of sweet and salty, my husband cant stand it. It has a saying: sweet should be only you and the dessert!. How can you not love him? However, loving him doesnt mean agreeing with him! Cinnamon french toast roll-ups filled with greasy hearty sausages are such a treat for me!

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Start Their Day Right

Making sure that your little ones are full and fueled is no small task but that doesnt mean you have to rely on cold cereal, toaster pastries and frozen waffles every morning. Weve got easy options that range from breakfast classics to make-ahead ideas like healthy ice pops and customizable overnight oats. Theres truly something for everyone. Wondering where to start? It doesnt get any easier than this: Simply layer wholesome fruit, yogurt and granola together for a kid-friendly morning meal thats ready in just 5 minutes.

Get the Recipe: Yogurt and Fruit Parfaits

Kids Can Bake: Apple Bread

Easy Breakfast Recipes You Can Make in 15 Minutes

This easy-to-make bread is chock-full of apples. If you dont have McIntosh apples on hand you can sub in another variety but dont choose something too different the McIntosh variety softens up just enough, without completely disappearing into the baked bread.

Get the Recipe: Kids Can Bake: Apple Bread

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How To Make Ahead Sausage Breakfast Casserole

I made this scrumptious egg casserole for Christmas morning as an option among other low carb breakfast foods we had, like keto cinnamon rolls.

I am not into slaving away in the kitchen on Christmas morning because I truly do want to enjoy the precious moments with my family as my kids are growing fast and soon will all be out of the house.

So I actually prepped this casserole ahead of time, the day before Christmas. I cooked the Italian sausage and red peppers and onion and left them in a bowl in the fridge until the next morning.

The next day all I had to do was mix the egg mixture together, warm the sausage and veggies and toss together then bake. Super quick and easy recipe for a keto breakfast bake!

Mars Bar Chocolate Loaf Cake

Ok, so I might be reaching with this one

Chocolate cake covered in a chocolate and caramel glaze isnt what we all think of when it comes to breakfast.

But once youve tried just one sliver of this incredibly moist and rich cake, you wont be able to resist.

Crumb cake is just one of those things we all love with a nice cup of something warm.

I especially like this Swedish version that uses whipped egg whites for a super-light and airy crumb.

Although the lemon adds a nice touch of citrus, I think I would go for orange next time and maybe a couple of chocolate chips, too.

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Kids Can Make: Popovers With Mixed

These light and puffy muffins are going to be your kids new favorite breakfast. Let your little ones help crack eggs, measure ingredients and stir the batter. Were pretty sure theyll be ready to help when it comes time to give them a taste test, too.

Get the Recipe: Kids Can Make: Popovers with Mixed-Berry Sauce

Grab And Go Breakfast Ideas

Easy and Delicious Skillet Potatoes Recipe| How To Make Breakfast Potatoes

We included some quick breakfast ideas above with only 2-ingredients. These breakfasts are also quick, but require a few more ingredients. Make one of these portable breakfasts and enjoy them on the car ride to school, on the commute to work, or as you watch the soccer game early Saturday morning. They also make great after school snacks.

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Can I Make These In Muffin Tins

Yes, if you would like to place this mixture in a muffin pan that will work with some minor adjustments. Be sure to grease the muffin pan really well or use a silicone muffin pan for ease of taking these out.

A regular 12 capacity muffin pan will be needed. Fill all 12 and your serving would be two egg muffins which would equal one larger serving in the 8 by 8 baking dish. You will also need to bake these for less time.

My best guess would be 25-30 minutes then check in the center with a toothpick to see if it comes out clean, if so they are done.

Ricotta Toast And Berries

Have some leftover ricotta from that lasagna or baked ziti you made the other night? Smear some on some whole grain toast, top with berries and chia seeds, and you’re good to go.

When you have leftover broccoli from last night’s dinner, you might as well throw it into an omelet with cheddar cheese and cubed Canadian bacon.

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The Best Breakfast Egg Bake

Ingredients like frozen hash browns, canned crescent rolls and bulk breakfast sausage make this easy egg bake a classic morning meal. Layering rich sour cream, heavy cream and two types of cheese with bright bell pepper and scallion makes this The Best Breakfast Egg Bake. Slow-baking it keeps it soft and creamy with a browned crescent bottom. Its the perfect dish for a holiday or a plain old Sunday morning.

Get the Recipe: The Best Breakfast Egg Bake

Icelandic Yogurt With Granola & Fresh Berries

14 Easy Vegan Breakfast Recipe Ideas for Busy Mornings

One of the simplest easy breakfast ideas to throw together is a good-old yogurt and granola. We recommend a yogurt like siggi’s Icelandic skyr, which has between 15 and 17 grams of protein per 5.3-ounce container. Simply top with a handful of fresh berries of your choice, sprinkle on some low-sugar, whole-grain, nutty granola and you’re ready to go!

Make your own granola with our Healthy Honey-Pecan-Cherry Granola Recipe.

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A Note On Fussy Eaters

As they become more independent, toddlers sometimes go through a phase of fussy eating, which can make mealtime feel like a battleground. Your child might refuse to eat anything at all, or decide to eat only a certain type of food. A favourite food one week could be rejected the following week. Try to consider how they eat over the week rather than in a single day

The best strategy is to offer your toddler a variety of healthy, tasty foods, and let them choose what to eat. Keep serving foods even if they’ve been rejected more than once, giving them the chance to try new foods willingly instead of it being forced upon them.

Cereal For Breakfast All Grown Up

  • Granola with Figs, Almonds and Coconut. Were grooving on the healthy, filling, delicious alchemy that happens when you combine oats, honey, and oil with some handfuls of chopped nuts and dried fruit.
  • Apple and Maple Baked Oatmeal. Sweetened with just a kiss of maple syrup, this healthy apple baked oatmeal recipe is the ultimate fall breakfast.
  • Nuts and Seeds Granola. Having a batch of this nutty, seedy, maple-sweetened granola around the house makes mornings way easier. Plus, its an ultra-healthy way to start the day.
  • Overnight Oats. Maybe the easiest breakfast recipe we know ofjust a few minutes of work before bed means that you get to wake up to a breakfast thats ready when you are!
  • Six-Ingredient Breakfast Quinoa. Looking for a vegan, protein-filled, nutrient-rich breakfast idea without eggs? Look no further!
  • Norwegian Risgrøt Rice Porridge. Risgrøta festive Norwegian rice puddingis a heart-warming, soul-satisfying treat that is humble, almost too easy, and impossible not to love.

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+ Easy Breakfast Ideas: Tasty Recipes By Category

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What better way to start the day than with a delicious breakfast meal? Whether youre looking for a quick, easy solution for your kids school mornings or just want to make something simple for yourself before work, having a few go-to breakfast ideas on hand can help you get started quickly in the morning.

Weve compiled a list of our favorite breakfast ideas for every occasion. No matter what time of day or what season it is, these recipes are perfect for getting you out of bed in the morning and into a good mood so that you can start your day off right!

Also looking for some lunch and dinner ideas? Here are more than 30 Lunch and Dinner ideas to try.

  • Easy Breakfast Ideas Breakfast Quesadillas Recipe
  • Egg White Breakfast Cups

    Easy 10 Breakfast Recipes

    Start your week right with these healthy yet absolutely scrumptious breakfast cups!

    These bite-sized treats are a fun mix of spinach and bell peppers bound in perfectly seasoned baked egg whites.

    Think of them as a cross between a mini frittata and savory muffins though theres no flour in the mix.

    Make a big batch and freeze them for later. Just be sure to cool them first!

    Dont scroll just yet! I know the sound of scrambled egg whites seems extremely bleh, but trust me, this one isnt.

    Youll boost those dull whites to new heights with the right blend of herbs and spices.

    After all, theres nothing a mix of garlic, rosemary, oregano, and some salt and pepper cant fix.

    Serve them on sourdough toast with a bit of smashed avocado, and give the whole thing a drizzle of Sriracha. Wow!

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    What Are Good Breakfast Foods For Toddlers

    Serve your toddler healthy foods that are similar to those you would eat for breakfast yourself. Some toddler breakfast ideas include:

    • Sugar-free jam on toast
    • Fresh fruit and yoghurt

    Include a variety of foods from the basic food groups as you plan your toddlerâs breakfasts for the week.Keep in mind your toddler will need the foods cut up into small, manageable pieces. Also, ensure that the food isnât too hot, or overly salted or sweetened.

    Easy Breakfast Recipes For Kids To Make

    Making sure that everyone has breakfast on busy weekday mornings can be a struggle.

    While unhealthy items like cereal, Pop Tarts, and donuts are convenient, these foods aren’t the best choices for growing kids.

    The good news is that even young children can learn how to prepare simple meals for breakfast on their own.

    Below you’ll find our favorite kid’s breakfast ideas that are quick, easy, and healthier than the Starbucks or McDonald’s drive thru.

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    Quick And Easy Breakfast Sausage Recipe Ideas

    Even though they are perfect for a hearty breakfast, these sausage recipe ideas are so quick and simple that you were gonna prepare them for lunch and dinner, too! From patties, sandwiches, and muffins, to a hash, meatballs, and roll-ups, these sausage breakfast recipes are going to please any taste. They are super delicious and full of proteins, so you just cant resist them!

    However, dont take my word, just go and try them yourself, then tell me in the comment section how that went. Waiting for your thoughts loves!

    Eggs But Dress Them Up & Make Them Fancy

    42 Quick and Easy Breakfast Ideas with Just 5 Ingredients!
    • Smoky Bacon, Potato and Cheddar Hash . This breakfast hash recipe will become your new favorite breakfast!
    • Baked Eggs with Swiss Chard and Green Olives. This stunning, cream-laced baked egg recipe is an easy and luxurious way to enjoy brunch at home.
    • Salsa Verde Baked Eggs. while this sounds like something you’d order in a restaurant, it’s actually a really easy dish to make. And if you’re looking for healthy breakfast ideas, look no further! This one is low-carb, gluten-free and vegetarian!
    • Spinach-Mushroom Strata. Melty Swiss cheese and buttery mushrooms sautéed with fresh thyme make this savory, earthy spinach strata a make-ahead breakfast idea thats almost too good to be true.
    • Shirred Eggs with Leeks. Like all egg recipes, shirred eggs are pretty quick and easy to make, but they’re elegant enough for Christmas morning!

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    Breakfast Rolls & Brunchy Baked Goodies

    • Oat Scones. Buttery and made moist thanks to a secret ingredient, these oat scones are a Scottish-ish riff on everyones favorite breakfast treat.
    • Cardamom Rolls with Almond Glaze. This cardamom roll recipe yields fluffy, tender, rich cardamom buns that will brighten even the dullest of winter mornings.
    • Dairy Free Cinnamon Rolls. These tender, gooey, dairy-free cinnamon rolls, are so delicious, no one will know that theyre vegan.
    • Coffee Cinnamon Rolls with Maple Cream Cheese Icing. Weve taken everything you love about weekend brunch and rolled it all into one unique, sweet and sticky grown-up cinnamon roll!
    • Jam Dot Oat Scones. This recipe fuses a buttery biscuit dough with nutty oats, vanilla yogurt, and a generous dollop of jam for a fun twist on the brunch classic.
    • Monkey Bread With Vanilla and Walnuts. A super easy monkey bread recipe made with store-bought biscuit dough and studded with rich walnuts thats ready in a flash and sure to pleasethats a breakfast idea just about anyone can get behind!

    Egg Breakfast Ideas For Toddlers

    1. Breakfast quesadilla. Itâs the same idea as making a regular quesadilla, except that you’ll stuff a pair of tortillas with breakfast fillings, such as scrambled eggs and grated cheese. You could add spinach, tomatoes, or pieces of ham, too. Put your chosen fillings between two large tortillas and sear the quesadilla, flipping once, until the cheese melts. Try using different cookie cutters to create interesting shapes â these might tempt a picky eater.

    2. Breakfast taco. Use small tortillas that you can fill with scrambled eggs, grated cheese, and a mild tomato salsa. Serve the tacos folded in half or roll them up.

    3. Egg in a hole. Try this for a truly creative breakfast idea for your toddler: Using a cookie cutter, cut out a circle or heart from the inside of a slice of whole-wheat bread . Toast one side of the bread in a frying pan with butter. Flip it over, and then crack an egg into the hole. Cook until the egg is set, and sprinkle sparingly with some salt. Your toddler will love their breakfast eggs served in such an unusual way.

    4. Mini frittata. Beat together some eggs and add diced bacon or ham, grated cheese and chopped chives. Pour the mixture into a mini muffin tray and bake. Let it cool slightly before serving this great breakfast idea to your toddler, kids, or even the whole family.

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    Quick Breakfast Recipes To Make In 30 Minutes Or Less

    There’s something delightful about spending hours at weekend brunch, ruminating over a perfectly prepared platter of poached eggs. But most of the time, taking hours to prepare breakfast is a luxury that you can’t afford. During the week, you need to make breakfast in 30 minutes or less, a meal squeezed between the time you wake up and when you rush out the door. These quick and easy breakfast dishes don’t have to be gross and unhealthy, though. You can channel the relaxed feeling of a weekend morning even while you’re racing through your weekday routine on your way to work or school. The trick is having some quick breakfast recipes on hand, and knowing what you can prepare in advance.

    Each of these 25 breakfast recipes takes less than 30 minute to prepare, so you can no longer say you didn’t have enough time to eat breakfast before work or school. These recipes are also perfect if you’re sick of chowing down on stale granola bars in your car and feel like need some quick inspiration to get out of your breakfast rut.

    So whether you like savory or sweet, light or filling, here are 25 breakfast dish that you can make in 30 minutes or less on any given morning.

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